The Case of the Missing Eggs and We Need More Cowbell


Wow.  Heading up to the homestead and no commitments.  The sky is gray and there is sheet lightning all the way up.  Here’s hoping it rains.  We could use some.  I arrive and there is definitely a chill in the air.

The last two weeks I have done some house/pet sitting.  I missed coming up one week and the other was a quick trip.  Last trip up I took a few minutes and poured a stepping stone.  It worked out great.  I also tried making a flagstone shaped pour in the ground.  I dug a space and pressed the stone in and laid some plastic.  It turned out looking ore like a leaf instead of flagstone shaped.  I’ll work on that.


Since all work and no play makes Patty a dull girl I got together with my friend Victoria and we did the chalk art festival in Centennial.  I haven’t done this for years and she invited me to join her again.  Great fun!!  She chose a cool piece that was fun to do.  We have done this over the years together and it was great to do one again.


I putz around and it’s time to go to bed.  When did it start getting dark so early?  Seems like it is getting darker earlier this year.  Not possible but time must be flying by.

Wow, I am awakened.  I look at the clock and it is 3:33.  It’s raining cats and dogs.  Beating very heavily on the roof.

I get up in the morning and look outside.  That was quite a rain we had.  I start thinking about what I should do while I’m here and first on the list is going to the football game today.  I am thinking what to do at the house and decide it’s time to go get some caulk for that crack in the wall up the stairs.  The house inspector said to just shoot some silicone in it.  I think he is also a contractor and works on houses so I will follow his advice most likely.  I go online and search for “fixing cracks in cement walls”.  Some say polyurethane, some say silicone and some say some sort of cement crack fixer.  I guess it depends on what Poulsen’s has on their shelf as to what I will get.  I want to fix it right.  I’m hoping polyurethane is not the best.  Have you read the toxic level of that stuff?  Eeewww.

I call Denise to see if she wants to make a quick run with me to town.  She does so I drive over to pick her up.  Last week Denise was puzzled because she couldn’t find any eggs from her hens.  There were a few in the coop but it seemed as if they had stopped laying.  My friend has chickens and says they are molting now and they don’t lay much while that is going on so I asked Denise if hers were doing that.  She said no, not too many feathers around.  Hmmmm.  It’s getting dark earlier but the hens should still be laying more than she is finding.  She has wandered around looking everywhere.  She went into the goat shed where they are also storing their hay and she can’t find any there.  She looks high and low.  John is out and rearranging the tarp they have over the hay and all the way under the tarp he find 32 eggs.  Silly hens.  It’s about seven feet high up there and they are crawling under the tarp to lay.  Do hens like privacy??  Well, at least they know they are still laying.

Denise and I jump in the car and head off to Poulsen’s.  We talk about the rain last night and have a laugh because she says she looked at the clock and is was 3:33.  I say me too!!  I end up getting the silicone, non-paintable clear.  It’s over by door and window caulking instead of by the cement repair stuff but I think it will work so I’ll give it a try.  The warning on this is as bad as the polyurethane.  I will have to wear my new respirator mask when I use it, and open the doors.  It says it emits harmful vapors while it is curing so I will do it right before I leave some day so it can cure while I’m not here.  The hardware store does not have a tool I’m looking for.  It’s a round disc with a thing that sticks out so you can put the spout of the caulk into the hole and press the disc against the wall so instead of the caulk oozing out it will hit the disc and push it back into the wall.  Makes sense.  They don’t have one so I ask if they have any metal discs with a hole in them (like a huge metal washer).  The lady helping me heads me over to the hardware and there is a 3 inch disc.  It’s 27 cents so if it doesn’t work like I think I’ve only wasted 27 cents.  I think it will work to put it against the wall and put the caulk tip in it and it will work like something that probably costs more than 27 cents.  I also pick up some glow in the dark paint.  The most important purchase.  I have a bunch of chicken wire in the back yard and I saw a cool thing for Halloween.  You shape the chicken wire into the shape of a person and paint it with glow in the dark paint and put them in the yard and it looks like ghosts in your yard.  Cool!!  I knew there would be a use for that chicken wire that was left tangled up in the weeds in the corner of the corral.

