Homestead Report


Weather:  Chance of rain – 100% – it’s raining as I make my way up.  61.6 degrees – wind WSW with gusts up to 12 mph.  Chance of rain today and tomorrow 24 to 54% (well we already know today was 100%).

Today’s activities:  A great day for geocaching  I making my way up late today because I took a play day  I went geocaching.  I haven’t been for quite a while so was a fun day.  I went to a Meet N Greet and then we were going to geocache the Sand Creek Trail.  After driving around for a half hour because Peoria Street is gone and the trail has a fence around it we wind our way around local streets.  Tired of doing that we stop and just geocache around the area.  Mostly industrial parks.  We find our way to Havana and end up at Bluff Lakes.  This brings back many memories for me during my days as Pioneers coordinator for our “Day of Caring” with AT&T.  Bluff Lake is on old Stapleton airport grounds and the lake was killed by the airport dumping their de-icing fluid there.  The Sierra Club made a case and won a lot of money to rehabitat the lake and area.  I worked with Denver Park and Recs and we had over 300 volunteers plant native grass, build and stain an observation deck and bird blind, and lay gravel on trails.  It was such a great project and brought life back to the lake.  It’s so beautiful now.  I can’t believe it’s been 20 years since we did that project.  The observation deck looks the same but has been replaced with some new type of material.  Seems like the wood we used would still be good if stained and sealed and taken care of but it’s some sort of plastic now.  We had a memory bench there and I recalled it was off to the right on a path somewhere but don’t see it now so I guess that’s just a memory now too.

We were doing well finding geocaches and then we couldn’t find the last one.  We were looking everywhere and then a muggle (one who shouldn’t see what we’re doing) came along.  Rich quickly put his GPS in his fanny pack and the guy said, “Hey, did you just take a picture of that?”  Rich said no and the guy said, “Oh, I thought I saw you just had a camera so I thought you took a picture of that.”  We both said picture of what?  He pointed and right where I had been standing a few seconds earlier there was a 6 foot snake starting across the trail.  I quickly verified it was a bull snake or I would have been so far away from there if it had rattles.  Rich got his phone out and did take a picture.  We watched it to make sure it made its way away from us.  I thought it was gone and all of a sudden it poked its head back up and made me jump (just as I was saying how brave I was around them now – HAHAHA).  We decided it was time to quit and just in time.  As we finished it started to rain  Was a good day.

Photo by Rich

Photo by Rich

Snake Report:  Well, the snakes are out of hibernation.  Last week Denise saw one going south on CR79.  She couldn’t tell what kind it was.  Also, reported was a dead snake by the school parking lot.  Not sure what kind that was either.  Bullsnake sighting today (see previous paragraph).  Two dead snakes sighted on 392 today.  Yep, they are up and out now.

Garden Report:  Radishes, lettuce, turnips and onions are peeking out of the soil.  No action from the peas yet.  Most are 5 to 10 days to start showing so maybe peas next week.  Marigold are not cooperating.  Day 21 and no showing of anything yet.  I still have about 14 packs of marigolds so will dump more seed in and see if anything happens.  I don’t understand because I planted over 100.  You’d think at least one would come up.


Weed Report:  Yep, they’re growing.  Note to self – MUST buy lawnmower next week (or tomorrow maybe).  I did get the rest of the weeds burned.  I burned for three hours, then took a break, and then took the pitchfork and drug all the weeds from the other side over and persisted until I finished.

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