Move, Move, Move


Boy, do I have a lot of stuff in my studio.  I’m still working on moving my art studio stuff and I have to deal with the cat food and water situation now.  I stop at the studio and pick up another load and I really need to get something that will hold water and not evaporate and last a week.  I called Big R and they have a chicken waterer but I can’t get there before they close.  I call Murdoch’s and they have the same thing and they are open until 7:00 so I head up to the Murdoch’s in Longmont.  I really want the 5 gallon double sided metal watering system but all they have is 2 gallon or 8 gallon.  They won’t get the 5 gallon for another couple of weeks.  The 8 gallon is sixty bucks and I am buying the warmer too and I decide it’s ridiculous to spend that much so I get the 2 gallon.

I have decided to use the third bedroom as a studio for now (see previous blog).  The room is really getting full.  I really don’t want to drag all the glass stuff upstairs.  I am thinking it would really be better for the glass to be outside.  I have the two sheds out in the back and the big one is empty and the small one has gardening tools and stuff in it.  I put on my hazmat suit and take the broom out to the big shed and sweep and clean it out.  I had forgotten there are some metal shelves in there so I clean those up too.  The first thing I move is the little wagon with the bag of compost.  It’s a newly opened bag so of course as soon as I get it into the clean shed it spills all over. I take the broom and sweep again.  It takes a few trips but I move everything from the small shed to the big shed.  This will work great. The stuff I have down south in my garage and the gardening tools will all fit in the big shed and I will turn the small shed into a glass studio.  I am going to see how hard it would be to insulate it and see how much it will cost to run some electric to it.  It’s just about the perfect size and glass can be messy (and sharp) so I’d rather it not be in the house.  I also won’t have to drag all the tables upstairs and worry about whether the outlet can carry the electrical load for the kiln.  It runs on 110 and I’ve done it in my garage (as long as the kiln and blow dryer aren’t on at the same time) so it would probably be ok but I think outside will be much better.  I won’t have to worry about the supplies freezing or getting too hot.  I have a few things I’ll have to keep in the house but all of it will fit nicely in here.  If I can insulate it and get some electric I won’t have to worry about it.  I sweep out the small shed and unload the car.

On the kitty front:  My two favorites are still living under the deck.  I see that all the food is gone and I left a lot.  My goal is to get the food out of the cellar.  Last week I found a leg down there.  I couldn’t tell if it was a rabbit leg or a cat leg.  All I know is it was furry and had claws.  Today I open the cellar and go down and there’s another leg.  Eeeegads!!  This is it.  No more food down here.  I’ve decided I can’t put it in the chicken coop.  I go down in the cellar and bring the food pans up.  I put one by the cellar door and one in the coop.  I know they can find it but so can something big and hungry.  I put out a half bag of food in the coop and it was gone in the morning.   I set up the new watering system.  So far they are staying clear of it and giving it weird looks.  They keep going to the old watering pans like they’re confused.  I’m sure once they figure out it won’t attack them they’ll use it.  I talk to Sandy, the neighbor who feeds the cats in the alley and after talking decide there are probably coons eating the food.  She makes 3 stops along the alley so she’ll just come in my back yard every day and put some food in the dish.  I put a 5 gallon bucket by the cellar door with the food in it.  I clean out the cellar and while I’m own there I notice one of the cats is sitting up on a beam looking down at me.  Sorry cats but once I get a new door on the cellar there will be no more sneaking down there.  Under the deck and the chicken coop will have to be home.  Sandy and I discuss calling the rescue to see about doing a roundup to have them trapped, fixed and brought back.

The next I’m up and driving again to get another load of studio stuff.  Just a couple of more trips and I’ll have everything and then I’ll get someone to load up the tables, my desk, rack and print press and bring them up for me.  I get back and unload and decide I’d like to look for a piece of furniture that has lots of drawers.  I head to Ft Collins to American Furniture Warehouse.  They usually have some things in a bargain area.  There’s not too much today but I do find a nice little storage bench with a seat and a mirror on sale.  Now, I just have to put them together.

I don’t know where I find time but I pull a few weeds.  I’m getting a large pile.  They are starting to die out and pull up easily.  It’s time to start burning them again.  The pile is getting huge.  I think I’ve grown my own crop of tumble weeds this year (see previous blog).

Between needing to get my studio moved and trying to deal with cats I haven’t had time to do any more painting.  I’m really faunching at the bit to get more stuff moved up here.  I guess I don’t need to be in a hurry.


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Master Gardener; Nat'l Award Winning Photographer; Garden Writer; Artist - art books, print maker, hot glass, wire jewelry designer; sometime quilter; new homesteader; bee keeper; very crafty; Baseball fan, enthusiast, and researcher; all things vintage
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2 Responses to Move, Move, Move

  1. Karen Zeissig says:

    Patty, Having a place to do your thing will be so good! I have missed my playmate….last weekend my sewer backed up egad what a mess ….

  2. pbodwell says:

    After this month I should be able to play again. Hopefully we’ll still have some nice Fall weather.

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