It’s a mystery to me


The cats have been using the chicken coop so now it’s a cat house. I know I need to finish painting it.

Hey, how wonderful that we have some nice days.  Hopefully winter is really over.  The neighbor boy is mowing the lawn right now.  Crazy how it goes from snow to stuff growing underneath all that cold.  He does the front and I do the back.  There’s at least a little bit of grass, but mostly weeds.  Poor kid.  I just went out and he was mowing it and stopping to empty the bag.  I told him no need to do that.  It’s mostly weeds anyway.  Hopefully if it mulches and lays there it will help stop some weeds.  I’m not sure where he was going to dump it.  He was walking away like he was going toward his house and I thought, “wow, that will be one long day if he walks over to his house to empty each bag”.  I was always taught that mulching in Colorado made no sense because it wasn’t wet enough to decay the grass and it wouldn’t break down.  My lawn was looking awful and I learned in Master Gardener class it was better to mulch.  I thought, hmmm, we’ll see about this.  I started mulching and immediately my lawn looked so much better.  I cursed all those years I bagged and threw away lawn clippings.  Tugging and pulling and dumping it into a trash bag and putting the bag back on the mower, and not being able to get the bag around small areas.  Arrrggghhhh.

Speaking of grass.  Once upon a time there was grass all out front.  Over time and non-watering and the house being vacant the lawn pretty much died and weeds crept in.  It looks like there was a nice garden bed in front of the tall fence to the left of the driveway.  It had a drip system (eaten away by time now) and everything.  Why is it that if the lawn died that garden bed is full of thick lush tall grass?  I go out to plant some clematis that would be perfect there.  Hopefully they will grow to cover most of the fence  I am pulling and pulling and pulling out grass.  I am thinking, why isn’t this in the lawn?  If the lawn and garden both died how is it that the grass grows there?  It’s a mystery to me.

I am upstairs in my bedroom and I look at the window.  Eeeewww, the glass is covered in bird poop.  How can it be that it came through the fine mesh screen?  There is no place for birds to be sitting outside the window.  Was it a fly by bombing?  Was it during a gale force wind strong enough to go through the screen?  If it was during a gale force storm why wasn’t the rain pushed through the screen to wash it off?  I’ll have to take the window out to clean it  Crap, literally!!  It’s a mystery to me.

I went out and added some soil to part of the garden beds.  I took half of the old soil and distributed it amongst the other beds I didn’t use last year.  I took new soil and topped off some of the beds.  The cats have never paid too much attention to the garden.  I look out and who of all cats is out there pooping in my new soil?  My very own Sweet Pea.  There’s a whole half acre and a whole alley and town to poop in and she has to use the garden.  It’s a mystery to me.


Doesn’t she look innocent?

Speaking of cats, I’m outside and it’s dusk and I see something HUGE in the tree across the alley.  I run grab my camera (sometimes I use the zoom for binoculars) and it’s some sort of hawk or a raptor for sure.  It’s watching the cats.  There are tons of rabbits in the field if the bird just turns its head and looks the other way over the field so not sure why it’s watching the huge tom cats unless it has nothing better to do.  I alert Sandy and she says that there is a turkey vulture that hangs around sometimes.  Not sure if this is it but it was a BIG bird.


The “Pea” wants to help me when I’m at my computer.  She keeps insisting on trying to walk over the computer or sit in my lap and its just not the time.  I knew there was a reason for side boards on a desk.  The perfect spot for her to be near me but not in the way.


I am sitting watching TV and I look at the cute plant stand that I got a few weeks ago and I see leaves on the leg.  I’m thinking “hmmm, I didn’t remember it had leaves on it”  I’m looking at the other legs and then I’m saying “hey, it doesn’t have leaves on it”.  It’s that crazy bindweed again.  Some people have houses built around trees.  I have a house built around bindweed.  Good grief, what next?  It’s a mystery to me.  Hey, those are my new curtains in the edge of the picture.


Things that aren’t a mystery.  I finished burning the weeds, I hacked out the part of the bush that was growing over the driveway, and the bush that was inside the fence (with a pruner – I really need to get that tree saw I’ve been wanting).  I cleaned out along the chain link fence next to the driveway and planted Sweet Peas in there.  I hope they grow and cover that fence, that would be nice.  I planted 13 perennials, two clematis and a lilac bush (very surprised it lived in the pot over winter and didn’t die).  I still have two roses to plant.  Now that I’ve started putting the clematis in front of the fence I think that would be a good place for the roses.  They would get the sun they need but be somewhat protected from the harsh wind we have up here.  That means pulling out all that grass and redoing all that along that fence.  Even if I pull out the grass and get it mulched it will be ready for whatever comes my way to put in there.  Wasn’t planning on doing that just yet but it seems like that will be the next project.  I went to an event at the little community library.  A local author just wrote her first book.  I really like it so will read the 2nd one (a trilogy).  If you like Colorado authors (the story is set in Colorado) the name of the book is “Back to Magic” and you can find it on Amazon,  I’ve been trying to go watch the HS baseball team but it kept snowing.  They sneak in the makeups and I don’t know when so I’ve missed them.

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I haven’t been to Poulsen’s hardware lately but I feel a trip coming on.  I need an auger for my drill and some paint to finish the coop and the greenhouse.

I am hoping the nights will be warm enough soon so I can finish painting.  Only two more rooms to go (and then the ugly staircase but that’s a whole project).  WooHoo.  I’m almost finished with the inside (painting that is).



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