Simple and cute

I’m headed up to the homestead thinking I miss the daylight on the way up and seeing the fields and the mountains in the distance.  When I get on CR53 I start to see Christmas lights everywhere.  It’s cool seeing farmhouses with lights out in nowhere   I especially like how they decorate the tractors and farm equipment with lights.  Santas on tractors are popular!!

The kitty greets me when I come through the gate.  She is so cute.  She is very friendly and always wants to come inside.  If I was up here permanently already she would be living in the house.  Her brother is here too.  He likes to go down in the cellar where it is warm.  Dainty little kitty acts like she can’t get through the hole I’ve created for them in the beautiful plastic covering the door.  Hmmm, where is rest of the gang?

Twas two weeks before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring except for a mouse.  I see my first mouse in the house. I am in the kitchen and I see something out of the corner of my eye scurry across the sink.  It stops at the edge of the counter apparently not sensing my presence and sits there.  Then it disappears into the dishwasher.  NO, not the dishwasher, ewwww.  Actually there is a gap between the counter and the dishwasher and that is where it disappears.  I knew they were around because when I first moved in here I cleaned up a lot of mouse evidence and found a fresh dead one in the cellar and a couple of old skeletons too.  This is why I love the cats and I’m wondering how they missed this one and why they aren’t doing their job.  I am satisfied the cats have been keeping them away.

I need to set a trap.  I have some because when I first moved in and saw the evidence I picked some up at the hardware store.  I’ve never had to use them because I’ve never seen one since.  Peanut butter is my choice of bait.  I take some and put it on the trap.  Hmmm, time for bed and no action yet.

It’s morning and I go to take a look at the trap.  Dang, that little bugger.  He ate the peanut butter without setting off the trap.  I guess I didn’t have it stuck good enough.  I put the glove part of my hazmat suit on and reset the trap.  I’m watching and waiting but no action yet.

I look outside and the neighbor is here to feed the cats.  I go out to talk to her and it’s so sad.  She said two days ago that the kittens were playing and jumping around and later when she came one of them was dead in the kennel and two others were huddling against her like they were scares to death.  It was favorite cream and gray kitty.  Then the next day the other two were dead.  The little yellow one is missing.  This is very strange.  Why would they all die and why all of a sudden are they so scared?  There is no evidence of another animal being around or anything.

I’m standing at the kitchen sink and I hear water drip, drip, dripping.  I’m looking around at the sink and nothing is dripping there.  Hmmmm.  Now, I’m looking out the window and what I am hearing is water dripping from the gutter onto the wonderful cellar door newly covered with the thicker, more improved plastic sheeting (see previous blog about the constant talk about needing to replace the door).  Whew, at least it’s not a pipe dripping.  Note to self:  replace gutter.  It’s the only gutter on the house so wouldn’t be that hard to replace it.  It appears to be plastic gutter.  When was that installed?  Did they make plastic gutter in the 50’s?  Probably not.  Ah well, whenever it was probably at least 20 years ago.  One more project for the list.

Oh, what’s that loud noise in the kitchen  It sounds like something fell and broke.  I’m looking around and don’t see anything until I look at the floor.  Oh, poor little mouse.  I put it outside by the food bowl.  A nice cat treat.

The wood stove is doing a great job of keeping the house warm.  Thanksgiving week I bought some firewood from one of my neighbors.  I can turn off the propane heater while I’m using the stove.  A log overnight keeps it nice and warm.  When it’s in the teens at night it’s in the 60’s in the mornings.  When it’s in the 20’s it’s still about 70 in the morning.  I’m finding out which wood burns longer and hotter.

It’s getting colder and dipping into the low teens at night so it was time to put the heater back down in the cellar.  I don’t want another pipe freezing incident.

Thanksgiving weekend Denise came over and we walked around town.  We went to visit one neighbor and then went over to the other so I could talk about getting the firewood.  It’s fun to be able to walk around without getting in the car and having to drive.  I walk to football games and events at the school and community events at the old gym.

Three more days of work and I’ll be a free woman.   I really need to keep doing something part time.  What will it be?  More barista, photography, gardening?  I’ve never had a day since I was 17 that I didn’t have a job.  Wow.  Whatever will I do?





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Master Gardener; Nat'l Award Winning Photographer; Garden Writer; Artist - art books, print maker, hot glass, wire jewelry designer; sometime quilter; new homesteader; bee keeper; very crafty; Baseball fan, enthusiast, and researcher; all things vintage
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2 Responses to Eeeek

  1. Larry Ehemann says:

    Patty sorry to hear about the loss of the kittens. I grew up on a farm rural Arkansas and we would occasionally lose a litter of newborn to 5 or 6 week old kittens and my father said it was a male cat that was the guilty culprit. Are their stray unneutered males or as we called them Tom cats in the neighborhood?

  2. pbodwell says:

    There are but there was no indication it was another animal. No bite marks or looked like they had been fighting. It’s strange too that 3 died in two days and one is missing. We hope the fourth one is hiding or something.

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