New beginnings and old stuff


I head up to the homestead is usually how I start my blog.  Now I’m here more than I’m not so I don’t “head up” as much now.  I’m still trying to wrap my head around that I don’t HAVE to go to work.  I got my first SS check yesterday (or as it is called a “Federal Benefit Check”) that is not really a check anymore.  If they still say check then I am going to keep saying Social Security.  Whoa, no more excuses for not digging in and purging and moving crap (er, I mean valuable stuff I can’t live without – yeah, right!!).  I’m starting to get a routine in my head for doing this wonderfully exciting task.  It seems being here for five days and down home two is starting to set in.

It’s actually exciting to have time to do things.  The other day I was putzing around and I asked myself, “Do you really have time to be doing this?”  All of a sudden I realized, “Why yes, yes you do.” I am so used to do this now because, you have to be here then and over there next, that it’s hard to slow down.  Hopefully not dangerous since I’ve had time to roam around the internet looking for stuff for the house, art projects, and who knows what else.

Since the cold is holding me back (what is it with the temperature not being above freezing for days) I am settling in.  It’s hard to settle too much with so much still needing to be done but I can piece some things together.  I started by grabbing a few items from the walls in the down home (the northern house is the up home and the southern house is the down home) and my Mom and sister gave me some cool things for the house.  Way more than cool!!  I have always wanted some Fiesta Ware.  I have been lusting after it for years.  My Mom got me a few plates, some mugs, a couple of cereal bowls that can be used as serving bowls, and found a very cool rare sugar and creamer that comes with a little plate to set them on.  I won’t use them (or maybe I will when all my guests come) but they will look great displayed in the kitchen or the dining room table.


My sister is the real artist in the family and she did a calligraphy for me and put it in an old 1880’s frame.  Very nice.  I love the frame.  It’s an old Scottish prayer about ghouls and ghosties (since I have been told the house is haunted – I have yet to have a visit) and looks great above my bed.  I would love to have more of these frames.  My sister found it on e-bay (or Amazon – does Amazon have everything now?).  If you see any, let me know!!  My sister wants more and I would like to find more like this.


One morning it was so beautiful outside.  The trees were covered in frost and it was almost dawn so I threw on my coat and boots and gloves and scarf (I think it was like 2 degrees out or something ridiculous like that) and took a walk down the road.  That lasted about 5 minutes or so and I ran back inside to warm up.  Then the light got even better as the sun was coming up so I ran back out again because that light, and the snowy crystals shining in the light – oh my!!  Later in the morning I decided to fire up the car (I worry about not having a garage and the car sitting too many days in a row at a few degrees above zero without being driven) and I took my time and drove down the country roads to my favorite windmill and then wandered over to my friends house to turn around and see what it looked like going the other way.  I only had to jump back in the car twice to move it so a big truck could squeeze around me.  Usually there’s not much traffic around here so was nice to wander around and have the countryside to myself and a few hawks.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I still have room for a couple more things in the Mud Room but I think it’s almost finished decorating.  I got the “Tree of Life” lace curtain from Country Curtains (my favorite place for curtains).  I need to get new curtains for the door but am having trouble finding the right length in what I want.

I hung up the photo of the “Western Electric Company Picnic in Bergen Park, July 21, 1928”.  This hung in my bosses office at the Western Electric Service Center at 40th & Clayton (at&t by the time I worked there).  When the service center closed in 1991 I had to move everything over to the Tufts building to the back room of the Pioneer Store.  When the Pioneer Store closed in 2000 I had to clean it out and the photo was still there and now is mine!!  We were tossing stuff and I just couldn’t bring myself to get rid of it.  It’s not the only copy.  I know there was one or two more around somewhere.  Maybe more, but I’m pretty sure this was the one in my bosses office.

I hung up the Welcome Sign I’ve had for years that my sister made for me.

I  hung up a new piece my sister gave me (cute, an old yardstick made into a frame over a chalk board and she chalked some flowers on it).

The rug I just crocheted.  I’ve had the material for years.  Originally I made a rug frame and was weaving a rug for my sister’s new room at their new house and my cats were about 15 years old at the time.  For some reason one of the cats peed on the partially woven rug and the smell infiltrated the frame and I had to throw the whole thing away.  I’ve had the rest of the material since then and since I have time now I made a new rug last week.  Yea for time and using up old material!!

My alien cowboy on his horse.  Do I really need to keep this?  It’s a fun memory from when Telephone Pioneers (the largest non-profit volunteer group in North America – still to this day) used to man the phones at the famous PBS Channel Six Wild Wild Auction.  Every year they had a different theme and one year is was outer space so my friend and I found these green aliens and took them when we volunteered.  They were a big hit and they kept showing them on the screen and the host took them and sat them next to her.  The next year they switched permanently to the Wild Wild Auction Theme (being we’re in the Wild Wild West) and so the next year we bought the stick horses and the cowboy hats and they were permanent fixtures when we volunteered for the next few years.  (Gosh, do they still have the auction?  I’ll have to check into that).  In 2000 when Lucent stopped sponsoring Pioneers it got harder to get volunteers but we did do the auction until I retired with Avaya in 2006.  We always had enough volunteers for the whole phone bank and it was a big deal for the company to sponsor but in the end we were down to six to eight faithful and we’d join someone else’s group to go volunteer.

It’s fun to decorate with memories!!   Now that I think of it all my decorations are either antiques or from local artists.  I have one Thomas Kincade someone gave me but that’s about it.

More time means more adventures to come soon!!  Hopefully finishing up the inside of the house and schlepping stuff up here.

Now, I need to get off here and run to town.  It’s already 11:30 and I’m 30 minutes from anywhere.  Shopping is a 3 hour event.







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