Nurseries and babies

Oink Oink

Oink Oink

I have some fun business to take care of before heading up this weekend.  It’s Rockies Opening Day!!  I head off to the game.  Every year I try to take someone who really likes baseball to Opening Day as my guest.  I met a patron at the library and we started talking baseball and it was apparent she LOVES baseball and the Cubs are her team and opening day is the Cubs so worked out perfectly.  It’s a beautiful day.  I wear my Dexter Fowler jersey (an authentic jersey purchased two weeks before they release him).  I may have a chance for him to sign it.  I stick my sharpie in my purse just in case.  It’s about five minutes to game time and Dex comes out with a few other guys to warm up.  I take my jersey off and hold it up and waggle my pen.  He waves at me and then slowly edges his way over so as not to be too obvious he’s coming over.  He turns and holds up his finger one more toss and he’ll be over.  He runs over and signs. I tell him we miss him and he says he misses us too.  YAY!!  Thanks Dex for signing my jersey.

Ok, that had nothing to do with the house but a cool moment.  After the game I head on up to the house.  The wattles are sitting there to greet me.  I jump on the computer and do some research about what nurseries are in Ft Collins and look at all their web sites to see which ones I think I would like to visit.  Since I’m thirty minutes from anywhere I want to make sure I see what I want to while I’m over there.  I also find a Grow Store.  I want to see if they carry Roots soil.  If you have ever used Roots soil you will never use anything else.  I got used to it when working at the garden center.  It’s hydroponic soil but really it’s the best thing for container or raised beds.  It is so full of everything good you could possibly need to grow.  I like Roots Greenfields for veggies.  They have others that are less expensive but the Greenfields is awesome for growing vegetables.  I look at about 20 different nurseries and decide I will visit Bath and Ft Collins and stop at the Way to Grow store which is right on 14 near the nurseries.

My first wattle project this weekend will be to fill the round with soil and plant some marigold seeds.  It will be seed starter bed.  I use marigolds everywhere to ward off the bad pests.  They also work for snakes.  Marigolds smell sort of skunky.  I plant them around all my tomatoes and peppers.  I also need a battery or solar operated water timer to put on the faucet to water while I am not here.  I also need some weed killer.  Burn Out II by St Gabriel’s is organic and works wonders but all of a sudden I can’t find it.  I check their web site and they no longer show it. Hmmm, wonder what’s up.  Two nurseries say that Avenger is the NEW organic killer.  I will get some and try it.  I need to get these weeds sprayed or they will start getting too big.  I have talked to Bath nurseries and they have the gallon concentrate size so I will look at it while I’m there.

The next morning I jump up and decide if I get going I can get there about the time things start to open and it won’t take me all day for this adventure.  I head off to Ft Collins headed first toward Bath Nursery.  Just after I pass over I-25 I see the Grow store on the left so I head up and turn back down the frontage road.  Please, please, please have Roots soil.  I can’t find it anywhere up here.  I stop and the first thing I see is a sticker on the door advertising Roots.  Hurray.  My search is over.  They have the type not for veggies on sale.  Since I’m going to start marigolds I get the cheaper type.  I grab a couple of bags of it.  The sales guy gives me some powder fertilizer that Roots makes to try.  I’m a big fan of Old Age Grow and Bloom so not sure I’ll try it but thanks for giving me some samples.  I’ll check it out.

I head on over to Bath Nursery which isn’t too far away.  I ask for help looking at the drip system stuff.  He is really knowledgable  and I learn a lot from talking to him.  He also shows me the Avenger weed killer.  He doesn’t know about Burn Out II or why they can’t get it anymore.  The reason I like the Burn Out II is it has clove oil and smells really good.  Cloves also keep away some bad bugs.  Avenger has castor oil in it.  Hmmm, maybe I can put some clove oil in it.  I’m shocked at the price. Burn Out II was about $110.00 for 2.5 gallon concentrate.  I take the Avenger up to the register and it’s $107.00.  Yikes.  Since I have a gallon of concentrate I think it will be about $60.00.  Ugggg.  Oh well, if it works and I can get rid of them for $100.00 it will be worth it. I like the nursery.  Looks like they have a lot of good stuff and a nice selection.  However, they don’t have the water timer I need.

