Still Moving


As I drive up I notice how beautiful it is this Fall.  We’ve had lots of nice weather to allow the trees and bushes to turn colors.  I’m enjoying the weather this year.

Friday nights I listen to dance music on my computer while I do other things.  I have a friend who does awesome remixes so when I’m not busy (usually) on Friday night I pop onto the computer and join the group and listen.  I made one rag rug right away and started another but now it’s been sitting here unfinished.  I decide it’s big enough and I finish off the last row.  It’s actually not a bad size for the second bedroom and it just happens the material I found really works with the quilt on that bed.

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I was housesitting a couple of weekends ago and my friend said she had just painted a chair and it didn’t turn out the color she had thought it would and doesn’t want to repaint it so she gave it to me.  It works well with my colors.  She also had a cool lamp she didn’t want anymore so I took that too.  She has excellent taste so no problem for me to take her cast offs.  I put it in the guest room by the sewing machine so it will be my sewing chair.  I don’t know where I will put the lamp eventually but it’s a cool lamp. The room doesn’t have much in it so I put my easel with the never finished painting in the corner.

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Uggg, time to make another schlepping run to the studio.  I get up and get going.  Wow, it’s really foggy this morning.  Kind of cool.


I load the car up as full as I can get it and head on back.  I put more stuff in the shed to become my glass studio.  The rest I take upstairs to the everything room.  This took almost all day.  I need to relax so I wander over to Denise’s and check out the pigs and goats.  The pigs are getting big.  Even the little runt is catching up.  Not quite as big as the other but gaining ground.  I go in the goat pen and Pepper (I think) loves attention.  I scratch her head and when my back is turned she starts hoofing me.  Not hard, just like, pet me, pet me.  The rest are like, whatever. Soon I will be done schlepping things from the studio and then I will have to organize it.  I’m trying to find some fun furniture that could hold art supplies.  I need something soon.  This is what I have in here so far.  There is more to come.  You know, I really need to get some curtains.


I get up and decide it’s time to put together the things I got at the furniture store.  I was looking for some cheap furniture and that’s what I got!!  I empty the boxes and start to put together the mirror.  The first step is, take legs and slide them into the base.  One hammer and many pounds later the legs are on.   I get out my new handy dandy rechargeable screw driver.  I couldn’t put together these items last week because I had to let the screwdriver charge up 12 hours before I could use it.  Hmmm, there is an allen wrench included in the package.  I guess I didn’t need to rush out and buy the screwdriver. I have a screwdriver but my wrists don’t like all the work I’ve been putting them through lately so that’s why I got the electric one.  I hate those allen wrenches.  They are hard to turn.  There’s not enough to hang onto.  This actually wasn’t too hard to put together.  It’s cheap but it looks ok and I can save my money for some really gorgeous antique down the road.  I’m not sure I”ll leave it here but it’s good for now.


Now, it’s time to attack the storage chest bench.  Good thing I bought the cheap mirror because the cheap storage chest didn’t have the supposed to be included allen wrench.  Oh, hurray, there are also real screws so I get to use my new screwdriver.  WooHoo.  Yikes, this stuff scratches fairly easy.  Oh well.  This will look cute with some stenciling on it or making it look shabby chic will be fun.  This is just what I need to store linens.


I think it’s time to head home now.  I was thinking I would stay another night but I have to be up early so might as well hit the road.




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