Homestead Report


I head up to the homestead for a quick trip.  The sky is beautiful as always  Bright blue with big white puffy clouds and the mountains off to the left. I’ve been dog sitting the last week so need to catch up on the blog here.  I’ve made two quick day trips up to check and harvest the garden.

Weather:  It’s dry, dry, dry.  Even though it rained an inch and a half in one storm last week you can’t tell it.  The nights are getting cooler though.  Mid to upper 90’s expected this week.  As I drive up today I can’t believe the water is gone.  Last week the water in the Poudre was still up and today I can see the river bed.  What??  How could the water disappear that quickly?  It has been hot the last two weeks.  May was like a faucet that couldn’t be shut off and now it’s 90’s with no rain in sight.  Maybe some of the water has been redirected to irrigation.

Garden:  I’ve extended the watering from 15 to 30 minutes.  I reset the timer since it will be in the 90’s for a couple of weeks on and off and the vining plants are getting so big and long I don’t think 15 minutes will give them enough water.  The vining plants are taking over the whole space.  I was a little worried last week because it looked like the middle of the vining garden was stripped.  Actually I think the plants are snaking out and it just appears like it’s being eaten.  Sandy had called me and told me it  looked like the grasshoppers were stripping all the squash plants.  The diatomaceous earth was washed away with the rain and they might be going to town on the plants.  I have just a little nolo bait left so I decide it’s time to get more of that and also maybe something stronger.  I talk to my friend Marge and she suggests Captain Jack’s Dead Bug.  It’s safe for organic gardening  I decide to see if Lowe’s has any on the way up because there is no where else without driving 30 minutes from anywhere.  I get on the wrong road and then decide what the heck and take Chambers to go through Brighton.  I come across a little garden center I have wanted to visit.  Even better than Lowe’s I’m sure they are more likely to have Captain Jack’s.  Indeed she does.  I gag as I hear the price but if it will save the garden then ok.  I grab some more nolo bait as well.  The Captain Jack’s says it will kill bees if they pollinate within three hours of spraying,  I will be careful and do it when I know they are finished foraging for the day.  I spray all the plants and apply another layer of diatomaceous earth (see previous blog – keeps the bugs off the leaves).  I take a big breath and hope it will work.

The grasshoppers (or something) have eaten all the tops of the onions but they are still getting larger.  I’ll leave them longer.  The turnips are still growing so I will leave them longer.  They are not very big yet.

I still have netting over all the beds but I decide it’s time to take it off the vining plant bed.  It’s covering the middle and there’s nothing left in the middle.  There are many many pumpkins growing and I see blossoms everywhere I look.

The Early Girl, Green Zebra and Sweet 100’s are loaded with tomatoes. I’m still snitching a few to do fried green tomatoes.  I know everyone says you do that to save the last tomatoes in the Fall from frost but I like them better that way (and they are my tomatoes – so there – HAHA).

So far we’re not sick of zucchini yet.  The count is up to 15 (I think).  I have given Sandy 3 or 4 and she gave me a wonderful loaf of zucchini bread.  This lady knows how to bake.  She said “Oh, let me get you a loaf out of the freezer.  I kept one for you since you gave me all the zucchini.”  She goes to the freezer and pulls out this loooong loaf of bread.  I look and say “that’s more like 3 loaves.”  She bakes bread in 13″ loaf pans.  I didn’t know there was such a thing.  It’s great zucchini bread.  If I get the recipe I will post it.  I asked if it had almond flavoring in it and she said she thought so this time (instead of vanilla) and also had marmalade and yogurt in it.  Whatever, it is really tasty.

Today I got 3 more zucchini, picked 2 green tomatoes, 6 Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes, 12 Anaheim peppers, one acorn squash, one delicata squash, and 6 pickles.  I think since I have just 6 pickles I will make some refrigerator pickles.


House:  Hurray, I actually did more painting.  I got the ceiling and the moulding in the living room and whatever the other room is at the other end.  It’s almost half of the bottom floor of the house so I am glad to get that out of the way.  The rest will be easy compared to doing that long ceiling.  I have some minor plaster wall repairs in the living room and then I can paint it.  I am doing some research on how to repair lathe and plaster walls.  After I finish that I have the kitchen and bathroom and the stairway hallway to finish.  I’m getting there.  I’m trying not to think about the outside that needs to be painted.  The trim is really bad.  The stucco can wait but I really need to get the trim done.  Some of it is bare wood.  Not a good thing.

Cats:  Mama San and her 2 (out of 5) kittens are still living in the back yard.  They are so cute.  Kittens are disappearing quite frequently though.

Gossip:  Good grief!!  My neighbor watches out for one of the houses that is unoccupied.  Kids have been taking hammers to some of the stuff and so forth and she yells at them and tells them they better skedaddle.  Someone was taking mud (from the ruts in the alley right by my fence) and was throwing it at the kittens and all over the walls of the garage, etc.  My neighbor thought it was probably two boys.  She saw some of the kids and said, “I know you kids talk to each other a lot and you may know who did this.”  There is one girl in town who is usually mixed up in the thick of things so the girls right away said that this particular girl had not been around.  My neighbor said, “I don’t think it was girls, I think it was two boys.”  Sooner than later the girls Mom stalks up to my neighbor and says she hears she’s accusing her daughter of the deed.  My neighbor says no, actually I told them I thought it was boys but while you’re hear you’d probably like to know I caught your daughter going around town with a hammer and she was banging on people’s windmills and other property.  She went on to say a lot of the school windows had been broken lately and your daughter is the only one I’ve seen going around with a hammer in her hand banging on things.  The Mom said, “Oh I didn’t know that, I will talk to her.”  Then the Mom proceeds to tell my neighbor that she hoped she wasn’t the one spreading the rumor her daughter was having sex with someone on the rock pile in the field.  She said her daughter had not been here lately and she’s only 14 and doesn’t even own a red thong.  My neighbor said, “good grief, not me.  I haven’t even heard about something like that.”  What?????

You gotta love a small town.

I may have a few Friday’s off work coming up so I will have more time to get things done.

Of course the first thing this coming weekend will be mowing weeds.  I noticed today that they are starting to poke up again.  A nice long weekend in the yard will be the perfect thing.  Let’s hope for under 90 degree weather.  Oh wait, I need to paint.  Oh wait, I need to……




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