There really is a Weld County Sheriff


I’m settling in with the new schedule.  Not working is still weird but soon it will be time for digging and planting.  The weather has been way too beautiful and it’s hard not to think it’s time to get out and start digging around now.

I want to make some homemade soap so I decide to go shopping and grab the stuff to make it.  I head off to town and on the way back I’m just buzzing along and listening to an audio book.  I am going north and a cop car passes me on the other side of the road going south (really?   You rarely even see a cop up here).  In my rearview mirror I see him slam on his breaks and start to do a U turn.  I look down at my speedometer and I am going 80.  Oooops.  I must have a tail wind because I really don’t speed around on the roads.  The speed limit is more than enough and I don’t usually go that fast.  I immediately slow down and hope that if he comes up behind me he will think he misjudged how fast I was going. HAH – he turns on his lights and I pull over.  When he comes up he says he clocked me at 84.  What???  (How can they do that when it’s almost dark and they’re coming at you from the other way?)  I said wow, I must not have been paying attention.  He laughs and says, yeah, that happens.  Which it can on those wide open, straight country roads.  I was alone except for when he passed me so I just wasn’t really paying attention.  I’m digging around for my registration and insurance card.  I have already handed him my license.  He asks me where I am going and I tell him and tell him I just bought a house there and his eyes light up and he he says “Oh yeah” like it’s really cool I live up there.  He says “Oh, that explains it since Centennial is really far from here.”  I’m still digging for my registration and insurance card and he says, “that’s ok, keep looking, and when I pull this up it will show me.”  I’m a little embarrassed I can’t pull them right out.  It seems like you always know where something is until you’re nervously looking for it.  He goes back and then when he comes back I have found them and hand them to him.  He says he is giving me a written warning today and also gives me one of his cards.  Thank you, thank you, for not giving me a ticket!!  He was very nice.

Weather:  What is with this weather?  It’s just fooling us.  It won’t be in the 60’s for long and all those bulbs and trees that are budding will be sorry.  I’m thinking there will be more snow before this is over.  It’s so nice outside I go out and clean and sweep the patio area.  All clean for the next big wind!!

Barn Cats Ladies Society:  we got together again and took in three more cats.  Two boys and a girl this time. We try to snatch Sweet Peas brother but no deal.  Usually Sandy can pet him and he is friendly but he knew something was up.  She comes in the yard and he runs under my car and then under the deck.  She leaves some chicken and when I see him eating it I call her.  Her phone immediately hangs up and I think uh oh, I bet I interrupted her.  Sure enough she said she was just grabbing one when the phone went off and scared it and it ran away.  Another tried to claw her to death.  Luckily she had on a thick jacket.  That one she had but the door to the carrier swung shut and she couldn’t get it open again and the cat was spreading it’s legs and she just couldn’t get it in the cage.   By the time she comes back Sweet Peas brother has eaten all the chicken and is under the deck again.  Oh well, two boys is better than none.   We have another fun day of going around Old Town Ft Collins.  We have coffee at the cool coffee shop/bookstore, then on to the hardware store, visit a new apothecary shop, go to the kitchen store, find the Wolverine Publick House coffee shop and print studio (very cool letterpresses there),  find a wonderful olive oil and balsamic vinegar shop (the lemon, oh my) have some really good Mexican food for lunch, then we find another oil and vinegar shop.  This shop has cognac, bourbon, whiskey and liqueurs and it is tasting day and I have a mint in my mouth.  I really want to try the black cherry liqueur.  Oh well, we will come back later.  We find the best cheese shop.  Two cheeses (five year old gouda and some smoked bleu cheese) and a wild boar salami later we get out of there.  I asked the girl working there if she was familiar with the cheese shop in Longmont and she said that’s where she gets a lot of her cheese.  Yummmm.  The cats are actually finished by 4:00 so we get home before dark this time.  Next date is March 23rd.  This time we will go to Greeley because they have a grant for Weld County and we can have them done for free.  WooHoo!!  If you live in Weld County and have feral cats now is the time.  Make an appointment soon because they are going fast.  Also, if you live in Loveland, the Ft Collins Cat Rescue has a grant.  Theirs is by zip code so call and make sure it applies to your zip code for the free fix.

Cat count:  five girls and three boys fixed.  And the rumor mill said another neighbor had seven cats fixed so in town that means 15 cats fixed which could mean 20 or so less cats to be born.  That’s a good start!!

Home entertainment:  Still too cold to paint.  Even though it’s warm during the day I’m afraid the paint won’t cure right.  I’m not taking a chance on any more paint bubbling.

I am knitting dish cloths while I watch TV.  This is an easy pattern and fast so I can finish them.  If it’s too complicated or takes to long I get bored and don’t finish them.  This pattern makes a nice dish cloth and is quick and I don’t have to concentrate on counting every stitch.  I use the 100% cotton Sugar N Cream yarn.

I don’t remember where I got this pattern or I would give credit.   Cast on four stitches.  Row 1: Knit across row.  Row 2: Knit 2, YO, knit the rest of the row.  Repeat Row 2 until you have 50 stiches on the needle.  Next Row:  Knit 1, Knit 2 together, YO, knit 2 together, knit the rest of the row.  Repeat this until you have four stiches left on your needle and cast off.  Easy Peasy.  I don’t remember the size needles I use but they are skinny

I’ve made a couple batches of lip balm.  Vitamin Cottage actually carries the tubes so I don’t have to order them online.  I love it when I an go shopping and find what I need. (Unlike lye, which should be common but stores don’t have it anymore – hey, you know where I finally found it – THE HARDWARE STORE!! – why did I think of looking anywhere else?).  Did you now no one carries food coloring anymore that is the old kind?  It’s all that gel stuff now.  I can’t use that like I used the old food coloring.  Grrrr!!  A lady says that Joann’s has it but when I get there it’s a “kit” that costs $25.  Are you kidding me?  Oh well, I have some information on how to color things naturally with herbs and stuff so I guess it’s time to figure that out.  I’m not even going to figure out how much it cost me to go back and forth around town trying to find “common” things that stores should still sell.  There’s too much crap in the world now and not enough shelf space for stores to stock it.   Anyway…that is a rant for another time.

I made some homemade soap.  Just the melt and pour kind.  I had some glycerin soap and put honey and lemon in it.  Yummm, nice soap.  I bought all the stuff to make some peppermint/tea tree soap but when using lye I like to make it outside and this weekend was a little windy.  Right now it’s not blowing outside but my friend wants to come do this process and I don’t think there is time left today to get it done.  I’m just loving I have time to do all the things I used to.  How did I have time to do them before?  Maybe because I was younger and never slept or something.

This morning it is beautiful outside.  I really need to start walking.  My excuse has been I haven’t seen the ground in a month but it’s warm and dry out today so perfect timing.  I head off down the road.  On the way a car stops and it is the cute lady who always tells me what is going on around the area.  I tell her I am not working anymore so she says she will stop by more often.  I keep walking to my favorite windmill.  I turn around and come back and that is 2.2 miles.  Just a little further and I would have in my 3 miles.  It’s really nice and crisp out.  I have my camera at the ready but there is no wildlife or anything today.   It’s still too cold for snakes (I hope).

I’m taking a look at my thermometer now and the outside reading says 90.  Well I am sure that is not right so I peek out the window where I have the thermometer.  Ooops, it was so windy last night it knocked it off onto the ground.  I have it behind a fence post and the fence.  I’m baffled how the wind can get behind the post and blow it out but somehow it does.  It’s not 90 but warm enough to get out there and get some sunshine and read a book.

I’m off to catch some rays while I can  – will catch you later.





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