It’s always something


I head on up to the homestead.  I’m excited because I took two days off work.  I haven’t had time off in a a long time.  I think I’m getting a fever so had called my doc right away and got some meds.  Oh well, if I’m sick I would rather be lying around up here.  Sure enough, when I get here I check my temp and it’s 102.  I decide I better start the meds.  I don’t like taking them but I guess I better.

It’s the next morning and the temp is under control.  I don’t think I should push my luck though so I decide to get my audio book and go back to bed.  It’s a gorgeous day outside.  Too bad I have to waste it.  Oh well, the painting will have to wait.  I’m really excited to keep going since I made such headway the last two weeks.

Now it’s the next morning and I feel almost back to normal.  I am disappointed because I had a day of geocaching planned with my geocaching buddy.  We were going to make a day of it.  I love geocaching.  It’s good exercise, it takes you to cool places and you see and find things you didn’t know where there.  I used to write a geocaching column for  They never paid me though so I decided I had better things to do than write it for free.  If you would like to learn about geocaching, visit

I decide some chicken soup would be just the right thing to make me feel better and my neighbor said she felt like she was coming down with something so I head off to the cool King Soopers 30 minutes from anywhere.  I pick up some things, head back home and make crock pot chicken veggie soup.  I take some over to my neighbor.   Not much else going on other than goofing on facebook and listening to my audio book.

Ok, now I’m feeling normal.  It’s too late to start in on painting and I look out back.  It’s really time to start working on the weeds.  In another month I don’t think they will disappear and the new ones will start popping up.  I need to get them cleared so I can put down some pre-emergent and get a head start on trying to get rid of them.  I put on my garden boots and walk outside.  Maybe I can stomp them down to begin with.  Where I’ve walked there are paths so maybe I’ll get walk around and see what happens.  I swipe the toe of my boot over some of the weeds.  They break right off. Hmmm.  This might be easier than I think.  I go get my rake and I’ve got one section cleared in about a half hour.  WooHoo.  Now, I have them out of the ground and now I need to burn them.  Hmmm, the wind is too much right now.  It has to be a nice calm day.  I have my burn barrel ready.  I do need a screen for the top though to keep burning bits from blowing away.  I guess I’m not all perfectly back to normal yet because I’m tired and decide to knock off and relax  the rest of the day.  I think I’ll go for a walk but the wind is really kicking up and it’s cold through my jeans so maybe not.

Rounded up and need to burn them

Rounded up and need to burn them

The next day I clean some around the house and get on my way.  My four day weekend wasn’t what I expected but at least I got a start on the weeds.  Now I need to get some pre-emergent and be ready for battle.  I want to use organic weed control.  I found some Burn Out II which is supposed to work as well as Round Up so I’m ready when they do start popping up.  I need to find the big size which I think I’ll have to order online.  I have just two small bottles that won’t go far but I’m ready to try it out to see how well it works.

I’m also on the list to get some bindweed mites.  I want to try them to see if they can hep control the bindweed.  Last year I waited to long to get them and they were out so hopefully I will be at the top of the list this year.  With that and pulling them hopefully I can get a handle on them.  There were plenty of lady beetles of different kinds last year so I’m looking forward to their help again this year.

The big battle will be the Common Mallow.  It has roots to China and has been known to not be able to burn, or treat even with really strong chemicals which I just don’t want to use.  If anyone knows a way other than digging to China to get rid of these please let me know.  I need to attack them when they are small enough to handle.

Well, that’s all folks!!





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One Response to It’s always something

  1. Larry Ehemann says:

    What about covering g the area with a thick layer of newspaper for spring and the summer and it will dissolve over time and become compost. Good luck.

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