Crazy weather

I head on up to the homestead.  The weather is nice and it’s a great drive.  Except when I get to the I-76 and CR49 intersection where one of five cars around the area had their windows shot out.  I speed down the road with my head low.  Four or five windows shot out and one poor girl got shot in the neck.  I’m definitely thinking about it when I get to that point.  All different places far apart from each other.

I think the weather will dictate what I can do this trip up.

In the morning it’s beautiful outside but a little chilly.  It’s been below freezing several night this week and it’s slow to warm up this morning.  The sky is clear but is supposed to rain.  Hmmm, should I burn weeds while the opportunity is here or do I get some seeds planted?  I decide the weeds will be there next week but I’m already late planting some cool weather crops so I think I’ll do some gardening.  I get out my Science of Gardening book and look up planting tables.  We could still have a freeze so I stay away from the veggies that need a little more warmth.

I head on down the road to the grow store to pick up some more Roots soil. I get six bags of Greenfields this time.  I head off to the Ft Collins nursery and pick up some seeds.  I get peas (should have already been in but I don’t think it’s too late since it’s been colder up here), onion sets, radishes, turnips, and lettuce.  I head on down to Poulsen’s Hardware and pick up a soaker hose.  I swear I bought my quick connects for the hose there but today they don’t have any like I want.  I go salivate over the Treagor Grill while I am there.  I have been lusting after the Treagor Smoker for about four years.  I hope this is the year to get one.

I get back and pour the soil into three of the two foot beds in the wattle garden.  I decide I will run the soaker hose down one side of the wattles and up the other.  I got a 25 foot hose this time because that is all I need right now.  Just enough to run down the three beds and back up the other side.  The water should soak about six inches on each side of the hose to I think that will be sufficient for these beds.  I get the hose out and it is curled up.  Hmmm, it doesn’t want to go straight.  I work on it a while and it isn’t so stiff anymore but still wants to curl.  I decide instead of straight I will loop it through the gardens.  I overlap a couple of curls in each bed.  I guess that will work ok.  After I get the hose positioned I plant the seeds.  I wanted to put the hose down first because I was going to bury it but in the end it is just lying on top of the soil so I probably could have done it after planting the seeds but oh well.  I have a list of how deep and how far apart to plant the seeds but the packet is always a great resource.  Just read the package and follow the directions.   I put lettuce and turnips on one bed.  I plant a bed of peas (pod peas that don’t need staking or anything to climb on).  In the other bed I put radishes and onions.  Or did I put radishes and lettuce in one and turnips and onions in the other.  HAHA – time will tell.  I hope.  I don’t have any marigolds coming up yet.  I’m hoping when I go up again I will have lots of little green things popping up out of the soil.

I hook up the hose to the timer to go off 15 minutes every morning.  Just about the time I am finished it starts sprinkling.  Perfect timing.

I don’t get any pictures because it’s raining and not supposed to stop.  I”ll get some next week and hopefully there will be something green growing in them.

Ok, I am in the house now and it’s starting to rain harder.  Still good timing but I don’t want the new bed to flood and move the seeds around.

I noticed earlier that there was a water stain in the mudroom like water had run through it.  I assume from the hard rains they go earlier in the week that some water had come in under the door.  It’s raining hard now and all of a sudden I notice there is a water trail.  Hmmm. I had been outside earlier and was looking at the windows and had thought to myself that those windows really need caulking.  It looks like there is an air space on the bottom.  Well, sure enough I think that is the case.  The water was blowing up against the side of the house and was seeping in the window.  Luckily it runs down the unfinished cement wall in the room under the stairs.  This is the room I talked about where it has the old linoleum and the floor doesn’t exactly meet the wall.  The water is going down to the ground but the cement slab for the add on must be right there and it’s running down into the mudroom.  Not catastrophic but I need to caulk those windows soon.  The outside of the house really needs painting so it’s time to go around and do some patching and painting.  Just another project in the day.  HAHA

Well, the rain is here to stay for tonight and all day tomorrow.  Tomorrow is the 20th anniversary for Coors Field and the ’95 guys will be there.  I’m excited to go.

Well, next morning and still raining.  I get ready to go and have hopes the game will be played.  I head on down to the ball field and wait until noon in the parking lot to see if they will play.  Dag nab it, they cancel the game.  Just too much drenching rain.

I hope to see some little green things next time I’m up there.


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Master Gardener; Nat'l Award Winning Photographer; Garden Writer; Artist - art books, print maker, hot glass, wire jewelry designer; sometime quilter; new homesteader; bee keeper; very crafty; Baseball fan, enthusiast, and researcher; all things vintage
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2 Responses to Crazy weather

  1. Joan Buxman says:

    It’s a week later, Patty, and it seems like it’s been raining constantly ever since you were last up to the house. I hope there isn’t any damage from the water leak. I don’t remember seeing rain for this long in quite some time.

  2. pbodwell says:

    Actually all the clouds have been going around us. Every time I look the clouds are surrounding. Up until today we only had 1.5 inches. I think it’s catching up though. Today might have been close to 3 inches and now it’s snowing. There won’t be any damage. I didn’t get that window caulked but it has to be blowing really hard to come in under the window and it runs back into the mud room which is an add on so really it’s like running back outside. Every time I see something I think, “well, it’s probably been like that for 25 years.” That window is next on my list though.

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