Finally, painting again!!


I head on up to the house.  It’s a beautiful day and supposed to be even nicer tomorrow.  All the snow has melted.  I stop at the cool King Soopers on the way up.  As I drive into town I notice the snow up here hasn’t melted much yet.  The deck is still covered and the streets are ice with a sheen of melting on the top.

I can hear the heater running in the cellar and I have water and everything is warm.  Hurray.  It’s late so I head on up to bed.

In the morning I open the cellar door that is hanging by a thread.  It starts to rip off again but is barely hanging on.  Great, because I don’t have time this weekend for the stupid cellar door.  I go down the steps and the heater is definitely working.  It’s about 80 degrees down there.  Yikes, way too warm.  I turn the heater down a couple of notches.  That should keep it under 60 hopefully.   The heater is working really well!!

I must get to painting again.  I’ve been here almost a year and I have the upstairs bedrooms painted.  I’m all ready and getting my supplies out and I realize I don’t have any rollers.  Didn’t I just buy a 4 pack?  Off I go to the hardware store.  I go to the one that is only 30 minutes from anywhere instead of into Greeley that is about 45 minutes from anywhere.  I grab some rollers and new screw driver bits and rush back home.

I start on the ceiling that is in the dining room (parlor) and runs down the hallway to the side door.  I need some noise while I’m working so I go to the car and grab an audio book I’m almost finished listening to.  It’s “Unbroken”.  What a story. I can’t wait to see the movie.   This room has three side with moulding and one without.  There seems to be original moulding, and a couple of other types that have been intermixed.  I don’t understand why they didn’t get it all to match.  The kitchen was an add on and it matches the original in the living room but the dining room is different.  I may look into finding some that all matches.  It also doesn’t run down the wall into the hallway.  I may get some to put there to match the rest.  That can come later.  I don’t tape anything near the ceiling. I’m pretty good about being able to trim without tape.  I paint around all the moulding and edges of the ceiling.  That always takes longer than actually painting the whole thing.  I get the ceiling finished and am excited I’m making headway painting again.

I stop and eat a little and the book is finished so I turn on the radio and try to find the football games.  ESPN radio does not have the games on.  Really?  I go through the FM and AM twice and after the game starts I finally find a station that is broadcasting the games.

I get the trim paint out to do the moulding around the ceiling and those crazy boards around they bottom of the room they’ve put up to make panels where that ugly blue was.   I have already taped over the panels so I don’t get trim paint on the panels that I previously painted a few weeks ago.  I quickly tape the floor around the trim of the floor.

The ceiling and trim takes me through a couple of hours of book, and two championship football games so all in all I probably painted 8 hours today.

I’m tired so off to bed I go.

In the morning I eat a good breakfast and get started again.  I don’t have time to paint all the way down the hallway today so I concentrate on the three walls in the room.  I don’t have to tape around most of the trim but I do tape the top of the trim around the panels.  That doesn’t take too long.

I have another audio book so I pop that in the player and get started.  It takes me about 3 1/2 hours to edge and paint the walls.  In the upstairs bedrooms I had to put on two coats of paint. Luckily down here on the bottom floor it looks like because of the paint already on the wall one coat will do it.  Thank you!!  I was not looking forward to doing two coats.  It’s better for my budget too. I may be able to finish with the paint I have on hand.  If I had to do two coats I would have to go buy more paint.  At $57 a gallon I’m glad I won’t have to buy more.  It covered the ugly ugly sponged yellow with no problem.  I think it will also cover the green wall ok.  I don’t know what was going on there.  Light green, yellow and bright blue all in one room.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I had the dining room table in here but I’m finding out I would really like it to be a sitting room.  I drag the old desk (it’s my art desk but I don’t have a garage/studio yet) into the room.  I tip the dining room table on its side to get it through the doorway into the other part of the house.  I have an antique Eastlake chair I want to take up and put in this room to sit and read.  I like the fireplace and see myself sitting in front of it more than I would if the dining room table is in here.  I think I will put my bookcases in here and make it a cozy room.  If and when I get a garage/studio the desk may go out there.  Until then I would like it in this room.

That’s about enough for now.  Off I go back down south for another week or work.



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One Response to Finally, painting again!!

  1. tbtdenvera1 says:

    The work looks great so far! Far from my brand of inferior decoration, to be sure. – BToye

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