What next?


It’s another beautiful sunset drive up here.  Probably the last for a while since there is a time change this weekend.  I’m racing the clock because it’s Halloween and I want to give out candy.  I haven’t had trick or treaters down south for years.  It will be fun to give out some treats again.  I look forward to relaxing this weekend and not lifting anything heavy.  I do need to get back to painting but this weekend needs to be light after schlepping and moving all the art supplies.

I get here just as the first kids are coming.  I light my pumpkins.  One little boy says very grown up like, “Your pumpkins are looking very nice this year.”  Very cute.  I have about 60 kids come and by 8:00 it’s pretty quiet so I wait a few more minutes and turn off the light.

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The next morning I head off to Poulsen’s Hardware (30 minutes from anywhere) and surprise, surprise, they actually have everything I need today.  That doesn’t take long so I head off down the road to Ault.  I hear there are some good antique shops there.  I go to Junk and Joe’s (antiques and coffee).  The lady who co-owns is the mother of a lady I met a couple of weeks ago at the Pampered Chef party.  Her daughter owns the store a few doors down.  It’s a small world.  They have some cool stuff but not what I should be spending money on today.  I head off to the next store called Jen’s Antiques.  I see a chair and ottoman and I can’t believe the price.  I go check and the lady (Jen, I guess) says yes that’s the price for both.  I immediately say I want them.  There is also a very cool Folger’s ceramic coffee pot.  I have never seen one but it’s 50% off and I think I must have it.  The guy who has the booth is there so I chat with him.  He helps round up the chair and ottoman and helps put it in my car.  There is a cool library table that’s solid oak and I want it but I’m not sure on the price.  The coffee pot guy chats with me and says he just bought one bigger and with bookends and he tells me the price.  The tag says OBO (I thought is was numbers 0130). He tells me to make an offer since OBO is Or Best Offer.  I make an offer lower and the lady says she needs to check with the owner.  The coffee pot guy says if he puts OBO on it he’s saying take the best offer.  The lady says ok and off I go with the table.  I can’t fit any more in my car so I guess I’m done buying.  On one block there are six antique stores.  There’s some good stuff in them.

Never saw one of these before

Never saw one of these before

Off I go home and drag the stuff out of the car and into the house. Hmmmm, the chair and ottoman would make a perfect reading chair but it’s a little big for upstairs where I want the reading chair.  Oh well, until I’m finished painting and moving stuff around and I can’t try to get the stuffed chair upstairs yet I take it up and it will do until I decide what I want where.  The library table may make a nice TV table.  We’ll see.

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The next morning I’m still in my jammies and one of the neighbors I met who knows all about the town history stopped by just to tell me she wanted to say hello and make sure I know they think of me as one of the community.  I quickly run and get dressed and we sit out on the deck and have a chat.  She tells me there is an annual antique, craft show and lunch that benefits the library next week.  I ask for information and I think I’ll get table.  Marietta leaves and then comes right back with a phone number for me to call.  Since I just schlepped all my art stuff up here I have some jewelry and glass and other stuff I could show.  I’ll need to figure out what I want to put on the table.  Jewelry, glass, books, photo cards, prints, books?  Hmmm, I’ll have to think about it.  It’s fifteen bucks for a table.  Can’t beat that with a stick.  If nothing else it will be a great time talking and meeting people.  And the food.  There is a lot of good home cooking up here.  Lunch will be ham, scalloped potatoes, salad, drink and home made pie.  You cant’ beat that with a stick either.  All the money goes to the community library.  It should be a fun event.

Well, it’s time to hit the road.  I load up and head on down the road.






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2 Responses to What next?

  1. DJ Hamilton says:

    I still can’t figure out what town you are in. I used to pass through Evans on the way to my Greeley inlaws. You must be close to there. I want to go to Ault sometime to Joes. Who can pass up coffee and junk. I’ll probably stay all day. Can you send me details on the library benefit? Ham? Scolloped potatoes? Pie? Count me in. DJ Hamilton

  2. pbodwell says:

    Oh DJ, sorry, I just saw this message. The benefit was today. The town is Briggsdale. The pies was really wonderful. I’m 30 minutes from everywhere and I think Evans is about 30 minutes away. Ault is about 30 minutes away as well. The antique stores in Ault really are great. I went back Thursday and picked up another item I didn’t have room for the other day 🙂

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