It’s working and it’s not

I’m headed up to see if the heater is working ok (see last blog).  I have checked around and decided I’ll get the Edenpure heater.  I was a little concerned as I saw a lot of bad comments on them.  I call Poulsen’s hardware and they have some in stock.  I ask about the bad comments and the guy tells me it’s because you’re not supposed to move them when they are hot.  It says right in the instructions not to move them when hot or the bulbs may break so this explains all the comments.  When in doubt “RTFM”.  He also said that the ones with digital displays keep showing errors and won’t let the heaters run and if they have trouble with those models they send them back and don’t stock them. They only stock the ones they know don’t have problems.  Since I now so many people have them and the work for them I’ll got ahead and get one. I pay over the phone and will pick it up later.  I really want the infrared heater as it is bulbs and much more  to run.

When I get there I hear the heater running and there is water.  It was pretty cold this last week so this is good news.  I talk to Sandy and she says she checked on it and had to turn it down.  It was 65 degrees down there.  That’s a little overkill!!  And it is hatching flies.

The next morning I jump in the car and get on over to the hardware store.  They have one with my name on it.  I also pick up paint tape.  Will I ever finish painting?  Maybe if these crazy things stop happening.  I also go to the market across the street and pick up some snacks for the big game today, Broncos against the Colts.  I’ll go over to Denise and John’s later today to watch the game.  I hope I don’t jinx them by watching.  I haven’t watched much this year because I don’t have a TV up here.

I get the heater home and I unpack (while reading the instructions!!) it.  It does caution to not move the heater while it is hot.  I go out and open the cellar door. Ugggg, what is with the door.  Why can’t a dilapidated door with one hinge work ok??  Since my neighbors have been opening and closing it, it doesn’t want to cooperate and the whole door rips off.  I knew how to lift it up without putting stress on the hinge but now that other people are opening it the door has finally ripped off the board it’s screwed into.  I can’t complain because they are great neighbors and without them being so nice it would be harder for me.

I shove aside the door and head on down. It’s about 60 degrees down there now.  I turn off their heater and wait until the fan goes off so I know it’s not hot and take theirs out and put mine in.  It’s a different model than hers so not sure exactly what setting it should be on. I set it and will check it later.  It comes right on so working!!  YAY!!


Now I have to tackle the door.  It is so darn heavy.  I get my rechargeable screw driver and take the hinge off that is hooked to nothing.  Where it should be hooked in is a big hole.  I will try to move it up so there is something to hook it too.  I take out the screws where it was screwed into the bottom board.  I find out I have a wimpy screw driver.  I need to go get one that works.  I screw the boards back in and replace the other hinge.  I find out that no wonder the hinge won’t stay on, the screws are smaller than the holes.  I try to angle them in so they will hold.  I get the door back on and get it closed.  Well, it will do for now.  I immediately get on the phone and call my friend, tell him my pipes froze, and what I’m doing and tell him the door has finally ripped off.  This is the friend that was going to help me replace the door in October.  I could do the stupid door myself if I could lumber 8 feet long to fit in the back of my car.  He didn’t answer so I leave him a MESSAGE!!

It’s time for the Broncos game against the Colts.  I head on over and the further we get in the game the more we are saying, “wow, this is getting away from them, wow, they are really going to lost this, wow, why can’t Peyton throw on target today.”  Not an exciting game and the end to our season.

Sandy comes and picks up their heater.  In the morning I get up and check the temp in the cellar.  Hmmm, it’s 70 and that’s too much so I turn it down 3 notches.  I don’t know how these work when it gets cold and it’s supposed to be in the teens this coming week so maybe I should not go so low. I turn it back up 2 notches thinking it might keep it around 60.  I leave the cupboards open and the faucets dripping just in case.

In the process the hinge with the wimpy screws doesn’t work because the screws are smaller than the holes they go into, and it rips off again.  Uggg, I really need to get the door replaced.  It is extremely heavy and now I almost have to shove around the whole door and I have to shove it back so if it snows it doesn’t snow in the cellar.  I get out the screw driver and screw it back into the bottom board and tell it to “stay”.  In the process my wimpy screw driver bit breaks.  They just don’t make things like they used to.  Is the bit even metal?  I have some plastic so I cover the door and decide I can use the pavers sitting around to hold it down.  Well, the pavers are frozen together and to the cement so I take some big firewood logs to hold down the plastic.  Good use for them since I haven’t had the chimney checked yet so I can use the wood burning stove.  I immediately e-mail my friend and ask if we can replace the door in the next couple of weeks.  No white trash here LOL.  That’s what fences are for.  So no one can see!!

I head on back home with hope in my heart!!

On the way home my phone rings and Sandy leaves me a message that she is glad I got a heater so quickly because their furnace just went out and they’ve just plugged in the heater I borrowed from them.  Good timing!!


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