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Still raining but not the torrential rains that have kept up further southwest and down south in Denver.  Just enough to keep the weeds growing and the garden looking good  A nice rain this morning.


Boy Howdy – my first farm auction!  A couple up on CR14 has decided to sell their farm and take off for parts unknown.  I was sitting here on the morning of the auction and had really forgot it was happening until my friend called and said they were looking at the tub.  If it was a four and half footer I wanted it for bathroom.  When I saw it I think it might not have been quite big enough but it would have really been cute to plant flowers in.  Somehow when they were auctioning it off I was somewhere else watching something else being auctioned off and I missed it.  It went for $85.  It’s the one that got away.  There was so much stuff there  There were several trailer beds full of stuff, there was farm equipment, there was wood and bricks, there was a bunk house, there was a barn full of old furniture and saws, lamps, copper pots, garden decorations, baskets, craft stuff, kitchen stuff, you name it, it was there.  They had a food truck since it’s and all day event.  I bid on a couple of other items (side tables, a cute white cabinet) but every time I got to my limit someone bid $5 higher and they weren’t worth more than that so I quit.  I had my eye on a nice old book case but it was going to take them forever to get to it so I called it a day.  It was lots of fun.  John and Denise bought lots of fence wood, and plywood, and some bricks so I drove over and helped them unload it.  While loading the plywood they were trying to figure out how to get it onto the truck from the forklift and a few guys ran over and just started helping.  That’s what I love about being up here.  Everyone pitches in and helps one another.  After unloading we went to town and John treated us to pizza.

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Chickens and pigs:  Last week I talked about the chicken coop John built.  I really like the door on the pulley.  Here’s a picture.  Also, Mo, the little guy is getting pretty big.  Remember Curly (the really huge one).  Mo is the other one.  Now they just need a Larry.  Maybe if one of the chicks is a rooster…….

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I got my first radishes out of the garden.  They are really yummy.  Not too hot.  Just right.  I’m sure because of all the rain.  The rest of the gardens are really taking off.  I replaced the Tomatillo and one of the Poblano Peppers.  I think the Big Jim will make it but not sure it there’s enough time to grow, bloom and have peppers.  We’ll see.  The peas are in bloom, the onions are getting bigger and the lettuce is bountiful.  All the vining veggies are getting huge and blooming.

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I mowed again and it is controlling the weeds.  There are some around the veggie garden I need to take care of.  The organic weed killer is really working great (Avenger).  It’s been a little too breezy and wet to spray around the gardens so I need to get out and pull them.  I’ve thrown a tarp over some of them to kill the ones I didn’t get with the spray but it’s time to go out and take care of all of them.  Time to get pullin’.

Snake Report:  Numerous sightings on the road.  With all the rain they are trying to sun themselves on the road.  Not a good idea.  Denise had one sighting in the breezeway.  In town, 2 dead on the road and none seen otherwise.  Sounds good to me.  One at my other house down south.  Report is that there WAS a snake in the garage upon arriving home.  No rattlers confirmed.

Paint report:  Not much done lately.  Must get to it.  Inside and out.  Now that it has stopped raining it will help.  Since the paint has bubbled in a couple of places I don’t want to paint when it’s so wet and humid.

Shootings:  More shattered windows on I-25.  They say may or may not be related but I’ve never heard of so many side windows just shattering as you drive down the highway.  FBI is now investigating and has set up headquarters.  One shot and survived, two dead (one they are still trying to figure out if related but was so random – poor guy just walking down the sidewalk).  I hope it ends soon.  It’s hard not to think about when you’re driving around the country roads and towns.

That’s all folks!!




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2 Responses to Homestead Report

  1. Joan Buxman says:

    Hi Patty ~ I never think about the shootings when I’m out and about ~ only once I get home & by then I’m safe & sound. But you reminded me that Harold and I were in Maryland & the Washington, DC area when the sniper was killing people young & old in numerous locations. I remember feeling like a sitting duck whenever I was pumping gas since one of their victims was shot doing the same thing. It was really scary & I’ve never been so happy as when they caught them. I sure hope they find whoever is doing this, but it seems that will only happen if the person brags about it to someone. Let’s hope he/she does!! Take care!

  2. pbodwell says:

    Joan, that’s interesting. I was in Baltimore during that time too. I remember we were walking down the street and a car backfired and we all screamed and jumped.

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