The Barn Cat Ladies Society – established January 29, 2016


Last blog I talked about taking some cats into the Ft Collins Care Rescue/Spay and Neuter Clinic (great deal, barn cat special, spay or neuter and rabies and distemper shot for $35) and getting them fixed but we were preempted by snow.  It’s a beautiful Friday about 4:30 am.  At least I think it’s going to be beautiful.  It’s a little early to tell.  We have to be ready by 6:00 because if we’re late they may not be able to take the cats.  The place packs up pretty early and they can only do so many a day.  We have an appointment but still want to get there first.  Sandy is running around the alley grabbing the poor unsuspecting darlings.  I see her flashlight bopping around and hear the sound of kennel doors slamming and one loud meow.  I have Sweet Pea, Sandy has Buster Boy, Pretty Girl and Sweetie (there are lots of sweeties because you can only think of so many names at the spur of the moment).  Another lady is coming over with one of her barn cats.  It’s almost 6:10 and we’re getting a little anxious because we don’t want to be late.  Her friend shows up a few minutes later and we load up and we’re off.  It’s amazing that five kennels will fit in half of her back seat.  They are piled in but at least they are all in.

We expect it to be a noisy ride.  We can’t believe there is not one peep from any of them.  I guess they are enjoying the ride or scared meowless.

We make good time and get there around 7:00.  We get there before the crowd and we’re excited because they will do the animals in the order they come in.  They should be ready to be picked up by 4:00.  We watch as Buttercup the bulldog is awaiting his fate.  They come to take him in the back room and he tries to lay down on the floor.  The dog won’t budge.  How does he know his manhood is about to be stripped away?  We all start laughing because the girl is pulling on the leash and the dog won’t budge.  The owner gets behind the dog and pushes his butt across the floor.  Good thing the floor is slick.

Instead of going all the way home and having to go all the way back (this is 45 minutes from anywhere) we decide to make a day of it and have some fun.  It’s around 7:45 now and we head off to old town Ft Collins.  I’ve heard of it so I’m glad we’re going to get to walk around and see some of the shops and check out the restaurants.  Nothing is open at 8:30 and it’s cold and windy.  We spot a coffee shop and I decide I need a cup of coffee and it will be warm in there.  What a great little coffee shop.  It’s Bean Cycle Roasters, , and it’s family owned and two sisters and a brother roast their beans there.  It also has a non-profit book store that takes donations and sells them (Wolverine bookstore).  I talk to the barista and we talk a little coffee.  I tell him I worked with Coda Coffee and he knows who they are.  I order a drink and he says, “Hey, you should come back and make your own.”  HAHA – wish I could have.  It does look like it would be a fun place to be a barista.  While there we also see a notice about a letterpress and coffee shop (Letterpress Publik House).  I want to check it out sometime.  Sort of an art gallery with a bring your own mug coffee shop.  My print press sitting in the middle of my floor has been idle for too long.

When we park we notice it says 2 hour parking.  This is sad since there are three block of really cool shops and restaurants.  We had a coffee and then we went to the hardware store.  Wow, much bigger than Poulsen’s with a huge kitchen section.  It’s 9:30 now and we’re not sure if the meter maid (HAHA – bet they don’t use that term anymore) has marked the tire (not that they actually mark them anymore either) so Sandy jumps in and moves the car a few spaces.  Now we have until 11:30 to look around.  We go across to The Cupboard (a very cool cooking store) and I find some cool stuff to do coffee pour overs and some collectible Downton Abbey tea tins (get them while they’re hot because once they are gone, they are gone).  I highly recommend Mrs. Patmore’s Pudding Tea.  Then we go to the essential oil shop.  Ye gads, it’s already noon.  We hurry back to the car and there is a ticket on the windshield.  Fortunately it says there is no amount due.  It also says it was marked at 9:15 so maybe they realized we moved it but it’s a warning for next time that you have to move it at least three blocks to be considered moved.  This is really sad because there are so many great shops and restaurants.  I think Ft Collins is doing the businesses a disservice because after 10:00 you can’t even find a place to park and two hours is not enough time to really do anything.  We will have to plan on finding a lot or longer parking next time so we can actually enjoy the area.  We did the two shops and then we left because there were no parking places.

