It’s Spring



Another great weekend of beautiful weather!!  I head up to the homestead and it’s a gorgeous evening.  It’s nice that it’s light later.  I get here before it’s dark.

In the morning I look out and the weeds are waiting.  I get out there and start burning.  I’m working on the corral.  This was where I thought they were not going to grow last year and all of a sudden they popped up and were as tall as me before I could even look at them.

I have to play while I’m working so I made a video of the burn:

I want to go check out some local nurseries and Denise is going to go with me.  To get ready I pull some weeds out of my hair and change my clothes.  Ready to go!!

We head off to Loveland to check out their nursery.  It’s ok.  I get some pansies there.  We head on down the road to a nursery in Ft Collins.  They don’t have much but I pick up some Alyssum.  We stop to eat at 3 Margaritas.  It’s Denise’s birthday so it’s a birthday lunch.

I drop off Denise and check out the pigs and goats and then head on home.  I plant some of the pansies and Alyssum in the front garden.  I plant the rest back by the small shed in the back yard.  The tulips and hyacinths are really stating to grow.  I hope I see blooms next week.  It looks crazy to have a little garden along the shed in the midst of all the weeds and ugliness but I have to start somewhere!!



After that it’s time to burn weeds again.  I continue on the corral.  I burn weeds until it’s dark and decide I can finish in the morning.

I take a shower and then go back outside.  It’s a gorgeous evening.  I’m watching the moon and decide it’s interesting tonight.  It’s in the west already and seems to be dropping.  Hmmm.  Anyway….it’s an interesting sky tonight.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The next morning it’s too windy to finish the weed burn.  Bummer. I could have cleaned out the corral for good.  I putter around and see what else there is to do.  I get the hose out and I give the trees and bushes a good watering.  Everything is starting to turn green and the trees are getting leaf buds.  While I’m watering Merietta stops by.  She is a very cute elderly lady who knows everything about the town and its history.  We chat for a while and then she leaves.  I decide to walk around.  I see Dorothy is having some trees planted so I wander down the road and check out her new trees.  I meet her son and grandson who are planting them for her.  I wander over to see Scott and Braden and ask if Braden wants to mow again this year. He does.  Yea!!  I won’t have to worry about the front now and can concentrate all my energy on what’s in back of the house.

Since I can’t finish burning the weed there are always more to rake up.  I still have the other half of the backyard to rake and burn.  As I’m raking against the north fence I come across a dead cat.  Oh, poor kitty.  Why were you under the weeds against the fence?

After I rake half of what’s left I decide to look at the building I would like to make into a greenhouse (or it is already a greenhouse and needs repair).  I take a look at the windows and lots of them have fallen out. I get my caulking gun and caulk around the windows until I run out of caulk. No wonder they are falling out.  There is hardly any caulking left in any of the windows.  I rummage around in the shed and find some window glass that is left over from the tables in my art studio.  I had them covered with glass for easy cleaning.  Some of them are cracked but I round up enough that I will be able to cut some more window panes for the ones missing.  I’ll have to get another small piece of glass to finish them off but have enough to replace most of them.  Some new windows and a little paint will get this project started.  I’ll have to look around for new roof material.


Well, that was a pretty full weekend.  Time to get going to prepare for another week of work.




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Master Gardener; Nat'l Award Winning Photographer; Garden Writer; Artist - art books, print maker, hot glass, wire jewelry designer; sometime quilter; new homesteader; bee keeper; very crafty; Baseball fan, enthusiast, and researcher; all things vintage
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