I head on over to Ft Collins nursery.  I really like this one too.  I am looking at their Avenger (they only have the small size).  A guy stops to talk and we’re discussing it and he tries to turn me onto Roundup.  I immediately tune him out.  He’s kind of talking to me like I’m a stupid girl.  He’s not winning points.  He calls another guy over and I enjoy talking to him.  He asks me if I want to try a pre-emergent.  I tell him I’m a master gardener and I asked the professor from CSU (he knows him) about the corn gluten and he told me it doesn’t work and then the guy fessed up and says, “yeah, it doesn’t work very well.”  Now that it’s established I know what I’m talking about and I’m not a stupid girl we have an intelligent conversation.  Why couldn’t we have had that conversation from the beginning?  I tell him I am looking for a water timer and they have one.  He tells me there is one that he uses that is the same that has two hose connections instead one but they don’t have it in stock right now.  I really need one now so I buy the one with one hose connection.  He also tells me it takes two 9 volt batteries not included so he saves me a trip.  I walk outside and they have a HUGE plant area.  I’m liking what I’m seeing.   A very nice lady comes over and introduces herself to me.  She is a certified nursery professional (whatever that is).  She tells me about all their product.  I ask if they will have smaller size perennials and she says yes in the next couple of weeks.  Right now all they have are the $11.99 – $14.99 size.  I tell her I have just moved in the area and I’m trying to find a new nursery.  I tell her where I use to work and she is excited. She thanks me personally for stopping and buying at a nursery instead of going to a big box store.

Wow, I actually went on a shopping trip and found everything I need in one trip.  WooHoo!!  I stop at an Ace store on the way home and pick up some batteries for the timer and I head back home.  It’s already Noon.  Hah.  Just can’t do a quick trip.

Jack and Connie have new babies and I would really like to go see them. They have six new kids and two more on the way and a new colt.  I call Denise but get no answer so head on over by myself.  I get there and a lady introduces herself as Connie’s sister (she too is a Master Gardener from Idaho).  We all walk around and I check out the four new baby goats and then we go see the other babies in the barn.  There is still one more goat that hasn’t delivered yet.  Next we go see the new colt.  So sweet.  It’s amazing to me that the babies are born and jump right up and are walking around.  The kids are already running around with their gangly legs.  Too cute.

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I stop by John and Denise’s on the way back and they are home now.  I have to check out their new big boy Curly.  He’s huge and only 3 years old.  He’ll get bigger?  Yikes.  I especially like the building John made out of old pallets.

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Home again.  I could burn weeds because it’s really nice out.  I could mix up some weed killer and do a little weed killing.  I decide it’s late enough I can do those chores tomorrow when I have all day to do both.

I grab the Roots and I empty the bags into the wattle.  I have 20 packs of marigold seeds.  I got them for 10 cents a pack so why not.  I put one seed in the center and then I plant the rest in circles around the center.  The circle is too small for a soaker hose and I don’t have any drip stuff yet so I rig up the hose on a post and hopefully it will water ok for me.  It looks funny but will work until I can figure it all out.  I play with the timer and set it up.  Hey, works pretty good.

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Next morning it’s crazy windy.  Dang it.  I should have burned and sprayed for weeds.  Supposed to be blowing all day long.  Oh well.  As I’m looking out the door I see Mama-San (the Siamese who had babies in the cellar last year) looking at the cellar.  I haven’t seen her around for months.  No, no, no.  Somehow my block of the stairs has opened up.  I see her disappear inside.  No, no, no.  I don’t want cats down there.  I decide I need to investigate.  Arrrgghhh.  Five babies on the ledge.  Oh dear and oh well.  I will have to keep a watch out.  Last batch most of them were fixed.  We need to trap Mama-San and have her fixed.  She’s pretty crafty.  I don’t think we can catch her.

Merietta, one of the little local ladies stops by and when she sees the wattle beds she says “well, aren’t you the clever one.”  She offers up some mint and some other things from her garden.  I will have to offer to go over and help her.  She had a bad accident and can’t really do heavy stuff anymore (and she’s like 90 or something).

Well, the wind is going to blow all day.  I water all my trees and bushes and my little garden.  Tulips all have heads but not open yet.  I have one daffodil and a few hyacinths.  Iris are just coming up.  Lilacs are totally loaded with buds but not opening yet.

I guess it’s time to hit the road.  Next week maybe some more starter beds.  I could put the other two left over wattles in the greenhouse.







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  1. Joan Buxman says:

    I love all your pictures, but especially the baby goat. I love baby goats, they are so much fun to watch and so cute, too.

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