Thank you weather

Wow. The weather has turned a touch cooler which makes for more tolerance to be outside.  Seems like it’s been a really hot summer.  The nights are getting cooler which helps too.

I’ve been trying to get things done but I start melting as soon as the it gets the least bit hot.  Some days when it doesn’t cool off during the night it’s hot by 7:00 am.  We’ve had a few days over 100 and that’s just too hot for me.  It’s impeded my progress.  So does stepping on a wasp and being on antibiotics because I don’t have immunities and who knows what bacteria a wasp is carrying around.  So does avoiding mosquito time in the morning and evening because there is a lot of west nile virus up here.

The last two mornings I’ve sprung into action before it gets too hot.  I finished painting the chicken coop and built a pathway.

The chicken coop was half painted for the last few months.  It was just too hot after doing garden work and watering to stay out in the sun and work.  It was a nice cloudy morning though and it took me three and a half hours to finish painting but it’s nice to get that task out of the way.  It’s still not a chicken coop, it’s a cat house.  It’s also a drying room for some lavender.  I’ve been hanging flowers and herbs off the shelves so maybe it will become a potting house.  Now to tackle that ugly garden where I pulled out all the grass and planted seed that didn’t come up and the weeds grew in.


Earlier I mentioned I had gone around the property and gathered some pavers that were just lying all over not doing anything that I can tell.  At the driveway out front over to the front sidewalk there were three stones that had been laid there.  The stones to nowhere.  They didn’t connect with anything or take me anywhere.  I took the stones I gathered up and continued the path over to the front door.  I plan to put some Veronica Turkish Speedwell around the stones and possibly one whole section.  It will have nice purple blooms and you can walk on it  It only gets about 2 inches tall and doesn’t attract bees so would be perfect for the path and a sitting area.  Love the bees but don’t want to walk or sit with them.  The four blue mist spireas I have along the fence do a good job for the bees.  The last two weeks the bushes have been loaded with honey bees and bumblebees and I think some ground bees.  I try to see if they have stingers and I don’t think all of them do so they are community bushes.  There are so many I’m trying to teach Sweet Pea they are not to be chased.  She was trying to swat them all and play with them.  Now that I have the stones in it’s the perfect spot for Sweet Pea to dig and poop.  Ah, nice fresh dirt!!

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Sweet Pea is a sweet cat.  She follows me everywhere now.  She helps me garden and paint or whatever I’m doing.  She’s getting to be a real homebody.  She’s been snoozing inside during the day but today she was trying to fall asleep on top of a pole.  Well, that won’t work very well.  Usually if I’m looking for her I will find her tucked into her little place.  Not the place I would choose to nap but I guess she feels safe there.  I was going to pull the weeds there but I think she likes them there  I’m afraid if I mess with it too much and clean it up she won’t go there and then I won’t know where to find her.  I hate all these weeds but the cats seem to like sleeping in them.  They frown at me when I mow them down.


School is back in session.  I went to the first girls volleyball match.  It was quite a marathon.  All three teams played full matches.  After this I think they split them up so they all don’t play on the same night.  Football starts this week so it’s nice the evenings are getting cooler.  Before we know it we will be complaining it’s too cold.

I still need to finish the bathroom.  I was trying to get away with not putting another cabinet in there but I just don’t have enough room so will need to put it up.  I brought a cabinet from the old house but I need to paint it white.  As soon as I get that done I will take pictures of it.

I did go to my old home and dig up some iris and day lilies.  I think they are special iris.  They are from Israel.  They were in my Mom’s yard and I brought some to my old house and now I’ve separated them and brought some up to the new house.  I gave some to friends so maybe they will start spreading around this area.  I got all mine planted so hopefully they will take hold and will bloom in the Spring.

That’s all that’s happening in this neck of the woods.  With the cooler weather I’m hoping I can charge into action and get more done.



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One Response to Thank you weather

  1. Trudy says:

    Mom and I think the chicken house and the walkway looks great!

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