Burn Baby Burn


Hey, the other pig is photo bombing in the back


Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a year.  I jump in the car and make my way up to the homestead.  On the way I’m thinking that it has been a year since I bought the house.  I’m also thinking I would have had it all painted by now.  Does anyone remember what happened a year ago?  Weeds and cats.  Looks like the cycle is starting up again.  That pre-empted me from painting. I am hoping this year I can tackle the painting and the weeds together.

It was a year ago my friend Dan came and helped me with my first weed burning project (all those tumbleweeds that blew in, ugggg).   I get up in the morning and look outside and decide it’s a great day for raking weeds.  Last year I didn’t know I was going to have them but this year hopefully I will be more ready for them.  But first I have to get rid of last years.  I get out my rake and they come up so easy.  The last two weeks I’ve done inside the chain link fence and beyond the deck to the small shed.  Today I am tackling the corral.  Last year the corral tricked me.  All the weeds had started growing and I didn’t think there was going to be any in the corral and it turned out they were the worst of the bunch.  I am out there for a couple of hours and decide that is enough.

It was a year ago I found kittens had been born in the cellar.  There is a cat that lives in the back yard that I’m pretty sure is pregnant.  It really really wants to go down in the cellar but I have had that blocked for the last few weeks.  The last cat that was down there came out and now I’ve got it blocked.  I know it’s a nice safe place but it’s just not the place for cats.  They are not content to just be down there, they have to jump up on the wall and go under the house.  No, please!!

Denise calls and her sister-in-law is doing a charity quilt show so I decide that it’s a great time to relax and do something fun.  I drive over to Denise’s and we head out to Longmont.  The quilt show is really nice.  All the quilts are donated and the proceeds benefit a shelter and another non-profit.  They do quite well.  Last year they made $26,000.  Not bad.  I see Denise’s brother and sister-in-law. Nice to see them.  It’s been a while.  I was in their wedding, oh, way back more years than we would like to remember.

After we finish with the show we head on over to the cheese shop.  Longmont has the best imported cheese shop.  They have this extra aged Gouda that is out of this world.  After hitting the cheese shop we stop at Nordy’s for BBQ.  We head back home with some BBQ for John who is holding down the fort while we go play.  Hurray for a play day.  You just need one now and then!!

While I’m at Denise and John’s I check out the pigs.  Remember them a year ago?  Two are gone but they are keeping the females to breed.  The goats are still there too.

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The next morning the wind is still so time to burn some weeds.  I move the barrel over beyond the deck by the small shed. It takes me a couple of hours but I get most of them burned.  There is a strip along the fence that has snow in it so I’ll leave those for another time.  I walk around and there are signs of Spring.  Tulips, hyacinths, and maybe some daffodils are popping up all over.  Boy, am I ready!!

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It’s a feeling of satisfaction to get rid of these weeds.

Well, I’m pretty stinky now from the smoke and it’s time to head on back for another work week.  Guess I didn’t get any painting done this weekend.  Hmmm, probably not next weekend either.  I have all those raked up in the corral  But I’ll get rid of more of those weeds!!





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4 Responses to Burn Baby Burn

  1. Larry Ehemann says:

    Home ownership is a life town job but be thankful that it is only one year at a time. Larry

  2. Kathy McLaughlin says:

    I love your extreme piggy snout picture! You’ve go to borrow those goats to take care of your weeds!

  3. pbodwell says:

    We talked about bringing the goats over last year but they had their own weeds to eat. I looked around for rent a goats but I couldn’t find any. Someone said I should do that and I said if they could find them I would rent them. This year I’ll be ready and they won’t surprise and big too big to handle. Time for a new mower.

  4. Trudy says:

    I want to live with Denise!

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