Homestead Report – you won’t believe it

Wow, has it really been a month and a half since I’ve posted?  It was boring for a while.  No painting and just puttering and the same old thing.  I have been busy though!

(OK, since I did this a week ago it’s almost two months)


The Barn Cats Ladies Society has now had fixed:  12 cats (I think).  That will put quite a dent in the cat population around here.  Still some new babies so it’s never ending but we’re getting it done.  There are still two more appointments to take in cats.  Weld County has a grant so all we have to pay is $5 for pain meds.  They neuter/spay and give a rabies and distemper shot for free under the grant.  My little Sweet Pea is quite the house cat now.  She goes in and out at will (her will is usually in if she’s out and out if she’s in).  Brother (Sweet Peas brother) had a hidden gonad so they had to operate on him.  He stayed in the house for two days and didn’t act like he wanted out.  He went out one day and came back in for two.  Then he went out and has been hanging at the neighbor’s house.  If he’s around at night he’ll come in but I think he’s content outside.

This week we gave away 2 mommas and two litters to a lady who has a huge barn and didn’t mind taking them.  9 in all I believe.  Denise took one of the town cats whose owner is now in a nursing home.


My little rose garden I planted in the Fall is in bloom.  The plants did very well on the south side of the wall.  It protects them from the brutal winds up here so I think they will actually do very well.  The hibiscus I put in with the is doing well too.  I reported last blog that I ripped out all the grass along the fence and planted seed.  The clover seed is coming up in clumps but I don’t see many other seeds doing anything.  This is why I don’t seed much.  I am very impatient.  Hopefully there will be more seeds popping up.  Of course the Kochia and Bindweed are in full force.  I think I was letting another weed grow that I was hoping were seeds coming up.  Speaking of weeds, I am trying to decide if Feverfew is a nice plant or a weed.  I have so much I have pulled and pulled.  I had to rip a bunch out so I could see the other plants in the front shade/sun garden.

Which brings me to my friend who keeps me up to date on what’s going on around town.  I saw her Memorial Day at the cemetery and she said “I have some plants I want to bring you.  I don’t remember what they are called but they look like little white daisies.”  I said, “Oh great.  I can always use plants.”  I wasn’t home when she dropped them off but when I saw them I started laughing.  Guess what?  Yep, Feverfew.

I ripped out all the grass and moved the box thing (I think we decided it was a chicken brooder).  It’s next to the chicken coop.  I planted more seed (I’m a glutton for punishment).  Hollyhocks and Lupine.  I plan on putting a clematis there.  I have some catnip seed which the cats will enjoy (it makes a great tea too).  I think I will plunk whatever plants I get that like the sun in there.

I got two bags full of Chickens and Hens.  I planted them around in places where the mower won’t reach so hopefully it will fill in some spots.  I have some to Denise.  They would be nice around iris I think.

Speaking of iris, I had many beautiful blooms this year.  Last year I didn’t have any and I planted more so I wasn’t sure what I would get but there are some cute purple dwarf (I think from Rob Proctors), and some beautiful maroon and pinkish (thanks Leslie), and some dark purple and yellow, and some gorgeous deep violet.

My peas are in bloom so I should have peas soon to put in the freezer.  I planted lots this year because I really enjoyed them last year.  I haven’t done many veggies this year.  I decided to try some cut flowers from seed.  I have lots coming up so I hope they all make it and bloom.  I want to do the squash bed again but time is a wasting.  If I don’t do it soon it won’t get done.  I planted some Armenian Cucumber and Lemon Cucumber seed so I hope it comes up.

Still lots to do.  There are still a lot of weeds out there.  I have mowed them twice now.  That pesky Common Mallow is just a pain in the butt.  They end up being bushes and it’s everywhere you look.  Every time I pull a blade of grass a mallow pops up.


You won’t believe it!!  I actually painted the bathroom.  Woo Hoo!!  The kitchen and the ugly stairway are all that remains.  I packed up bathroom stuff just today and brought it  up.  I have a cabinet from my south house bathroom that I brought up.  It is wood so I think I need to paint it.  Everything in the south house was wood baseboards and doors etc. so some of the accessories I added I left in the natural wood but I don’t think that will cut it up here so I think I will paint it white and shabby chic it.  If it’s a mistake, that is why they make paint remover.

I have almost finished painting the chicken coop.  I finally gave in and paid $15 for a gallon of paint at Habitat for Humanity Restore.  When did second hand paint start being over $5 a gallon.  Even Home Depot mismatch wants that much.  Oh well, I checked and it’s still cheaper than buying it new (not much, but still cheaper).  I just have the porch left to paint and it will be finished.


Denise and I went to the Memorial Day program at the cemetery.  It was put on by the 4H club.  The kids sang patriotic songs, read poems, and presented the colors and the kids from the shooting club did a gun salute.  A very nice program and great to see the young people doing most of it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I started volunteering at the community library.  Not too much activity but it serves a purpose.  I can’t believe some of the books in there.  One of my favorite books is very hard to find.  I wanted to read it again and the library had to use Prospector (to find books the library doesn’t have).  They shipped it over from Regis College because that was the only copy in Denver.  Yeah, you guessed it.  The little community library has it.  It is called “The Silver Chalice”.  One of my favorite books.  Written by Thomas Costain.  If you’ve never read it I would recommend it.  It follows the silver chalice used at the last supper and the people and lives it touches.

Another farm sale.  I scored a cool 50’s (I think) pink clothes hamper.  I was just talking to my Mom and telling her I was going to start going to antique shops to see if I could find one and I went to the farm sale and there it was.  Kind of sad.  A couple who settled in New Raymer in 1948 (if I remember correctly) and have been there since.  Oh my, the stuff that was there.  I don’t know why they thought they could do the auction in one day.  At 3:00 pm they were only through half of the antiques.  I grabbed the hamper in the households section.  There was so much stuff they were auctioning if off by the box.

I think I mentioned the cool wool/yarn/spinning/weaving shop in Ft Collins.  Tomorrow I have the yarn spinning class.  It will be some fun!!  Saturday I take the weaving class.  I have always wanted to weave.  I can envision the rugs on my floor now HAHA.

Last weekend I did the Chalk Festival in Lodo with my chalk buddy and good friend Victoria.  We have been doing this since the first one in 2000 or 2001.   This is what we did this time.


I am still Master Gardening for Douglas County so have those duties every other week.  I just have one more office shift to fill my volunteer time for that.  I am writing the Demo Garden blog.  The garden is starting to be in bloom and gorgeous.  I can’t wait for the peonies to bloom.

I am going on a photo trip to Wyoming in July so it was only fitting that my lense stopped zooming and Sweet Pea knocked my camera off my bag and it won’t turn on.  Grrrr.  Not her fault.  I shouldn’t have had it there but I have given it way more abuse than that so not sure what is up.  I had to mail them in to the tune of $700.  Uggg, an unexpected expense.  I have another camera body but of course it was the one I use the most.

I still have to mow the south house lawn and keep that up.  Uggg, that house really needs painted again.  Can’t wait any more so need to get that scheduled.

NO REST FOR THE WICKED!!  Or if you want something done, give it to a busy person.

I just need to publish this so pictures next blog.





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One Response to Homestead Report – you won’t believe it

  1. Joan Buxman says:

    Hi Patty, As soon as I read your note about Feverfew I googled it and saw that it’s a very pretty flower. (I love daisies) So I was going to leave a comment after I finished reading. When I came back to your blog, I saw that you realized what it was. I hope you didn’t pull out too much, I bet it’s very pretty in your yard. Look forward to the pictures in your next issue. Have a wonderful summer!!

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