It’s snow time


The holiday schedule is going strong now so not much has been going on the last two weeks.  I got up here late last night.  The fireplace pilot is still working and the water is flowing so it appears all is well.

My neighbor found a big animal carrier at the Habitat for Humanity Re-store for $7.  It’s a nice replacement for the cardboard box.  I look out back and there they are, those cute little kittens.  The new carrier is there with some packing insulation and blankets.  All the cats can pack into it.  The small one is still out there and it’s amazing that 8 cats can pack into it so between the two this should be enough.  The chicken waterer is working great.  It provided water at 14 below so I’m glad that is working.  At first I was afraid the rim wasn’t wide enough for the to get in there and get water but they are using it just fine.


My old studio mate Meg and her husband Ken needed to get out and asked if they could come up today.  The plan is for them to come up early and then we’ll go to lunch.  I get up early and am waiting for the call.  Hmmm, it’s 9:30.  Maybe I should call and see if they are lost yet.  (See previous blogs).  Even with directions everyone seems to think they have gone too far and turn around and then get lost.  Just as I am thinking of calling, the phone rings.  They are just on their way so we decide to meet for lunch first and they can follow me back.  I hop in the car and head to Nordy’s for BBQ.  We have a nice lunch and Meg hops in the car with me and Ken will follow.  We arrive and Ken says, “yep, you’re really up here.”  Yep, I am.  30 minutes from anywhere.  When we get here Meg gets out her tool kit and has brought a straw wreath.  She starts making some bows and I have some ornaments and we make a wreath for my door.  Ken does the hanging and it looks very cheery.  Thanks Ken and Meg!!  Since taking the picture of it I have hidden some of the holes and rearranged the balls more symmetrical.  She was worried that it is a straw one but up here it looks perfectly in place.  In really brings out the color of the tumbleweeds that are lurking in the corners of every nook and cranny of the house and the fence.  Actually, I think it’s perfect for a prairie house.

Simple and cute

Simple and cute

HAHAHA – I take a picture and as I’m looking at it I am wondering what is the black stripe on the upper corner of the picture?  Ooops, the rubber stripping is coming out of the door jamb.  I quickly push it back in.  A little glue might be in order.

The weather has been so nice we’re a little spoiled.  It’s time for the wind to start howling though and it is today.  We may get some snow later.  I hope it comes tonight around 7:00pm.  Tonight is the 3rd annual tree lighting at the youth center (old Motor Company building – the coolest building in town).  It’s very gray out and that wind just cuts right through everything but a nice snow at 7:00 would be appreciated.

It is indeed snowing at 7:00.  I bundle up and lower my head as I trudge over to the youth center.  The wind is really howling and whipping the snow around.  We all gather at the youth center and have some warm refreshments.  We sing some carols led by the high school choir.  We leave Silent Night for the last song and as the wind is howling and the wind chill factor is great, we all ran outside.  There is no countdown as I expect.  Everyone starts singing and at no appointed time someone flips the switch and the tree lights up and then everyone runs back inside.  I meet some more nice people I have not met before.  It’s quite packed and I would say everyone is having a great time.

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I walk home in the blowing snow and my little fireplace welcomes me.

In the morning I decide if I have time to get anything done on the house.  I have taped around the trim in the dining room but I don’t think I have time to paint today.  As I’m contemplating, the doorbell rings and it’s the propane guy.  He asks if I need a fill and I say let’s go check.  He tells me by next month the price will be over $2.00 a gallon so I decide I do need a fill.  So now I’m set until summer.

It’s time to pack up and go.  I make sure the water is full for the cats and the roads should be melted and worn off from the snow last night and I’ll get home before it gets dark and freezes again.




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