Rain, Shootout at the OK Corral, rain, wrinkled paint, and rain



Will the rain ever stop?  I head up to the homestead.  I was going to go to the Rockies game and head on up after (it is fireworks night).  I decide with all the flooding it might not be too smart to be driving the roads at midnight.  Good thing.  As I drive up 49 there are two places where the right lane is submerged under water.  Not something to mess with in the dark.  I am excited.  I have four whole days in a row off work.

Next morning it’s very dreary and drizzly.  I see lots of activity  in town.  It’s graduation today.  Lots of people in town and lots of relatives visiting watching their grandchildren, and nieces and nephews graduate.  I’m debating what to do today with all the rain.  There is a little break and I’m just about to go out and caulk the window where the rain is coming in when my neighbor Sandy calls and asks if I am going to town today.  I have been thinking it would be a good weekend to get the tomatoes and peppers in (if it would just stop raining).  She wants to go with me to find the soil I have been talking about and she just wants to get out and do something.  I decide it’s a good thing to do this deary day while it is raining so if it’s sunny later we’re not wasting the sun running around in the car so my neighbor and I take off to check out the nurseries and get some of the good soil.

We get to the grow store and they are out of Greenfields (Roots Greenfields is my favorite soil for tomatoes, peppers and veggies – try it if you haven’t).  I said I would never buy expensive soil because that’s just ridiculous but once you’ve tried Roots you’ll never go back.  It’s all organic and wonderful.  It doesn’t have wood in it like the brands the big box stores sell.  WOOD DOES NOT BELONG IN SOIL.  When I worked at the garden center we all tried it and veggies and peppers and tomatoes grow wonderfully in it.  They are bigger and greener and it’s all organic.  Anyway, they have the Roots Original which I’m sure is just as good so I get 6 bags and my neighbor gets 3.  She finds some cool grow bags there too.  They are felt bags that are great for rooting.  I guess they are great for growing too.  It will interesting to see how her tomatoes do in the bags.  The original soil isn’t as hot as the original but I can add a little compost and will be fertilizing so I’m sure it will be ok.  The Roots original is about the price of the just say no to big box store soil and so much better.  This is the only store I can find the Roots up here in the north.  We all now what a grow store is and they keep asking if I want to start an account.  I don’t think I want my name associated with the grow store.  I envision my name ending up on a list somewhere of people to watch.  HAHA.  The guy at the register asks me again if I want to set up an account.  He supplies the information I can use any alias I want to.  I tell him I really am growing tomatoes and peppers and that won’t be necessary and after I get soil that’s probably all I will need so don’t think I need an account.

We get over to Bath Nursery.  I like this nursery.  They are supposed to have a food truck and other things going on for the holiday weekend.  It’s pouring down rain now and most everything is outside.  We have our raincoats on but it’s so cold it’s just annoying.  They don’t have small size veggies, just the 4 inch and I don’t see any festivities or a food truck and they are more expensive so we hop back in the car and head over to Ft Collins Nursery.  They have all the varieties and a choice of 2 inch or 4 inch or larger.  Hardy Boys have a nice organic selection now (or maybe they are packaged differently and it makes me notice them).  I get an Early Girl tomato, a Sweet 100 cherry tomato, some Anaheim, Big Jim, and Poblano chilis.  I like those sweet peppers you find in packs in the grocery store that are yellow, orange and red.  I spy one called “Lunch Mix” and pick that up.  I am looking for one more tomato when I spy a very nice and lovely looking Tomatillo.  I love those and forgot I was going to try to grow one.  I grab that and I have my selection.  Sandy has picked her three tomatoes.  It’s pouring rain here as well but everything we are looking at is inside.  Stopping in Ault for ice cream at the pizza place is a must so when we go by there we grab a cone.  We stop in an antique store and Sandy says we’re here to see a stove.  Now, this is a great store but every time you look at something they want to show you how it works etc.  We see the stove (it’s not the one I’m thinking about and I don’t really want to buy one, we just want to look at an old stove) and the lady there insists on clearing everything off of it and telling us what a great deal it is.  I’m not really interested but have to pretend in order not to hurt her feelings.  We keep saying, no need to clean it off.  By the time we leave I feel bad it’s not the one we wanted to look at.  They lady was ready to load it into my car.  She tells me I can buy it and leave it as long as I need to come pick it up.  I just want to get out of there.  HAHA.  I never fess up it is not the stove I wanted Sandy to see.

When we get back home there is a bevy of activity in town  Lots of partying going on.  Over at the Motor Company building there is a big shindig.  There are parties all over the county and most people are trying to figure out how long it will take them to get around the flooding to get where they are going.  Lots of tires filled with mud.  My friend took her car in to get it realigned or balanced because it was not driving well and the wheels were full of mud.  PLEASE STOP RAINING!!  There is music thumping late into the night over at the gym across from the school.  I hope they all have a great time as they get ready for the next adventure called life.  It takes me back to when I graduated.  All the parties and relatives and congratulations and the anticipation of what was ahead in life.

Hurray.  The next morning there is sunshine.  I grab a cup and go sit on the deck and soak up some sun.  The tomatoes are outside and I’ll harden them off for a day or so.  I hope we’ve seen the last of the cold night and I will be able to plant them.  I can’t leave them in pots for a week (unless it keeps raining and they would probably be ok) so I will have to get them planted this weekend and if they survive, they survive, and if they don’t then, oh well.  It is supposed to be high 40’s at night this coming week and then 50’s after that so I think they will be ok.  I check the weather and it looks like it will be raining again by 3:00.  The neighbor boy still hasn’t finished mowing and if it rains for the next two days I really need to get it done.  I get out my mower (starting it with my left arm – see previous blog) and take care of the front lawn inside the fence.  He has mowed outside the fence (I’m assuming because he is using the neighbor’s riding mower) so all I have left is inside the fence.  I start to putter around in the garden out front pulling some weeds and seeing what is growing and planning on planting some iris.  I was planning on putting out my cannas but the sack was leaking and the bulbs were rotted.  Hmmm, maybe I should have stored them in paper bags instead of plastic.  Maybe they didn’t get enough air.  Oh dang, here comes the rain again.

