Moved – now the real work continues


Hurray, some extra time up at the homestead. They are renovating the library and my coffee shop is closed for a couple of months so I will have a cut back schedule until it’s finished.  Nice as it will give me a little extra time to get more done up here.

I grab some groceries on the way up.  I get up here a little earlier than usual.  I talk to Denise and she is fed up with cooking so we go to Kersey Pizza.  It’s good.  We try the ice cream.  It’s good but not as good as I was expecting.  Everyone raves about it.

It’s the next morning and I need to grab some stuff at the hardware store so I pick up Denise and we head off to Poulsen’s Hardware.  There’s a farm we want to check out so we head down the road to Tigge’s Farm.  I get some pick your own pumpkins for carving, a squash and some green tomatoes.  We’re disappointed as we thought they would be roasting chiles but there are none to be seen.

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Uggg – time to move the rest of the studio.  I head off to the studio and movers move the rest of my stuff.  The tables, desk and print press.  We get it all up here and the desk and print press are in the living room.  Hmmm, not their resting place I hope.  Time to get that studio/garage built (if only).  I have three 30″ square tables and want two of them upstairs.  They won’t fit through the door without taking off the door so they put them on the deck.  The other tables go in the shed for the glass shop so that’s easy.

The Lions are having a chile lunch today to raise funds so I’m thinking of going over and Denise and John drive up and we walk over to the gym.  Not a big crowd but the chile and chicken noodle soup are good and the company is great.

I head back home and set up the tables in the shed.  I’m anxious to try out my glass kiln.  I run a plug from the house and give it a test.  Hurray, it still turns on.  I remember there is an electrical plug in the middle of the yard but the idiot (err, I mean nice gentleman that previously owned the house) melted it when he burned the sofa the night before I closed on the house (see first blog).  I’ll have to dig down and see if the wiring is still good underground.   I had to haul all the supplies out so I could put the tables in and then decided I didn’t like where they were so rearranged them and then hauled all the supplies back in.  I need to get or build some shelves.  Something cheap like blocks and boards unless I can find some cheap shelves.  This project only takes me about two hours.

I go upstairs and start putting together my baker’s rack that can hold my art supplies.  I don’t have enough room on the floor because all the crap is piled in there so I start putting it together in the guest bedroom and then I can roll it in the other room.  I put on a couple of racks and then have this idea I better see if I can get it into the next room.  It’s five feet long and about five and half feet high.  Grrrrr, I can’t get it angled around to go in the other door.  I tear it apart and move enough crap in the other room to start putting it together in there.  It’s not exactly light so I really hope I have enough room.  After much toiling and sweat (I have to lay it down on its side to get the racks on because they’re to heavy to lift up high enough to get them over the poles) I finally get all the racks on and tip it up.  Yay, it fits.  Ok, on to the next project.  This one only took me about an hour and a half.

Wow, this has been a long day.  Started out for the studio at 6:00 and got back here about 11:00.  Went to the chile lunch until about 1:20 then came back and dug into this mess.  It’s getting dark outside and I’m tired so I’m done for the day.

Around about 7:30 I check the kiln and it’s working perfectly.  I threw a lump of glass in there just to see if it’s working ok as I haven’t had it plugged in for several years.  I’m happy and excited to get back to playing with some glass.

Next morning is a new day.  All refreshed from a good night’s sleep.  Went shopping (again).  I find Goodwill and ARC.  I am looking for some cheap shelves or something to put art supplies in and am looking around.  It is really windy today so not much going on outside.  When the wind blows up here it’s really cold (and obnoxious).

My photographer friend challenged me to a black and white challenge so I head outside (with my hooded sweatshirt looking like a creeper).  I am taking a photo and all of a sudden there is someone waiting for me to take a shot.  It startles me because I’m at the end of the road near a field and who else would be down here?  It’s a town girl and she tells me that all the other kids told her to come talk to me and ask me if I work for Google.  I laugh and say no, why?  Because of the camera?  She says yes.  She asks me if I want a tour of the town because no other kids will talk to me unless she talks to me first and she is the one who shows people around so I start walking around with her.  We visit the historical society building (locked); we go to the old school (locked); we go the gym (unlocked).  Really a cool old gym.  She won’t come inside because she said there is a horror story here.  She tells me of a story about guy who stepped through a roof and a board went through his chest and he died and on a red moon Halloween you can hear him moan.  We go by the gym and she says the foyer is open so homeless people can stay there because it’s warm.  She tells me a story of how someone had a heart attack and died in the gym.  We’re a long ways away for there to be homeless people there but you never know.  Then we walk over to my street and she tells me a witch lives in this house.  I say really and she says yes she is mean and not nice.  Then we walk up and we talk about a couple of the buildings and she asks me if I’ve seen the fire department.  I say no and then her cell phone rings three times and I ask her if she needs to go.  She says yes.  Darn, I wanted to hear a haunted tale about some other buildings in town!!  It’s really cold and she has shorts on so we say goodbye and I head on home where it’s toasty warm.  Hopefully she will tell all the other kids I am not a witch.

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I attack one of the tables so I can take it upstairs.  I unscrew the top and drag it upstairs.  I am then able to get the legs through the door.  I haul it upstairs and it won’t fit through the door without tearing all the legs apart.  This is not worth the effort.  I will just find or build another table.  Grrrr, I take the legs and top back out on the deck and put the top back on.  It’s screwed into the legs so I determine there was screw overkill and don’t put the leg screws back in.  I haul the three tables through the weeds and stuff them in the big shed.  I’ll figure out what to do with them later.  Maybe use them in the potting shed or tear them apart and reuse the wood and wheels for something else.  This project only took about an hour and a half.

I’m looking at this ratty old chair I’ve had since about 2000 when I painted it and bejeweled it for a “chairity” auction.  Everyone took old chairs and painted or fixed them up and they were auctioned off for charity.  Somehow I ended up with the chair.  I’ve had it for years now because it’s a really comfortable chair.  It’s pretty ragged now after dragging from studio to studio for 15 years.  I knock off all the lovely jewels and repaint it.

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It’s time to carve those pumpkins I picked up at the farm.  I want to put them out on Halloween.  I hear there will be trick or treaters.  I haven’t had kids come to my house for the last 20 years.  I don’t even hear them on the street anymore so I’m looking forward to having some kids come trick or treating.

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I guess that’s all I have time for this week so I hit the road.  I’m really glad the moving is over and I can get back to business, whatever that is since whatever I plan is not what ends up happening.




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