The best laid plans


Ok, how many times have I said that in the last six months?  I get an early start and head on up to the homestead (my friend is trying to think of a name – no luck yet – we’ll know it when we hear it).  All suggestions welcomed.

I’m so excited to see if the cats figured out that I put some small pans of food in the chicken coop for them and to see if they’ve started using it.

I get there earlier than usual and run over to the coop.  Oh drat, somehow the door got shut.  I open the door and the food sits undisturbed.  I’m wondering how this happened.  Last week (see last blog) I put a bungee cord on it so it wouldn’t stay wide open and left enough space for the cats to get in and out.  There is a little porch on the coop so I don’t think the wind blew it shut.  Hmmmm.

Well, on to Plan B.  I go in the cellar and pick up the two pans I use for food (there is a bit left this time – why haven’t they eaten it?).  I put one of the porch of the coop and one inside. I take a huge heavy rock and put it in the door so it can’t close.  Ok, they’re sure to find the food and think “what a lovely place to live” and start using it.

It’s a strange sky tonight.  Rain to the right and a gorgeous sunset to the left.  There’s a big bank of clouds with the sunset underneath and sheet lightning in the clouds.

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I wake the next morning and run out there full of anticipation and the pan on the porch is gone.  I find it totally empty, pushed off the porch onto the ground (I can’t say lawn at this point – I would have to say weeds and I don’t want to think about them – see prior blogs).  The huge heavy rock has been moved out of the doorway.  No little kitten could do that I’m sure.  The pan of food inside the coop has not been touched.  Oh dear, I don’t want to attract raccoons or some other cat preying animal.  Well, I don’t have time to think about it today or the rest of the weekend.  I take the two pans and put them back in the cellar and will think about this again in a couple of weeks.  Instead of “what a lovely place to live” they may be thinking “what a death trap, I don’t want to get stuck in there.”

This weekend is about fun.  I really need to rest my body (it’s objecting for some reason – maybe it was dragging the sewing machine up the stairs last week).  I have fun planned for today and have to be back down tomorrow morning so I head off for a fun day of geocaching.  If you haven’t heard of it check it out at .  It’s a lot of fun searching for caches with your GPS.  This week is Pedal the Plains and my friend Sue Ann is riding and her husband Rich and I are geocaching while she is riding (he’s my geocaching buddy Pedal4Miles – I am TheBod11 – everyone has a handle).  I meet him at the corner of 52 and 14 and we geocache our way into Sterling.  It’s a beautiful day outside.  I love geocaching because you find stuff you would never see or knew existed.  We find an old cemetery (there’s a series called “Spirit Quest” of Colorado cemeteries).  We find a cute little town called Stoneham.  We find this place called Chapel on the Plains.  I love the sign – Antiques and Chapel.  I love antiques and I need a little table or stand for the house so we drive up and there is a note to call if we want to look.  Twenty seconds later a truck comes driving up the drive.  Wow, where was he?  That was fast.  We look around inside and I find a couple of old Kodak Brownie cameras.  This would be fun for my collection.  They appear to work.  I take them both at a great price (ok, ok, I know I should be buying stuff for the house).  They will be fun to play with.

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We talk to the owner and it’s an interesting story.  The chapel used to be in Sterling (across the street from the KFC – I should say Kentucky Fried Chicken because this place is so old it had to be called that then).  They were going to tear it down and put in a fast food joint or something and this guys great grandparents, his grandparents, and his parents were all married there.  He asked if he could move it and they said sure.  He had quite an adventure moving it.  They took off the 800 pound bell, the steeple and the chapel room and moved it in three pieces.  He has put it back together (and still has some work to do on it) and he has some great antiques in there.  They also do weddings there.  Hey, one stop shopping.  I make plans to visit again some time (not to get married, just to scrounge around the antiques).  Oh yeah, there is a building right behind where you can learn  gymnastics.  Talk about everything you need in one place.

We head off again down the gravel road and finally end up in Sterling.  We find some great BBQ where the ride ends.  Time to hit the road and head on back.


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