Time for fun and a new favorite food


IMG_2871-14No day off for me this week so I head up to the homestead after work.  It’s almost dark when I get here.  I have plans to have some fun this time since I worked so hard last week.  In reality, my hips are still sore from digging and I’m just not in the mood for a lot of work.

Instead of painting the house I get up at dark thirty because I’m going to join my friend in Boulder and do some street painting.  I haven’t done some art in quite a while and my hips and back are still sore and rejecting me so I need to relax, see some old friends, and do something fun.  All work and no play makes Patty grumpy.

I head out around 6:30ish because I’m already 30 minutes from anywhere and it will take me about an hour and 40 minutes to get to Boulder.  I set my GPS and it’s taking me into the north part of Boulder.  Good Luck, the painting site is in the northern part of the city and fairly nice and quiet.  My friend Lisa Michot submitted and was chosen to be a part of a project called Place Art Project Sidewalk Murals.  Her idea is to “pause and look around” or “pause and shop” using various paws from animals around the area.  Mountain Lion, bear, deer, dogs, raccoons, and people.  She laid out her designs on paper and cut stencils of the outlines.  We laid down the stencil and painted the lines and sort of did a dot to dot to create the outline.  She did three murals.  One in front of the Pupusas Restaurant (they gave us free food and I had never heard of a Pupusa and it could be my new favorite food) of a family enjoying the sights in front of the restaurant; one of a bicycle and some local animals in front of the bicycle shop; and one across the street of deer and walking shoes at the deer crossing sign.

NOBO (North Boulder art district) is doing this project and the city of Boulder gave them grant money for it.

Lisa, her husband Ayad, and I laid down all the stencils and got the outlines painted.  The first mural was in the shade and would lose the sun first so we painted it first.  We then moved across the street where it was sunny but still cool or the morning and painted the outlines for that one.  A homeless guy came and told us we were blocking the sidewalk.  We invite him to come help us paint later.  We then did the outline for the third one that would be in the shade for a while.  Then we moved back to the first one and started adding the color and painting the design.  While we were painting that one the guy from Pupusas came out and said when we were ready we were welcome to come in and eat.  It was about 11:00 so we decided it was time for a break.

Ok, I had never heard of a Pupusa.  It’s a staple food from El Salvador.  Not very different from some of our Mexican dishes.  It would be very simple to make and I don’t know why I have never thought of it.  It’s Masa Harina dough stuffed with a filling and cooked like you would a corn tortilla.  I had one with Anaheim chile and cheese.  Wonderfully good.  I plan on making it a lot.  I always have Masa Harina in my cupboard and love to have fresh corn tortillas for breakfast.  Just take a ball of Masa Harina dough and press your thumb to make a hole.  Fill it with your favorite filling.  I really liked the chile and cheese.  Lisa had beans and cheese.  Close the dough over the filling so it’s a ball with the filling inside.  Flatten it and cook it like you would a tortilla.  I cook mine in a hot cast iron pan to brown them.  I suppose you could use just a touch of oil or butter to give it a nice brown crust.  Cook on both sides  Yummm!!!  They have a facebook page but there is not a picture of one on it.  I should have taken one.

After I discover my new favorite food we continue painting.  It’s too hot across the street so we move over in front of the bicycle shop where it’s nice and shady.  We paint that one and decide why not get at least one finished.  We add the background color and Lisa adds more accents and detail.  Looks really cool!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I almost 2:00 and it’s getting too hot for me so I decide to head back to the homestead.  I check and I have a message from Denise that there is a football game at 2:00 today instead of last night.  I should get there about half time so I get on my way.  I get home and change and run over and uh oh.  Boys are doing not too badly but the other team is way ahead.  They’ve scored 20 some points but the other team has double that.  They trail along and the final is 60 something to thirty something.  Just couldn’t catch up to them.

Oh, I just got a call from my friend Victoria.  The modernism show is this weekend at the National Western Complex.  I love this show.  All old stuff.  Where would I have found my cool space rocket lamp with a tornado inside that glows in the dark?  I am thinking about packing up and heading off to see the show before it closes today.  Wayne (my old studio mate Brandon’s brother) has some of his paintings at the show.  Brandon committed suicide in 2006.  Very very sad.  Brandon was an awesome artist and was doing amazing work right before he passed.  I think I’ll pack up and hit the show on the way home.

I’m at the show and I see Victoria and Wayne.  They are chatting up a storm.  I go to look at the old cars and see another friend, Bryan Dahlberg.  There is a big sign so I can’t see what they are photographing but I see legs with black stockings and heels under the sign.  I ask what is going on and Wayne said they are photographing pin-ups.  Sure enough I look around the sign and they are taking pictures of a model by Bryan’s old MG.  Really nice old car in very good shape.  I go around to talk to Bryan and he says, “hey, I am reading your blog.  It’s really long.”

OK, I get the message.  The last one was very long because of the 4 day weekend.  I will keep them shorter and to the point.

I stop at Karen’s on the way back and hang a bag of tomatoes on her door from the harvest this week.

Very fun weekend full of art, and old friends








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  1. Joan Buxman says:

    I love reading whatever you write Patty, long or short ~ just keep it coming!! 🙂

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