Escape Artist

Whew, I haven’t posted lately.  Mostly because I haven’t done any significant work on the house for the last month.  I’ve been having lots of fun though.

I went to Wyoming for a photo shoot.  Was good for my soul to get back out and snap a few images.  Was great to see some old friends and make some new too.  Here’s a few images from my trip.  Cowboys and Horses – Yee Haw  We stayed at the Absaroka Ranch in Dubois.  A very beautiful ranch.

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Two of the participants ( a lovely couple from Belgium, Peter and Mirielle (pronounced Miray)) bake cookies.  They have a bakery in Mississippi and bake Belgium cookies.  They brought some and I’m happy to say I have found them since coming home  They are Pirouline.  Rolled wafer cookies filled with chocolate.  They make 14 million a day and they come in a tin and we couldn’t believe they sell them for a dollar.  You can find them dollar stores, Safeway, Costco, and a few others stores.  We asked why they came to Mississippi and it’s because it’s the perfect climate to bake the cookies.  They just wouldn’t be the same if they made them somewhere else.  They have a website and are also on facebook.


I got skunked on a lot of the seed I planted.  I don’t think I gave them enough water.  I hand watered every day but I think I should have put the soaker hoses out before I did.  I have them out now and things to be growing better.  I planted about 15 different plants and got about 5 that came up  The clover did well in the garden out front; I got Bells of Ireland; osteospermum; carnations; and two zinnias out of two packs of seed.  Hopefully I can dry some of these for flower arrangements.  I planted a bunch of different perennial seed and all I got was clover and one Black Eye Susan Vine.  It’s been a very hot summer  Hopefully more of the seed will come up in the Spring.  I planted a whole bed of catnip seed and didn’t get one plant.  It has to be the water.

The front bed is doing well.  Tonight I found some really pretty blooms hiding in some tall stuff that is growing.  I’m not sure what it is and it wasn’t there last year and I didn’t plant it this year.  It should bloom soon.  I pulled some of it so you could see the plant that was hiding.  Some sort of asters maybe.  I’ll find out when it blooms.  The rose garden I put out front is doing very well.

Funny – all the seed and plants I bought have died and all the free stuff lives.  It’s good to be free!!  I did buy three cherry bushes (tart cherries on bush instead of trees).  They are doing well.


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The other night I let the cat in and later was looking for her and I couldn’t find her.  I opened the door and she was outside.  Hmmm, I’m pretty sure she was in but maybe I let her out and forgot.  In the morning when I got up I couldn’t find her  She was outside again.  Little devil, there was a small slit in the window screen.  Enough for her to push through and make it bigger of course.  I closed the window enough so she couldn’t get out it anymore.  The next night she was in and we went to bed and in the morning she was outside.  What??  I know she didn’t go through the window again because there wasn’t enough room for her to get out.  I checked the upstairs windows and the bedroom window screen was pushed out.  She went out the upstairs window on top  of the roof to the front entrance and jumped off.  Ye gads, that is high.  I took a trip to Poulsen’s and got some new screen, and the stuff to hold the screen in.  Turns out I just had to reroll the rubber around the screen.  No more escapes since then.

I have a new passion.  Spinning and weaving.  I found a book at the library sale before I left there that was about hand spinning yarn.  I’ve always been interested in spinning wheels and looms.  Denise cut her dogs hair and gave it to me.  I’ve wanted to try spinning dog hair.  I needed some carders (kind of like combs to comb the hair) so I looked online and found a place in Ft Collins called Lambspun.  I talked to Denise and she said “Oh, I have been meaning to go there, I have some books that are based on that place.”  She gave me a couple of them.  They are cozy mysteries.  Knitting Club mysteries by Maggie Sefton.  They are really fun.  I read the first two and when we went there the place is exactly like the book describes it.  It is an old farm house that Ft Collins grew up around and it’s a yarn, textile, fabric arts place.  Lot of spinning, weaving, knitting, crocheting, felting and other cool stuff going on.  There is a community table where anyone can come in and sit and do their projects and there are always tea and cookies.  I got a class schedule and decided to take the spinning class.  I then took the weaving class and I’ve made 8 rugs (that took two weeks).  Two are for my newly painted bathroom and the rest I can sell at the shop.  There’s a show in Oct/Nov/Dec where I can have a display.  It was first attempt at weaving but apparently I’m good at it.  She invited me to make some stuff and put it in the show.  Their website is and they are also on facebook.  Just look for lambspun and you will find it.  Here is a picture of one of the rugs I made for the bathroom.  They are made from  linen and French organic 100% cotton chenille.  Reminds me of the bathroom rugs growing up that our grandparents had.  Really soft on the feet!!