We wander down the road and have lunch (not at an exciting fun restaurant in old town), then check out Bed Bath and Beyond, and Tuesday Morning.  We manage to absolutely stuff the trunk with stuff we’ve bought.  Ok, I am really getting tired.  I am glad it’s getting on toward 4:00.  I am really not a shopper and the old town stores were fun but now this is like regular shopping.  Come on 4:00.  Sandy’s friend gets a call from the rescue and tells her they can’t do her cat because it is sneezing and they won’t work on it like that.  Secretly inside I’m yelling, yippee, that means they will be done sooner.  Sandy decides to call and see how they are coming along and they tell her if something could go wrong today it did and that we can pick the cats up at 6:00.  Please, no, no, no.  What happened to doing them in the order they came in?  It’s 4:00 now so we decide to go to the Ft Collins nursery.  I can always go for a garden center.  We head over there (it is right next to the rescue).  We walk and walk and walk and look at everything imaginable.  Sandy said they were open until 6:00 so that’s good.  It will be our last stop.  At 5:15 Sandy says “The lady just told me they close at 5:00”. Oh dear, we are holding them up.  Sandy’s friend buys some seeds (thank God somebody bought something but hardly worth waiting to close for us) and slink out a little embarrassed.  It’s 5:30 now so we decide to check on the cats and see if there is any way they are finished.  We go in and they ask “Are you the barn cat group?”  Yes, indeed we are.  Instead of the Red Hat Ladies we are the Barn Cat Ladies.  Well, they have just finished up Buster Boy and he will have to recover for an hour.  Now it will be a 6:30 pickup.  Ok, now my friggin feet are sore from walking for nine hours.  We still have an hour to go.  They have cats for adoption so we decide to go look at them for something to do.  They have some stuff on sale there to fundraise and there is a kennel.  Sandy says, “hey, I should get that.”  It was a good deal but I’m like, “Are you sure it will fit in the car?”  There is not one single inch left in the trunk for anything.  Sandy says, sure, we’ll work it out.  Well, that took about fifteen minutes.  It’s cold and windy out so what will we do?  Hey, let’s go to Walmart.  At this point I am so tired I just numbly respond, ok, at least it will be warm in there.  I’m so tired I can’t even make fun of how people are dressed in there.

Hallelujah, it is 6:30 pm.  I’ve now been awake for fourteen hours and have been on my feet walking for eleven hours (except for the 20 minute lunch and the time it took to drive to the next store).  The cats are ready.  Hurray.  We load them up and not a peep out of them on the way home.

Hey, I need to stop at Safeway.  I think they have some really good root beer on sale.  Uggg, really?  I don’t know how but my feet actually still worked.  We get home at dark thirty.  I’m going to be really ticked off if I don’t lose a pound or two.

It was a very long day but I am glad we got three girls and a boy fixed.  That will eliminate the possibility of at least fifteen new cats.  We have another day scheduled for February 12th.  It was also fun even though I got tired of walking (and shopping).

I bring Sweet Pea in the house and an hour later I open the kennel door.  She wobbles out and starts walking around.  She finally hides in the awful room under the stairs.  That is her selected place so I leave her be.

Ah, it’s the next morning and Sweet Pea decides to move underneath the desk where I am sitting.  No eating or drinking yet, still a little wobbly.  I have to run into town to get some water.  A very quick trip – yea.  When I get back I put some chicken under the desk.  Sweet Pea eats it and I coax her out by moving it out a little each time I give her a piece.  Before long she is out and about and eating and drinking and then decides there is nothing more for me to do than pet her the rest of day and night.  I open the door at one point but she is not interested in going outside.  Hmmm, will she be an indoor cat?

Another morning and she decides she will go out.  Will she come in tonight to sleep?  We’ll see.  I can tell she is enjoying seeing her brother.  Poor brother probably wondered where all of his friends had gone.  Buster Boy and Pretty Girl are back out too and they are all excited to see each other.



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