Homestead Report

I know, I know, it’s been awhile since I posted.  Lots of stuff happening!!

Lady Falcons – the ladies took 2nd at state.  Not bad.  I’m sure the seniors wanted that championship to remember but they did well.

Painting – I can feel it in the air.  The nights are getting warmer so unless the rain unleashes again this year I should be able to paint soon.

Weeds – most of the weeds are burned.  There are tumbleweeds that have blown in with the wind the last couple of weeks and I have to clear them out along the fence line and then it will be time for them to grow again.


Pet Cemetery – ok this is a little creepy.  I’m out in the shed and when I come out I see something sticking up out of the ground.  What is that?  I get closer and I see it’s a cat paw sticking straight up out of the ground about 6 to 8 inches.  There appears to be no digging around it and I’m sure during the winter that 6 to 8 inches of soil did not just blow away.  My cat lady neighbor came over and I said “Hey, I have something I want you to see.”  I took her over and she said, “Oh, that’s awful.  It looks like it was buried alive.”  Now, I think this is a cat that didn’t make it last year.  I came up and my neighbor told me she had found one dead and she found a place to bury it out by the fence by the shed.  Hmmmm, very weird.  Even if it is I don’t think it was buried with one paw reaching up like that.  Help me, help me.  I haven’t had time to get out there and dig it up and rebury it.  It still looks really good.  Shouldn’t it be deteriorating?  It’s a fun story.  I scare all my friend with it.


SweetPea – she has settled in comfortably.  She comes in every night to tromp around on my head when I’m trying to sleep.  She comes in and out when she wants to now.  She still has a lot of fun playing with her brothers and sister.  Little devil.


Garden – It’s getting nice outside.  Time to plant peas!  I move half of the soil to the squares I didn’t use last year and I run to the grow store and get six more bags of soil and top some of them off.  I will go get six more bags to top off the others and this year I will plant them all.  So far all I have planted is peas.  Soon it will be time to do the warm season veggies and it will really get going.

Warm nights – the nights are getting warmer so it was time to unplug the heater in the root cellar that keeps the pipes from freezing.  We didn’t have the wicked cold winter we did last year so they probably would have been ok but better safe than sorry.


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New kids in town – John and Denise’s goats had two kids.  They still have one more goat waiting to deliver. Very cute kids.

The boys are back in town – Rockies home opener tomorrow.  WooHoo

It seems I’ve been a lot busier than this but I hit the highlights!

Hopefully next report I will have painted something!




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