I cut a fat hog


radishes, onions and peas coming up


Wow, the rain is finally over.  I didn’t go to the homestead last week as it was rain everywhere the first chance I got I needed to mow my lawn down south.  CR 53 was flooded by the South Platte and Poudre.  I would have had to go around and that would take about a half hour longer and the weather was so bad.

As I head up this week the sky is beautiful.  A nice bright blue with big white fluffy clouds.  I’m anxious to see what sprouts I have in my garden and see if everything made it through the 22 degree night we had.  As I arrive I notice that the front lawn is still not mowed yet.  Yikes.  It’s a jungle.  I have a note on my door from the neighbor boy explaining that trying to mow wet grass is really gross.  He apologizes and says he will do it as soon as he gets back from Kansas.

I get there and take a peek at the garden.  Hmmm, there’s a big hole in the radishes and onions.  They are growing nicely except it looks like a sink hole on the radish side.  I can’t tell if something was digging in there.  It doesn’t look like it.  Oh well, I still have plenty of radishes and onion. The peas have popped up and are growing nicely.  The lettuce, cabbage and turnips I saw coming up before have disappeared so maybe 22 degrees was too much for them.  I get out the seeds and fill the hole and put in more radishes and replant some turnip, lettuce and cabbage seeds.  Rain is expected every day next week so I won’t have to worry about the water.  I had my neighbor turn it off when it was going to freeze at night and I won’t have to worry about it again this week.

This is definitely the week to get a lawnmower.  The weeds aren’t too high yet but they’re really starting to come up.  I decide I will shop today and write if off as a work day.  When shopping is involved it takes a few hours.  I have no food either so I will make the rounds today starting at Poulsen’s and winding my way to the cool Fred Myers/King Soopers and then back through Greeley.

I have a lawnmower in mind so when I get to Poulsen’s I talk to the nice little lady who knows everything.  She pretends to know nothing but she always knows everything.  I have a feeling she’s used every tool in the store at some time or other in her life.  The lawnmower I think I want is $449.00.  Uggg, do I really need one that costs this much?   I need one that will really do weeds so it can’t be too wimpy.  My mind keeps nagging me to check with Mr Fix It.  I found him a few weeks ago.  He has a lawnmower shop.  I just happened to see it one day when I was looking for a glass shop and I stopped and he had a great deal on a riding mower.  Before I buy one at Poulsen’s I think I will call him.  Oh dang, I must have taken his card out and laid in on the desk.  I can’t find it in my purse.  I decide to drive over there and see if he has any push mowers before I spend $400.  I drive over to his shop (which is just a block from the cool Kings Soopers) and ask him if he ever has regular mowers other than riding mowers.  I tell him I want an old mower that doesn’t have that crazy safety feature where if you let go of the handle you have to start it again.  He shows me an old dilapidated one that has a crooked wheel but other than that he says will run a good long time.  Hmmm.  I ask to see what else he has. He just got one that the self propel stopped working but it not too old.  It has the crazy safety feature but he shows me a trick where he just ties it while he’s using it so it won’t stop every time you take your hand off of it.  Ok, this looks better.  He says he will sell it to me for the same price as the old dilapidated one.  Ok.  This is just like the mower at Poulsen’s only the self propel doesn’t work.  I buy it for $65.  For a saving of $350.00 I can push it instead of have it pull me.  I think that’s a pretty good deal.  Mr Fix It is a retired Navy/electrician guy who can fix anything and he’s really nice and gives a fair deal.  Thank you Mr Fix It!!  I love finding local people like this.  It restores my faith that there are still nice people out there who do things fairly and aren’t just after a buck.

I stop at the cool King Soopers and pick up some food, then head on over to ESHS, the discount food store, and pick up some more food, then head on down to Heritage Market because rumor has it they are carrying the brand of cheese that the discount store was carrying but doesn’t anymore.  It’s the only reason I will go to this market.  They just don’t have much I would buy.  Yay, they have the cheese brand I want, Boooo, they don’t have the horseradish cheese.  I know at least three people who would buy it if they had it.  The clerk says they were told the horseradish cheese is not a good seller.  I tell her they were always out of it at the discount store and I know at least three people who want it.  She says unless they get a lot of requests or she can convince the manager they probably won’t carry it. I tell her to consider my whining at least 10 requests so they will carry it.

I go across the street to Poulsen’s Hardware and pick up a gas can.  It really isn’t a can because it’s plastic.  Really?  I ask a guy working there if they make anything out of metal anymore.  He says you mean like this one?  Yeah, the big 10 gallon gas can, I could use that for $45.00.  Then he excitedly shows me the safety feature on the gallon size can.  Oh boy, more safety features.  God forbid if I take my hand off the lawnmower handle or try to get gas out of the can that it’s easy to do.  I am now on the hunt for an old metal gas can!!

I get home and there is some gas in the mower so I fire it up.  Ow, ow, ow, my rotator cuff is worn out from playing tennis six matches a week for ten years.  Boy, did jerking that cord really set it off.  Now I know why they invented an electric starter.  Hey, it works pretty good.  I take it out back and start mowing beyond the deck by the shed.  I get that section done just as I run out of gas.  Guess it’s time to quit for the day.

In the morning I decide to run to the little station (last gas for 60 miles).  Denise reminds me it is probably closed on Sunday.  Oooo, didn’t think of that.  That’s ok because I think it’s nice that places are closed on Sunday.  Sandy tells me it is closed but if I have a credit card I can still use the pump.  I head on over and get a gallon.  I fire up the mower again (using my left arm to pull the cord) and finish the back yard.  It takes me about an hour and a half and I just had to stop once to refill the gas in the mower.  It looks so nice I am excited.  It might be weeds but when they are mowed they look ok and it will save quite a mess and I can start to get a handle on them.

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Hallelujah!!  Now I can concentrate on doing something else besides worry about weeds (see ten previous blogs – well ok, maybe not that many but it seems like I’ve been yapping about those weeds since forever).  It’s been a year long saga.  Now I can worry about how long it will take my shoulder to stop hurting.

Time to head on down the road.  A lot accomplished this weekend.  Feels good.  The rain is starting again.  Glad there was one day of sunshine at least.




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2 Responses to I cut a fat hog

  1. DJ Hamilton says:

    I really enjoy reading your blog. It’s like re-reading pages from Henry Beston’s Outermost House. You’re lucky to have a fix-it man nearby. They re becoming harder to find every year. I winced when you mentioned hurting your rotator cuff on the lawn mower. Years of judo left me in the same condition. I have to carry my table saw and other heavy tools outside so they won’t fill the house with sawdust. I hear about later that night from my shoulder. Good luck with yours.

  2. Joan Buxman says:

    So, after reading your blog I told Harold you must have forgotten to write about the hefty pig you titled the blog after. LOL!! Silly (citified) me!! That’s when he told me that cut a fat hog means you got a great deal. Well, I seem to learn something new every day!! Good for you! Also, Harold said you may regret not getting the self propelled feature, but it could be just a cable that came undone. I’d hate for you to hurt your shoulder any more. I love your blog!!

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