Flags, Fun and 911


I head on up to the homestead.  It’s a beautiful drive up.  Another dry week.  As I get close to the Poudre Bridge I can see that the burros and horses have a little more space again.  Good for them.  That was tight quarters in that little patch that wasn’t flooded.

It’s still early when I get up here and I have been wanting a flag for this place.  I call Denise and ask her if she would like to go find a flag with me.  I look online but there are no map or flag places up here.  I had seen one at Poulsen’s Hardware but I think it was nylon or something and I want a nice fabric one.  I can’t find a place so I call Poulsen’s and I am told they do have a nice one.  I go grab Denise from her chores and we head off and can get there before they close.  They do indeed have a nice fabric flag (made in the USA).  I want one for the fourth and that is tomorrow so I decide to get it.  We head across the street to Heritage Market and we roam around and pick up a few things and then head on back.  That’s one nice thing about up here.  If you have limited time you can just dust yourself off and run around in anything and no one gives you a second glance.

While we’re there I find a can of mismatch paint for $6.  It’s a nice red.  Might be good for the chicken coop.

John and Denise’s chickens are starting to fly.  They jump up on the fence now and free range around the land.  They must think Denise is their mother now because they are starting to follow her around.  Not sure if they have any roosters yet.  No crowing going on but it might take them longer to learn how to crow.  They are still young.  Most of the chickens are in the pen but there is one brave one that is still out roaming around even though it’s getting late.



The fat one is a meat chicken Ready I’d say!!

I head on back to the house.  I roam around the garden and notice there are some peas ready.  Last year I made the mistake of planting what I thought were pod peas and they weren’t the right kind of peas.  I made sure this year I got the peas you open the pod and scoop them out.  Yummm.  They are really good.  The plants are loaded so more peas to look forward to.  I look for more radishes but don’t see any.  The turnips are getting bigger.  I pick a red onion.  It’s small but it will be good chopped up in something.

Boy Howdy, I have zucchini already.  I can’t believe they are big already.  I pick three huge ones.  I take one to my neighbor Sandy and I’ll give one to Denise.  They are zucchini bread size.  I’m just going to eat mine since I don’t have an oven up here yet.  Yeah, we’re excited now.  I wonder if by the 20th zucchini we will be excited?

All the other squash are really blooming and starting to form.  I have Butternut, Delicata, Acorn, and Pie Pumpkin.  The acorn squashes are very cute (if a squash can be cute).  I don’t see blooms on the pickles yet.  It’s hard to see in there now though.  The vining bed is going crazy and spreading out of the bed and everywhere.  I also don’t see watermelon blooms yet.  I haven’t had much success with watermelon or cantaloupe but I’m trying a watermelon again.

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 The tomatoes are doing great  I picked a couple already.  I really like fried green tomatoes more than red tomatoes so as far as I’m concerned they are ready HAHA  I planted an Early Girl and those are the ones that are getting big already.  I also planted a Green Zebra which is a green tomatoes.  I take the zucchini to Sandy and she gives me a couple of little cherry tomatoes from her plant.  Hers are getting big and have lots of tomatoes.

It’s cool out tonight so I get the scraper and go to town on the chicken coop.  Lots of old dry paint peeling.  Most of it comes off.  There are a couple places where the old paint is still stuck on but the side where the weather hits is pretty bare.

The next morning I get the flag out and put up the flag holder.  This is a nice big flag.  Looks good hanging out front.  It’s a good flapper too.  Hangs nice and waves with the breeze.  I can hear it snapping when it waves.

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It’s still early and cool so I grab the paint and do the walls of the chicken coop.  Looks pretty good.  I don’t know if I’ll have to do a second coat since most of he old paint peeled off.  We’ll see.  I need to find some white paint for the trim.  I mention this to Sandy and she says she has tons of white.  I’ll have to trade her a zucchini for it.

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It’s hot today.  Nothing to do but grab a glass of tea and sit under a fan and read.  It’s too hot to move.  Later around 9:30 I hear people popping off some fireworks or crackers or whatever.  Some of us think about going somewhere to see what we can see in the sky in the surrounding areas but that never happens. Brings back memories of my brother and I.  We were taught safety first.  We knew how to light a wick and run like hell.  Cherry Bombs and M-80’s.  We had pop bottle rocket wars with the neighbors  Crazy.  I hear a loud boom and it sounds close.  Then all of a sudden I smell smoke.  This smells too much to be fireworks smoke.  I look out the bedroom window from upstairs and I see tall flames.  Yikes!! I grab my cell phone and run outside.  The unmown tall weeks and grass at the guy’s house next door are flaming.  They are right next to the fence and are taller than the fence.  I call 911 because I don’t see him anywhere.  Then I close the phone because I don’t even know how 911 works up here.  We have a volunteer fire department and Sandy’s brother is a volunteer fireman so I run to her house and knock on the door.  I tell them the yard is on fire.  I’m concerned because the house on the corner is not far from the fence.  My phone rings and someone asks if I called 911.  I said yes there is a fire.  She asks the address and I don’t exactly know the address so I say the name of the town (remember we have 5 streets in town).  She asks what the closest intersection is.   HAHAHAHAHA – I tell her and she says she can’t find it.  About this time it looks like the flames are dying down.  I tell her it looks like it is going out on its own.  I run up to my neighbor’s door and yell for him.  He answers and I can’t tell where he is.  I yell, where are you.  He says, “over here” (in a very mellow voice).  It was so dark I couldn’t see him out there.  He has the hose and almost has it put out.  The emergency girl is listening to all this and then says, so you don’t have any emergency anymore.  I say no and hang up.  My neighbor says that is the extent of his fireworks.  I come back inside and ten minutes later he is at it again.  (Note:  This is the same neighbor who was caught swimming (we hoped he was bathing) in the flooded river at the campground so they closed it to foot traffic).  The next day some suggested instead of calling 911 it would have been a good idea to have a gas can somewhere nearby.  SHAME!!  Actually a lawn mower might be useful too.

Next morning I pull some weeks and water around the front garden.  The coming week is supposed to be hot with no rain.  The water controller is really working well for the wattle beds.  Everything is doing fine and has enough water.  Of course, the rain really helped out there for a while.

This is just about all the excitement I can take up here so I head off down the road for another week of work.




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