Happy New Year


I head up to the homestead a free woman.  No job or anything in particular that I HAVE to do.  It is a new year.  Lots of change.  This is my first month to get social security so I quit my full time job and I am free to do what I want, when I want.  This is the first time since I was 17 I do not have a job.  I may look around for a part time job.  We’ll see.

In the meantime I will have plenty of time to figure out what life will be like without obligation.  I think I will have to make a plan since there is so much to do.  I guess I won’t have an excuse not to start cleaning and purging the old house so I don’t bring a bunch of crap up here I don’t need.  It’s too cold to paint, and the garden is covered in snow so time to get started getting things cleaned up and finish what I need to do here (not that it will ever be finished).

I get up at 4:30 this morning for my adventure this week and get ready to take some feral cats in to be fixed.  My neighbor has an appointment at the vet who fixes feral cats in Ft Collins.  We will start early because you know it will take an hour to get there, plus travel time for starting out in the dark.  They do it on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.  She is going to try to get four from the alley, her friend has one she wants to take in and I want to grab the little girl who lives in my back yard.  I am going to get my first little girl!!  I get up and look out and think that it is good it didn’t snow much.  I get the shovel and clear the area where the cats hang out and the little girl is mewing at me.  She is so cute.  Very petite, long white hair with a black streak down her back with a black and white tail, and blue eyes.  She is still here (you never know when they will disappear) and hangs out at the back door and every time I come up she greets me.  Very friendly and cute and I know she wants to live here.  This will be the first batch we take in to get fixed.

There is a thin  layer of snow.  I grab the new ergonomic snow shovel (a very nice metal one made in the USA and bought at Poulsen’s yesterday) am clearing snow and I hear Sandy in the alley.  At the same time I hear my phone ring and it is her.  She finally arrives at my back door while we’re still talking on the phone (you ever do that, talk on the phone when the person is right in front of you – HAHA).  Ok, we can hang up now.  The trip is off.  Even though there is not much snow people are sliding off the road near Ft Collins.  Booooo!!  I wanted to get this little girl fixed.  Oh well, feral cats are not worth getting in an accident or sliding into the ditch.  We’ll have to plan for another day.

Isn’t she cute?  I hope this isn’t a jinx.  Every time I like a cat it suddenly disappears.

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Not sure how much snow today.  I don’t think much.  A good day to sit and plot my next moves.  I’m sure there will be many adventures in my future.




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Master Gardener; Nat'l Award Winning Photographer; Garden Writer; Artist - art books, print maker, hot glass, wire jewelry designer; sometime quilter; new homesteader; bee keeper; very crafty; Baseball fan, enthusiast, and researcher; all things vintage
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3 Responses to Happy New Year

  1. Kathy says:

    Patty, she’s awesome! Will she live inside with you where she’ll be safe? I am so excited for your new beginning.

    • pbodwell says:

      HAHA Kathy, I was going to send you a pic and tell you it my first of the starter kit!! I have tried to get her to come in and she has peeked her head in the door and done an about face and ran back out a few times. My plan was to keep her inside tonight after getting back from the vet and maybe for a day or two before letting her go back out. I’d like to give her he freedom to come in and out as she pleases. She doesn’t leave the back yard much at all and she will have to be a garden cat.

  2. Joan Buxman says:

    Patty, I’m not a cat person at all, but she is one of the most beautiful cats I’ve ever seen. She’s so adorable. I hope you can get her used to visiting the inside of your home. And CONGRATULATIONS!! Welcome to the land of the un-working. It’s amazing how busy you’ll be, trust me. You’ll wonder how you ever got anything done when you had a job. I love your blog!!!

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