Let the games begin


Wow, what beautiful weather we are having.  The weather has been so nice.  I keep bracing myself for the last awful snow dump but maybe it will avoid us this year.  The mountains just got a bunch but it’s leaving us alone down here on the prairie.  We could use a nice rain.

I’m getting ready for the Spring and Summer games.

The Weed Burning Olympics have started already.  I expect to take a gold.  It’s so nice today that I go outside and grab the rake and pitchfork and start clearing weeds.  Yes, it is that time again.  I don’t have near as many this year.  After the shock of the first Spring in all it’s weedy glory I was prepared last year.  I attacked them with organic weed killer, and kept them mowed, put in a bunch of raised beds over them, and this year I only have what has grown along the fence and the generous donation of tumbleweeds that have accumulated.  If the tumbleweeds can jump my fence and fill the back yard why can’t they keep going and jump the other fence and go somewhere else?  I get the pitchfork and go out front and throw the tumbleweeds that are trapped against that fence over the fence to the other side.  Then I go back in the back yard and rake along the fence and take a pitchfork at a time and move all the tumbleweeds and raked weeds over to the corral fence and dump them over.  Now I have them all “corralled” and it’s time to burn them.  I start up the barrel and burn weeds for the next two hours.  I make sure this time that I don’t get heat exhaustion.

I’m also preparing for the gardening Olympics.  Tulips and bulbs are popping up all over.  Here’s hoping I get some blooms this year.  Last year I got a bunch of leaves.  I’m hoping it was because they had just been split and needed to get bigger for a year.  I don’t see iris yet so I’m not going to run out and start clearing out beds yet.  If it gets cold one more time they may still need all the old dry stuff to keep them warm.

I take the seeds I got at the seed swap in Berthoud last week and plant some to get them started.   I rummage through  the shed and find some empty six packs from plants I bought last year.  Perfect to use as seed starters.  I take the two pots from out front and plant pansy seeds.  Pansies are cool weather plants so if I start them now they should be ready to put out in another month.  I’ve never started pansies from seed so we’ll se how it works out.  Here’s hoping by April or May I have something to show for the effort.

I need something to put the seeds on in front of the window and I’m thinking, hmmmm, a nice little metal plant stand would be nice.  I decide I will go shopping in Ft Collins and to get there I have to pass all the cool antique stores in Ault.  When I get there I pop into Jen’s Antiques.  She always has something I want and I walk in and go in the back and there it is.  A metal stand just right to put a flat of seeds on.  That didn’t take long.  I can’t believe I only had to go to one store and there it was.  And a new one would have cost more so I think it’s perfect.


Hurray, the Lady Falcons are in regional playoffs for basketball.  Denise and I jump in the car and head off to Ft Morgan to watch them.  I thought it would take longer to get to Ft Morgan but it only took an hour.  HAHA – only took an hour.  Not bad when you’re thirty minutes from anywhere.  Hurray, they win.  They play again at 10:00 Saturday.

I get up and get ready to go to Ft Morgan again.  Denise and John pick me up and we head off again.  Hurray, they win again.  They will be going to state next week (or whatever the schedule is for state).  We find a nice pub to have lunch before heading back home.   We decide it’s pretty good and for only an hours drive might be a good place to visit again.

The painting games should be starting soon.  This may be a summer event.  I’m still waiting to start painting again but I’m sure it will be soon.  I want to make sure it’s warm enough so I don’t get that bubbling again.  Last year the doorway to the mud room really bubbled after it was so wet in May.  I don’t think the paint had time to cure before we had all that moisture week after week.   The wall that bubbled was really smooth.  I did most of the house in the summer though and that was the only room I did in March so I’m trying to decide if I could do the bathroom now.  It has textured walls so I might not have that same problem.  The kitchen has really smooth walls like the doorway so I’m a little skittish about starting too soon.   I just have the bathroom and the kitchen left to do and the hallway.  The hallway will be last because it’s got that big crack and the plaster is all falling off where some moisture has gotten in so I need to make sure I have everything plugged before I repair the wall plaster and repaint.  The plaster didn’t look so bad until we had all that moisture last year.  It really did a number on the wall but I’m sure it has something to do with the river that flows through the window into the room under the stairs and then goes back outside.  Oh well, just another project.  I’m sure caulk will fix everything.


This year I hope to get the outside painted too.  It really needs it.  So much to do!!  And last but not least hopefully I’ll get that cellar door replaced.  My mantra.

Well, it’s still early and still nice outside so I need to go out and see what other trouble I can cause out there.

Sorry Darel, I didn’t get to Poulsen’s the last two weeks.  I don’t know what is wrong with me.





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6 Responses to Let the games begin

  1. Lisa says:

    I saw smoker clouds on the eastern horizon yesterday. Was that you?

    • pbodwell says:

      HAH – we were trying to figure out where that smoke was coming from. It smelled like a fire but we couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. It was huge too.

  2. Kathy says:

    Great plant stand! I am jealous.

    • pbodwell says:

      I couldn’t believe it was what I had in mind and walked into the shop and went, well, that was easy. Those antique shops in Ault have great stuff.

  3. One thing that won’t be on your to-do-list is boredom. 🙂

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