Football and harvest – it must be Fall


Heading up to the homestead.  There is still a smoke haze in the sky.  It will be nice when it all clears out.

I’m heading up earlier in the day and I decide to stop and do some shopping on the way.  I pass by a little garden center and think, hey, I’ve always wanted to stop in there.  They have Rocky Ford Cantaloupe so I pick up one of those.  It’s a family farm store and they have their own corn and I get some of that.  I pick up two quart bags of roasted Big Jim peppers.  Love the Big Jims.  They also have Colorado Cherry Company cider and juice.  I pick up a small bottle of the cherry juice.

I bought a 20 pound box of Palisade peaches.  I’m taking Denise half of the box.  They are really excellent as always.  When I get there she asks me if I would like some eggs.  Their little chicks are growing up and starting to lay.  They are cute teeny tiny eggs.  They will get bigger as the hens get older  They are fun to watch.  Running here and there.  They are starting to lay eggs in the barn.  The dogs are learning to find the eggs and bring them to her without breaking them.  A couple of them are laying in the nests in the coop and the rest are running around nesting in the barn.

I finally get to the homestead and I hear a loudspeaker.  All of a sudden I think, hey, I bet there is a football game tonight.  I call Denise and leave her a message that I think there is a game tonight.  I grab my camera and see Sandy outside so we have to chew the fat for a while.  Then I see the sun.  It’s a smoke sun again and gorgeous.  I try to take a picture and my battery is dead.  Uggg, I don’t know if it’s the battery or camera but it has been going dead at the most unusual times.  Sometimes I can take it out and put it back in and it works but I run back inside and grab the other battery.  By the time I get back outside the sun is gone.  I head over to the game and wonder what the moon will look like.  It’s the night before a super moon so might be good.  Hey it is!!

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It’s a good game.  Falcons win!!  They play 6 man football here.  There are not enough players in all of the small towns to have enough for a full team so they play 6 man.  It’s a little different.  They have 1st and 15 instead of 1st and ten.  It’s harder for them to have good kickers with so few players so if they kick and make a field goal they get two points.  If they run it in, they get one.

In the morning I check the garden and haul in another load of tomatoes, zucchini, squash and a few more peppers.  This is the hugest zucchini I’ve ever seen.  It’s like a baseball bat.  It should be good for a few loaves of bread.



I need to process the corn I bought at the farm store.  I realize I don’t really have a pan big enough to boil corn and I need a couple of things from the hardware store so I head off 30 minutes to anywhere.  I buy a blancher that I can also use as a stock pot.

I get some water boiling and process the corn and get it off the cob and into the freezer.  I still have the peppers to peel, bag and freeze but it’s getting late so I hold off on that chore.

Braden the neighbor boy comes over and ask if I want him to mow again.  I tell him yes it’s getting a little long again.  The weeds have calmed down though.  The ones that are mowed are so short the heat is scorching them.  YAY!!  I get out some organic weed killer and shoot some weeds while he is mowing.

I ask him to mow around the corner of the big open space because I’ve put bindweed mites there.  I’m excited I finally got them.  There is an insectary in Palisade and they breed and collect beneficial insects that kill noxious weeds.  I have so much bindweed. I thought it would be worth it to try some of the mites.  The insectary called last week and said they finally have some.  I called last year and was put first on the list for this year and they said the mites are doing such a good job they had a hard time finding any to harvest this year.  They shipped them overnight and I got them Tuesday morning.  I had to keep them dormant in the fridge until I can use them.  They will keep for a week.  They came in a Styrofoam cooler with two ice packs.  I put them out the first evening.  You have to take the dried up leaves and tie them with a piece of bindweed to the very end of the new growth.  They will only feed on the new growth.  They are microscopic so you have to trust that they are there.  I divided them and put them in two areas.  They will build a colony in the area and next year I’ll be able to harvest them and move them to more areas.  In two weeks I can mulch mow over where I’ve put them and it will help spread them to other areas.  It will be interesting to see how it works.

In the morning I attack the peppers and get them peeled, cleaned and bagged.  Into the freezer they go.

I decide it’s time to finish painting the living room.  I had everything done except the trim.  I finished that off.  There is just the old chimney to paint now and the living room will be finished

That’s about all the excitement I can stand so I head off back down the road.




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