While I am mowing I see all the boys (lots of cousins and extras this weekend)  in town heading over toward the school.  They all have squirt guns.  The big kind that I think you have to pump to shoot them.  I don’t know what is happening but it looks like it will be fun  Too bad it’s not a really nice hot day.  It’s already so wet and cold.  I am laughing and thinking the uproar and commotion it would cause if this was seen in the city.  I love this little town.

I get back in the house and my phone is beeping I have a message.  It’s Mom.  Dad is in the hospital again.  I call Mom and she says he has another blood clot in his leg.  The ambulance has taken him down the mountain to Swedish.  My sister is there.  I try to call her but she never has their cell phone on.  I’m sitting worrying about whether I should throw my tomatoes in the ground and get on my way back down or what is happening.  His blood sugar level is 300.  That’s dangerously high.  He was taking a medication for gout and when he got it again they game him prednisone instead of whatever he was taking before.  No, no, no, he is too old for prednisone and it is awful stuff.  It was making his blood sugar go way up.  I decide to stay up here tonight as he might be able to go home tomorrow and my sister will have to go down to bring him home so by the time I get there he might be going home so I decided to wait until tomorrow morning to see if I need to go down.

Later I wander over and pay my neighbor boy half the money for half the job.  I ask him if he still wants to mow and he says yes.  We’ll see how it goes.

While I am over paying the neighbor boy Sandy comes by and asks me to stop by the house.  She brought me some English muffins she had baked but I wasn’t there.  I stop by and meet her step daughter and grandson.  We all decide to go for a walk down at the campground.  It is closed due to flooding.  First camping weekend and it’s closed.  It is closed to foot traffic (rumor has it they put up the no foot traffic sign after finding the two local town characters swimming (or hopefully bathing) in the flooded river.  We duck under the sign and go for a nice walk.  The flood waters have receded a bit but there is still a lot of water.  It is up around some camping spots and some of the picnic tables.  While we are walking the sun comes out.  When we get back to the parking lot it begins to rain again.  Good timing.


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Sandy invited me for dinner.  Jerry is grilling hamburgers.  I enjoy talking to her and her daughter and grandson.  A nice evening.

Next morning I am sitting here watching it rain outside.  If there is a little break I will go out and dump the soil into the raised bed and plant.  The soil is still in the car.  I didn’t want the bags to get so soaked I can’t pick them up.  I check with Mom and they haven’t talked to anyone yet this morning but I need to get the plants planted so I can be ready to go if need be.  I’m hoping all will be well and he will go home today.

Hey, there’s some sun  I run out and dump the soil into the beds and start planting the tomatoes and peppers.  Oh, I ended up with 4 tomato plants instead of 3 so they are spaced closer than I was planning on but oh well.  I’m sure nature will take care of them.  I forgot I got a Green Zebra.  They make the best fried green tomatoes.  As I am planting it starts sprinkling.  After I come inside it starts to really come down again.  Well, I won’t have to get the hose or watering can out.  I guess that’s one good thing about all this rain.

I walk to put my sweatshirt in the closet and I notice that the paint on the wall is wrinkling.  Oh no.  I noticed a spot on the ceiling last week and I read you could shoot some glue into it and it should adhere again.  It is about should height on one side of the door and about knee height on  the other side.  It looks like when you have a leak and paint bubbles but I don’t think there is a leak.  I think it’s just a month of rain every day and too much humidity.  Where it is detaching from the wall has a different texture than the rest of the wall.  It’s like maybe they used something different to patch the wall or something.  Crap, I really hadn’t planned on needing to do repairs before I got the whole house painted.  I will wait until all the rain is gone and we get back to our dry, non-humid weather and see if the paint tightens up.  It’s wrinkled so I anticipate on having to fix it somehow.  The ceiling is not wrinkled so I think the glue trick will work on it but I’ll wait at least a couple of weeks.  Or maybe three or four.  When and if it stops raining.  If there was a leak it would be running down from the top but it’s coming out in the middle so I think it’s just too dang damp.  Anyone ever have this problem?


My sister is waiting to bring my Dad home so that is good news.  When you’re that old going to the hospital is like going to the doctor sometimes, especially if it’s on a weekend.  Why do these things always happen on the weekend?

Well, it just won’t stop raining so I finally give up on doing anything.  It’s cold and damp and it’s warmer upstairs than downstairs so I head upstairs and watch some DVD’s.  I can’t think of painting because it’s just too damp and cold.

Next morning it’s still raining so I pack it in and head on back down.  I am hoping for some sunshine next week.  I get to the bridge over the Poudre and I am following a truck.  He’s been going the speed limit 55 to 65.  When we get to the bridge he really slows down and goes across slowly.  I go “eeeeeee” all the way across.  I’m sure the water is touching the bottom of the bridge.  You’re not supposed to go slow, you’re supposed to race over the bridge just in case it decides at that moment to break. HAHAHA




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2 Responses to Rain, Shootout at the OK Corral, rain, wrinkled paint, and rain

  1. Larry Ehemann says:

    Patty, I can certainly understand your frustration with the rain as we are have similar rain and flooding. We have already had more rain this month than we usually get over an entire year–almost 35 inches.

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