Basements and Cellars


Oh boy, I have extra time at the homestead this week.  I have five days.  I’ll get lots of painting and other stuff done.

I was going to go up to my Mom’s in the mountains and pick up some stuff she has for me but the snow preempted the trip.  When I get here there is no snow here  Crazy since I had to shovel 10 inches off my driveway before I left.

I am trying to cut material with my rotary cutter and it’s like trying to chew wood.  I need some shelf paper for my kiln and I don’t know what art glass stores are up here.  I need to redo the plastic on the cellar door since it’s starting to get cold (see freezing pipe blog from last year).  I google art glass and there is a place in Greeley and he will be open until six so I add that to my list.  I also need to go to the hardware store.  No week is complete without the hardware store.  I head off to Joann’s to get some new blades.  Oooo, while I’m there I see a table I thought about buying before and it is on sale.  I could start organizing the “art” room that is not supposed to be an art room.  I decide to get the table.

I find the art glass store and there is “poppa” and his grandson here.  We talk some glass and he shows me his studio.  It’s pretty cool.  It’s an old house.  He says the paper is in the basement.  It’s one of those really steep staircases and a really old basement.  Wow, it’s a cool old basement.  The boy looks down the stairs and shakes his head, nooooo, I am not going down there.  I jokingly say, “oh, a creepy old basement?”.  When we come back upstairs the boy says “Poppa, a ghost touched me.”  The man says, “ok, I’m sure it’s ok.”  I ask if it’s a friendly ghost and the boy says he doesn’t know.  We head upstairs to his studio to cut the paper and the boy is really close to his Poppa.  Poppa doesn’t walk so well so he tells the boy he needs some room to move around.  The boy says,”poppa, poppa” and Poppa says “I will talk to after I am finished here.”  The little boys says “Poppa, it’s really important.”  Poppa says ok, what.  The boy says “an evil ghost is talking to me.”  Yikes!!  I ask what he is saying to him and he says he can’t understand.  Poppa says, “you know there are no evil ghosts here, remember we had a ceremony to get rid of them.”  Then the boy points and says “there is a ghost right there. ”  I ask him if it’s a boy or girl and he says he can’t tell.  I ask if it’s a friendly ghost and he says he doesn’t know.  I tell him maybe the ghosts just want to play with him.  He says, “no, I think it’s an evil one.”  Poppa then repeats that there has been a ceremony to get rid of them and he’s sorry he can’t see them like his grandma and mother can.  Poor man, his wife just passed away a month and a half ago and he’s having a hard go of it.  I’m pretty intuitive and I didn’t feel anything evil or weird.  It was a nice store with lots of glass and pottery.

I make my stop at the hardware store and pick up some new plastic and the guy working there gives me the idea I should get some wood and screw the plastic down.  I get that stuff and  odds and ends I need and of course, I always find more stuff in there than I intended.

I’m close to Ault and the antique stores. I need a tin to put the fire starters in.  I find a cool one at Jen’s antique store.  It’s an old Amish Pretzel Company tin from Pennsylvania.  Ault is fun to go antiquing.  There are about five or six shops on the main street with really reasonable prices.

No time like the present to attack the cellar door.  One more around of this and I really need to get the door replaced (see several previous posts).  After 45 minutes of screwing the hinges back on so I can open the door I lay the plastic over the door and take the 1X2’s and lay them on the plastic and screw them down.  This will be much better in keeping the cold air our of the cellar.  Whew, glad that’s finished.  Hopefully the pipes won’t freeze again this year.  Hopefully it won’t be -30 again.  Hey, it’s my birthday so I think that’s enough for today.  I end up over at Denise and John’s to look at a chair she asks me if I want and we laugh at the chickens.  What is it about chickens that are fun to watch?  We decide to go for Mexican food and that’s a nice ending to the day.

It’s craft fair day today.  The community library has a craft show and feed (remember, you can’t do anything up here without eating).  Last year I had a table and sold a few things but didn’t have time this year.  I find a couple of antiques for the house.  Time to get that table together.  I get it together but there is no time to start organizing.  It’s off to the school dinner theater.  One of the girls we know is in the play.  It’s silly and fun and of course there was dinner with it and it was good.

Wow, I got a lot of painting done HAHA.  It’s time to head back down south.  I go over to Denise’s and help her unload some photos from her camera card and then hit the road




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