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My friend, Sue Randolph, finished her second book in her Trilogy.  It’s called Visions of Magic.  I went with her to Cripple Creek to see if there were any bookstores that would like to carry the book.  It was fun.  We had a nice lunch, found the bookstore and they agreed to carry some of the books, and we both won a few bucks (she won more than a few $500 and I won a $100).  Both were on penny machines.  I’m too cheap to play anything else.  I’ve finished reading it and it’s really good.  It goes into more depth about what we read in the first book.  This one is not on Amazon but will be available soon at an online bookstore.  You can order the books on her website: and soon from Mira Publishing’s Storefront.   She is on facebook too.

Today I got a new DR Brush and Field mower.  I got the 7.25 mower/trimmer.  Wow, wow, wow.  It really does a great job.  Right tool for the right job.  The mower that I cut a fat hog on died (well, the engine still works but the metal it was attached to broke so when you try to pull the cord the engine pulls out).  It got me through the first year and a half when I had nothing and needed something quick to get the job done.  These weeds really are hard on a regular lawn mower.  Things I love about the DR mower/trimmer:  it is so well balanced I can almost push it with two fingers (I think it weighs 50 to 65 pounds).  It feels so light.  I can swing it around into corners so easy (no pushing and pulling and yanking around a heavy mower); I got the one with an electric starter (the pull cord on the other mower almost killed me – this new one will save by boobs from injury); I can trim and mow at the same time; and it cut the job time in half.  I was thinking about getting a riding mower, or another lawn mower and I thought of all those commercials I’ve seen showing people chopping down waist high weeds.

I had a campground place up by Fairplay and I got rid of it two weeks ago.  I went up and picked up my Mom and we went and cleaned out the trailer.  It was a fun day.  We checked out some old places I haven’t been to in a long time. and had a good time.  I forgot how pretty the valley is around Fairplay.

To top off this month I will be going to a 45th class reunion.  Wow, we must be old.

Ok, I’ve played a lot lately so it’s time to finish painting.  Just the kitchen left but I want to see about moving some cabinets before I dig into it.  Of course there is still the ugly cracked stair hallway I’m leaving for last.  And then I need to patch and paint the outside (especially that place where someone ran a truck into the house and then threw cement on it to fix it – such a neat job)., and then there is STILL that stupid cellar door I’ve been talking about for two years; need to get a new electric box; need to build a garage/studio (or a carport and a studio).  I’m sure the list will never end.  Oh yeah, keep purging the old house and moving stuff……..





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2 Responses to Escape Artist

  1. Trudy Bodwell says:

    Wow. Your pics are beautiful. I’ll have to go back when I have more time.

    On Thu, Aug 4, 2016 at 11:13 PM, Pattys Old House wrote:

    > pbodwell posted: “Whew, I haven’t posted lately. Mostly because I haven’t > done any significant work on the house for the last month. I’ve been > having lots of fun though. I went to Wyoming for a photo shoot. Was good > for my soul to get back out and snap a few images. ” >

  2. Joan Buxman says:

    Patty, you are so dang talented I can’t stand it!! LOL Your photography is awesome. I love every one of the pictures of the horses, they are so gorgeous. And now you’re spinning and weaving? Girlfriend, what can’t you do?? Your rugs look so pretty, I love the colors you used. I did get a chuckle about the “escape artist” ~ I’m so happy for you ~ it seems you’re really content with your retirement and that’s so wonderful.

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