We head over to the market and pick up a few things and we get back in time for the game.  I’m almost ready to head over when the doorbell rings.  Jerry and Sandy are going to the game so I grab my coat and head over with them.  Brrr.  It is damp, dreary and cold today.  We talk about the rain last night and Sandy says, “yeah, I woke up and looked at the clock and it was 3:32.”  I start laughing and say Denise and I woke up at 3:33.  There must have some big thunder or something that woke us up for all of us to wake up at the same time.  We walk over and Jerry grabs his wallet and is going to pay for all of us.  He says there are three of us and she says well, seniors are free, and he says I guess it’s only two then.  I laugh and say I was going to play the senior card today because I didn’t have enough cash for both that and a snack (I like to buy something to support the cause).  I usually pay because I figure the program can use the money.  The lady doesn’t hear me so Jerry pays for two.  He says he never thought of himself old enough to be a senior  I laugh and say, well, I am older than you so we’ll just say the senior was me.  His beard is gray but he is not senior age yet.

Denise is there but John did not come today so we all huddle together in the stands.  We are all bundled up like winter.  There is damp from the rain the night before (at least a half inch) and it’s cloudy and windy.  At half time Denise wins something in the senior raffle so she goes to get it and put it in her car and then comes back with her blanket.  Oh, that feels good on the bum.  We didn’t realize how cold it was until we had the warm blanket to sit on.  I have on my new Rockies coat.  I call it my $10 coat.  I have wanted one of the really nice zip up winter jackets for long time.  They are so expensive though it wasn’t on my had to have list.  With my Rockies tickets the last two years they have given us loyalty cards.  They can be used for food and in the store there or at any Rockies Dug Out stores.  I hadn’t used much of my card so I was trolling around the Rockies stores trying to spend it (because why waste it?).  I bought a jersey and a couple of t-shirts and a couple of other things but still had a nice amount left.  I decided I would stop by one of the stores for another look and saw the jacket.  I thought, wow, why didn’t I remember I wanted one of these.  Everything was 30% off in the store including the jacket, so after I got the sale price, and used my loyalty card I paid the remainder of $10.   WooHoo!!  I test it out today and it is really warm.

We’re watching the game and there is an elderly lady sitting on the front row of the bleachers.  She is talking loudly and telling a story that she had brought a cowbell to the last game and the referees stopped the game and made her put it away before they would let the game proceed.  Her accounting was funny and we were laughing.  We then started discussing why would they not allow a cowbell.  She was ringing it at the appropriate times when other people were clapping and rooting.  Of course that immediately  made me want to go out and get cowbells for everyone; and of course we all started saying, “we need more cowbell”.  At half time I talked to the lady and said I was disappointed they didn’t let her ring her cowbell, and she said “well, apparently there is a rule you can only make noise with your bodily parts.”  Well, you can imagine where the conversation went from there.

Falcons Win!!  75 to 46.  Yes, it really was football, not basketball.

After the game it’s too cold to putz around outside and I think it is now time to turn the heat on.  I didn’t turn it on last night and it was in the low sixties in the house this morning.  Still doesn’t feel too cold but I think today with only hitting 53 degrees that it might be pretty cold in the morning.  There is a shelf above the heater that I wanted to get painted before I turn on the heater so I’m not painting by a flame so I decide that’s it time to paint that shelf.  That and the old chimney are the only two things left in the living room to paint.  I get busy and get the shelf painted.  I was trying to decide if I wanted to use the white trim paint or the off white ceiling paint.  I decide on the white trim paint.  Hmmm, that heater is sort of beige and the bright white clean paint makes the heater stand out more than it should.  Oh well, by the time I put some stuff on the shelf it will all blend together.  The old chimney is rough cement.  I think I will have to brush to get it in all the little holes but that doesn’t work so well so I grab a  roller and it works great.  Faster too!!

Well, time to relax.  This was a good day. I decide to fire up the heater.  In the morning it is 62 and I don’t think the heat came on.  It’s amazing how this house holds the temperature.  It is a little chill so I turn the heater up to keep it around 64.  I finally give in and turn on the fireplace to take the chill off.

It’s time to decide what color I want the bathroom and kitchen.

My goal today is to get paint and other stuff cleaned up so I can actually move a chair and lamp into the living room.  I think I’ll pick a few things from the garden.  It will be in the mid to upper forties this week at night so I will  leave some things another week.  I don’t think the frost is on the pumpkin yet!!



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