Breaking News Update


I head up to the homestead.  I’m surprised when I turn onto Main Street and the road is muddy.  There is a layer of snow.  I didn’t see any on the way up so it must have been a short quick storm.  Yikes, it’s cold.  Not a cat in sight.  They  must be hiding somewhere and keeping warm.  Good thing I have already put out the heated chicken water container.

I don’t have any big plans for this time up.  Since it’s cold I think I’ll try out the wood stove.  I take some fire starters and get some kindling to get the fire started.  This worked great last time but I’m having a hard time getting it to stay lit this time.  Hmmmm.  I finally use some paper and get it going.  It’s starting to click like crazy.  What is that sound?  I have a steamer on top and it’s boiling and steaming.  That got hot really fast.  Last time I talked about the stove not having a damper but there are boxes on the back and I just can’t figure out why it wouldn’t have one.  That clicking is really weird so I get my new really bright flashlight and start looking behind and around the stove.  I FINALLY find a knob on the right side that is against the wall.  I think it has dots on it but I really can’t see it.  I go grab my step stool and put in on the other side of the half wall so I can peer over.  OK, it looks like there is a line that says high.  I can now see that I can turn it up or down.  Mystery solved!!  I decide to turn off the propane heater so I can see how warm the stove keeps the house.  I turn the heater to pilot so it won’t come on and the stove keeps the house around 68.  That is great.  It’s time to go to bed so this will be the real test.  I get a big huge round log and throw it in.  All of a sudden it is 76 degrees.  Yikes.  I turn off the little propane fireplace because it’s getting too hot.  In the morning when I get up it’s 64 degrees.  It’s 60 upstairs but that is comfortable for sleeping.  The stove still has some nice coals so the big log lasted all night.  How exciting.  It works great and I won’t have to run the propane all the time.  I use the little fireplace in the other room when I am in there and it keeps it toasty and I like to watch the flames.  The wood stove doesn’t have a window so I can’t watch the flames in there.  There is a screen I can switch out the door with but I don’t like the idea of the room filling up if it decides to smoke.

I went and got some paint for the bathroom.  It is so small it won’t take long to paint.  I think I should get busy and do it but when I really look there are so many shelves and things to paint around that a large roller won’t work.  I don’t want to brush it all so I need to remember to bring up my 2 inch roller.  There’s nothing like a good excuse not to paint.  I really am anxious to get it done though so I can decorate and get some real towels and rugs.  The floor is old stone tile and the grout needs to be redone but that will be a future project.  Nothing a rug won’t make look better!!  The tub is extremely old so the bathroom could use a new do over.  A claw tub would be really cool so that really would be a whole do over because the floor would have to be redone  and the wall tile redone.

The boys lost their playoff game today.  They made it through one round but the guys they played today were undefeated and in a higher class so good job boys.  It was a good season!

It’s time for the annual Volunteer Fire Department appreciation BBQ.  Every year the fire department throws a bbq for the community.  Today there is a special presentation.  Remember the breaking news report (see previous blog)?  The sheriff and a deputy arrive at the bbq.  The deputy sits near us and we start talking about the event two weeks ago.  We have a good laugh because he said when he first heard about it he said “A burglary where?  Are you sure?”  He just couldn’t figure out why anyone would come here to burglarize anything because there’s nothing here to burgle.  He said “it’s not like there is a mall or anything”.  The sheriff gets up and calls up Andy and Barney and he presents them with an award from the Weld County Sheriff’s Department.  They will get a plaque and certificate.  He said they truly are heroes and without their help the two brothers might still be out there.  He said every day there are new reports that come in that connect the two to other burglaries in Iowa, Kansas, Montana and South Dakota and the money and property is really starting to pile up so capturing them here before they could go somewhere else truly was a heroic feat.  He said the reports are still coming and they expect to connect them to other states.  The guys were making a path across the west and being captured here probably saved others states all the way to California from the brothers.  He said this is a story about how two volunteer firemen who have guns and are responsible citizens and know how to use them really helped out the sheriff’s department and they probably wouldn’t have found them without their help and they would have stolen someone’s car from town to get away.   He ended by saying “those guys picked the wrong town to mess with”.  We really do wonder why they picked here since it’s so small.  We have four streets north to south and five that run east to west.  How do they think they could come here and no one would see them?  Also, there is nothing here.  Fortunately they were also just two dumb brothers driving cross country breaking into markets to get something to eat to keep them going apparently.  They didn’t break into the market here.  We still can’t figure out why they tried to flush the American flag down the toilet.  Maybe we’ll get the answer to that some day.  I hope our home town heroes get a reward.  There should be since they were looking for these guys in at least 4 or 5 states so far.

(The picture at the top is the tree grove where the guys were hiding).

We still don’t know who is Andy and who is Barney.





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