Breaking News – Mayberry style


I am perusing my facebook and Denise has left me a message.  Break ins in town today.  Break in at the youth center and school.   First Story on Channel 7:

Weld County gun owners scare 2 burglary suspects into surrendering

The suspects hid behind a tree before surrendering

WELD COUNTY, Colo. – Two burglary suspects in Weld County were arrested late Friday morning after hitting several spots in a couple of towns in the area, and it was all thanks to two locals who used their pistols to scare them into surrendering.

The first burglary report came in at around 3:35 a.m. Deputies were sent to a local business in the area of Second Avenue and Main Street  The suspects were described as two individuals wearing dark clothing and black masks, driving a white Dodge Durango with temporary tags, according to Weld County Sheriff’s Office spokesman.

By the time deputies arrived, however, the burglary suspects had left the scene.

A short time later, a vehicle matching the description of the Dodge Durango was seen parked in front of the Elementary School (actually  K-12 school). As deputies were looking at the vehicle, two people matching the suspects’ descriptions were seen exiting the school. Once they saw the deputies, the suspects ran back inside the school.

A perimeter was set and a team of law enforcement officers, including a police dog, searched the school but no suspects were found inside, except for an American flag (I thought that flag was a suspect) that was intended to be flushed down a toilet. The school was then cleared and it remained in session through the rest of the day (school was called off that day), officials said.

The suspects were finally arrested at around 11 a.m. after a local man and his son-in-law found them hiding between trees in a field southeast of the elementary school. According to deputies at the scene, both of the men were carrying pistols which they used to scare the suspects into surrendering.

Evidence inside the Dodge Durango suggests Cody Joseph Boger, 24, and Edward Boger, 25, are also responsible for burglarizing the Motor Company, the  Elementary School, the Grover Market, two vending machines outside of the Grover Market, Dewey’s Café in Stoneham (Stoneham has a café?  I went through there and saw maybe 3 houses and thought wow, that’s a town? I’m going to have to go back and check it out) and JD Jeiskell in Stoneham.

Both have been charged with five counts of second-degree burglary and two counts of third-degree burglary.

I get up to the homestead and it’s the news of the day. Next morning there is another story.

Greeley Tribune article:  No mention of guns but pretty much the same.  The quote of a local resident is the best part:

“The sheriffs have been going round and round and round all day.  They called and said, ‘Lock your doors, don’t answer them to nobody.’ It was quite exciting. Things do happen other than coyotes, rattlesnakes, jackrabbits and fog.”

Just a short blurb that the suspects were caught by two residents.  It did mention that they were a resident and son-in-law.

The story according to the locals and how it will remain in folklore (or be embellished over time) as told to the hero’s sister:

“About 3:30 I woke, (he is a light sleeper and wakes up to just about anything and keeps his windows open a little even in the winter (important facts)), and thought I heard something outside.”  He looked out the window and saw a white car parked behind the little market.  He saw two guys looking in the window of the market.  He runs over to his sleeping wife and pokes her and screams at her.  Get up, get up.  She gives him the stink eye and says to leave her alone and they yell at each other and argue about it for a couple of minutes.  He insists and says he needs her help and she may have to call 911.  He says he just saw two guys at the market and he is going to go out and look and get the license plate number and he will run back if he needs her to call 911.  He goes out on the porch and sees the two guys breaking into the door of the youth center across the street.  He whisper yells at his wife to call 911.  The wife calls 911 and goes back to bed.  He is waiting and waiting for someone to come and he calls the sheriff.  He tells the sheriff that they are breaking into the youth center.  He asks if he should follow them.  The answer is “NO”.  No following, don’t do anything until they get there  He is waiting and his phone rings.  It’s his son-in-law.  Hey, did you call in a 911?  Yes, there are some guys goofing around down here.  The son-in-law says well, the call came into the emergency line of the fire department.  Come on over here, they want us to gather here.  Brother and son-in-law are both volunteer firemen and emergency personnel.  By the time brother and son-in-law are at the station the deputies arrive.  They ask what is going on and they say the guys are gone, they don’t know where they went.  The deputies say it’s ok to look for them.  Later (not sure how much later) the deputies see the suspects  car parked in front of the school.  The deputies tell brother and son-in-law where they are.  Brother and son-in-law have their guns and ask if they can they use force if necessary.  Deputies say no, just look and call us if you see them.  This is where it gets interesting  The deputies see the suspects leaving the school, suspects see the deputies and run back in the school.  Brother and son-in-law head over to the school.  Deputy says they can’t find suspects in the school and they could be anywhere.  Deputy is now concerned because suspects tried to flush the American flag down the stool.  Now everyone is really pissed.  That’s disrespecting the flag and the United States of America.  They don’t know who they are dealing with so if brother and son-in-law find suspects ok to use force.  In the meantime, sister sees tow truck with car go by and she assumes they have caught suspects so everyone starts milling around and going outside.  Brother calls sister and tells her to stay in the house (people are starting to get up and out and ready for work).  Sister calls neighbor and tells her to stay inside.  Neighbor says oh dear, I just went outside to get my paper.  Well, stay inside and don’t come out.  These guys tried to flush the American flag down the toilet so they don’t know who they are dealing with.  Now it’s in the morning.  They have been looking for a long time.  Brother and son-in-law want to check out the fields around the school but it’s so dry are afraid to drive because the heat from the truck may start the tall grass on fire. They grab a four wheeler (which puts off just as much heat as the truck but who’s thinking) and start across the fields around the school.  Up pops a guy.  Brother pulls out his gun and tells him to hit the dirt.  Suspect says, you can’t just shoot me.  Suspect says his car broke down in Sterling and he has been walking and was just laying here resting.  Brother says that is a &*(&*(* story.  Hit the dirt or I will make you hit the dirt (the whole time brother is thinking, man, I really hope he lays down because if he doesn’t I don’t know what I”ll do).  Suspect again says, you can’t just shoot me.  Brother says the deputy gave him permission to use whatever force is needed.  Suspect decides not to test that theory and lays down.  Brother is calling deputies but they are still in the school and have no cell service and he can’t reach them.  In the meantime, the second suspect pops up and starts running.  Son-in-law starts chasing (contrary to report that son-in-law took a leap off the moving vehicle onto the guy and is a much better story) and tackles him. Second suspects says they are looking for their lost dog.  Brother and son-in-law tell them they need to get their stories straight.  Finally deputy calls and brother yells, we have them outside, get out here quick.  When the deputies arrive outside they are looking at the suspects but they are looking at their legs and feet.  Brother asks why are you looking at their feet?  The school just had a new camera system installed last week and the cameras are pointed too low.  All they could see on the video was their pants and feet.  They know one of they guys was in there because they identified his girly jeans (jeans with brads or rhinestones on the back pockets).  The whole time they were just a few yards away laying in a grove of trees (not to be confused with trees in Grover when dialect makes the statement sound like “they were found in a grove er trees”).

Now, the town is just trying to figure out who is Andy and who is Barney.

And this is the real story.  To get the true flavor feel free to put expletives anywhere you wish in this story!!

And this just goes to show you don’t mess with the American flag in a small town.





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2 Responses to Breaking News – Mayberry style

  1. Joan Buxman says:

    Harold said he read about this in the paper but agrees that your account is so much better!! We’re still laughing

  2. pbodwell says:

    Last night at the football game they guys were awarded The Hometown Hero award. The 5th graders all got together and made them a huge card and signed it and they had a plaque made for them. The card said “thank you for being a hero and saving our school”.

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