Homestead Report

Well, it’s been awhile since I posted.  I’ve been busy.  Not much DIYing but still busy.

Since I last posted I purchased 144 Turkish Veronica (just the 2.5″ pots).  I put those surrounding the pavers I put in the front from the driveway over to the front walk.  They will have pretty blue flowers when the bloom next year.  Of course if I touch a piece of soil up here a weed pops up out of it.  I’m hoping the ground cover will win over the weeds.  It’s a Stepable so you can walk on it.  In fact, it helps it to grow to walk on it.  We’ll see how it goes when Spring comes.  Although nothing has stopped growing yet.  The weather is still so nice out.  Still in the 70’s during the day and not freezing at night.  I still have roses and hibiscus blooming although just the last couple of nights it’s getting colder so they may not last much longer.  I ordered straight from the website.  Less expensive than going to the nursery.  The plants came and they were beautiful.  Nice and green and healthy.  I was really pleased.  The owner is so nice as well.  If you have any questions she answers e-mail promptly.


I started spinning yarn and weaving.  Denise gave me her dog’s hair and I put it with a nice white wool/silk blend and the cocker spaniel brown looks great with it.  I have two balls of yarn but still have a lot of dog hair to go.

I think I showed in a prior blog the bathroom rugs I wove.  I made some for the yarn shop holiday show.  I’ve sold three rugs there so far.  I still have three there.  I just got a loom and I’m going to start weaving some denim rugs. Sweet Pea loves the soft chenille rug.  It’s her spot now.

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All this to say I’ve been busy but still haven’t started on the kitchen.  I got the bathroom painted and brought a cabinet from home to put in there.  It was wood and with all the trim in this house painted it didn’t look right so I painted it white.  I like the shabby chic look and the paint didn’t go on smoothly but it looks like I want it to so I got that hung up so basically the bathroom is finished.  You can see the color on the back wall.  When I took the old light fixture down and put up the new one you could see that it had been painted a dark lavender.  I changed it from white to a lavender so interesting that it used to be lavender.



All I have left is the kitchen and the hallway.  I’ve talked about that crazy plaster that scratches like cement with the deep grooves and wondered who the heck did that and when.  I talked to the lady who used to live in this house and she told me the story of how she plastered the hallway up the stairs.  Well, that mystery is solved about who would plaster a wall that looks like it should be on a ceiling.  She was so proud.  She said she made a scaffold out of a board and a chair and a ladder.   Oh well, house character.

My delay in starting the kitchen is I really want a bigger space for a refrigerator.  I’m going to try and move over some cabinets to make a wider space.  I guess in the meantime I could start sanding the paint off the edges of the counters.  I’m changing it from red to white.  I’ll keep the lavender color but get rid of so much red.

I’ve been volunteering at the little community library here.  Over the weekend we had a craft/antique fair as a fundraiser.  We put on  a dinner.  I made a turkey breast, jello salad, two pies, and two bake sale items.  I was cooking for two days.

Last week I went to Galeton to a Community Harvest Dinner.  I had my money out to pay but it was free.  It was hosted by @ ten churches from the surrounding towns.  There was a free will offering bag on the table so I hope they got lots of donations.  The place was absolutely packed.  I was trying to imagine how many turkeys they had there to feed that many people.  They were not stingy with it either.  They had a a band playing country music.  No singing, just music.  They were really good.  I went with a couple of neighbors from here and met a few other that were going.  It was a nice night, especially because I didn’t have to cook.

I joined the Northern Colorado Bee Association.  I went to a meeting with some of my neighbors that belong.  I brought my hive up a couple of weeks ago.  I still haven’t decided where to put it.  I want it to face east for morning light but get shady by @ 11:00 so they’re not too hot, and somewhere where the northern wind is blocked during the winter.  I don’t have many choices but I still haven’t decided where would be best.  Probably on the south side of the big shed.  I can’t believe the bees are still out but the weather has been so nice and I still have clover and some other odd flowers blooming.  In the Spring I will buy a pack of bees to re-start the hive.

The first Tuesday of every month I have been quilting with some of the ladies up here.  We are making coverlets for kids.  We sew blocks and when we back them we just tie them.  They are for an organization called KidsQuiltz.  They are sent to areas that have had disasters.

I have been consumed since August trying to find health care.  Avaya took medical away from retirees.   It’s horrible to wish I was older but I wish I was 65 so I could do medicare.  I can’t find anything I can afford and the deductibles are ridiculous.  There’s nothing AFFORDABLE about this.  I may have found one through USAA.  I have to find something by December 15th.  If anyone has anywhere I can look please let me know.  I’m looking at all options.

Well, that’s about it.  I haven’t started up the wood stove yet because when it’s in the 70’s I turn the heat off during the day.  I’m sure something will be hitting us soon and I’ll fire it up




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Master Gardener; Nat'l Award Winning Photographer; Garden Writer; Artist - art books, print maker, hot glass, wire jewelry designer; sometime quilter; new homesteader; bee keeper; very crafty; Baseball fan, enthusiast, and researcher; all things vintage
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4 Responses to Homestead Report

  1. Kathy says:

    Thanks for the source for Turkish Veronica. I love how it spreads in a nice way. You’ll love it come spring and it just may choke out some of those weeds.

  2. Joan Buxman says:

    You do it all, girlfriend!! I’m so impressed. I love the cabinet for your bathroom.

  3. Lisa says:

    Good to hear from you. Sounds like you are keeping busy and productive. Would love to visit some time!

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