If it’s not one thing it’s another and the town cat house



How many times have I said that now (about it’s one thing or another, not about the cat house)?

I head up to the homestead after work and get there later in the evening.  Of course, another gorgeous sunset.  It’s getting dark earlier so not much going on outside.  I look for the cats but no sightings.

One of my main plans is my friends are going to build me and art studio/garage.  Needless to say I haven’t even been able to think about that yet.  I share an art studio with a friend at Blue Silo Studios in the RINO art district down by the coliseum.  She’s been there since it opened and I have been there since about 2004.  Unfortunately my studio mates situation has changed and she and her husband are retiring a year earlier than they planned so we need to be out of the studio by October 31st.  This wasn’t in my plans and means I need to move my art stuff earlier than planned.  I was hoping to get the studio/garage built first.  So…the third bedroom that was to be the do all room anyway will become my studio until sometime in the future.

I get up the next morning and drive (way more than 30 miles from anywhere) to the studio and pack up all my wire jewelry supplies.  I’m on my way back and I’m all the way to Kersey Road when I realize I forgot I was going to stop by the store on the way back.  Oh gosh, I HAVE TO STOP.  I have one roll of toilet paper and you don’t want to run out when you’re 30 miles from anywhere.  I get to Hiway 34 and go towards Greeley.  It doesn’t take me too far out of my way.  I stop at cool discount food store and pick up some stuff but grrrr, they don’t have toilet paper.  I head off to the cool Frey Myers/King Soopers and since I have to go over there anyway I call Denise and ask if they want pizza tonight.  I pick up two take and bake pizzas from the take and bake pizza place.

As soon as I turn into the driveway and turn off the car I immediately hear thumping sounds on the roof.  It sounds like big huge raindrops.  I say, figures it would start to rain as soon as I have to schelp stuff into the house.  I don’t see any rain on the windshield.  What is that noise?  I get out of the car and there are bugs popping up and down like popcorn on the roof.  They are popping about 1 foot up into the air and landing back on the roof.  They are white with a black sort of diamond on their back and they can fly.  I’m not under a tree and there wasn’t time for them to have flown in and landed so where the heck did I pick them up?  And, why are they bouncing up and down on the roof?  They are really making a lot of noise.  Just another nature adventure.

I decide to put everything in the third bedroom.  I decide to move the sewing machine into the guest bedroom.  That’s ok.  It will add a bit of furniture to the room.  I’m really looking at the guest bedroom.  It’s the biggest room and has a huge closet.  The closet is so big I could put a desk in there.  Hmmm, maybe I’ll split up the stuff and use both rooms.  I could put a little jewelry bench in the closet and that leaves more room for book making and glass in the other room.  Good idea.  I’m sure it will all take shape when I get everything, including the tables up here.  I have two kilns that run on 110 electric.  I really really need to get the electrician out to label the panel and see what kind of load is on the bedroom outlets.  I’m hoping I can run the kilns up there.  I think in the inspector’s report he said something about 100 amp so I’m hoping!!

Uggg, I have so much more to move.  I guess I’ll move it the next two Saturdays.  One trip for book making and one trip for glass stuff.  Then I’ll have to have help moving the tables and supply rack.  I have a 300 pound print press I may need to pay someone to move.  It’s so heavy.  That will have to stay downstairs somewhere.  Decisions, decisions.  Move the rack or get something new for storage?  A little of both?  Maybe I’ll just turn the house into my art studio!!

Well, I guess you know what this means.  No more painting for the next few weeks.  Since the third bedroom was painted and it’s getting cooler I thought I could really go to town and get the rest painted.

Silly me.  I thought I could go get the stuff and be back in town by 2:00 and have it unloaded by 2:30.  It’s now 5:00 and time to relax.  I take the pizzas over to Denise and John’s and she smokes them in their cool (thou shalt not covet your neighbors smoker!!) Treagor smoker.  If you ever have a smoked pizza it’s hard to eat it any other way.  The Treagor Lil Tex Elite is still on my to get list.  Cabela’s tricked me a few weeks ago and said they had it on sale for $449.  It was the Lil Tex but it was manual control with just and on/off.  The elite is cool as it has a digital readout for temp and you can control it better.

The next day is so gorgeous.  As I headed up the road to Denise and John’s I noticed that the hay had been cut and was in big round bales.  There is something about this sight that is really cool to see all those big round bales out in the field against the blue sky.  I forgot I planned on getting out really early to take some pictures.  It’s about 9:00 and I remember I was going to do that so I grab the camera and walk to the end of the block and up the road.  A nice morning walk in beautiful weather.  I want earlier light to shoot but it’s sort of overcast so not too bad.

I get back and decide there is no time like the present to clean out that chicken coop.  I’ve finally remembered to buy some masks and gloves to ward off the evil bacteria that may be lurking.  I put on  my hazmat suit (mask, vinyl surgical gloves underneath my garden gloves).  I don’t think I need the long sleeve sweat shirt today.  I don’t think there’s any bad stuff that can fall in my hair in the chicken coop.   I get out the square shovel (since it’s brand new and dull and no good for digging – what’s up with that?) to shovel out the chicken crap.  And there is a lot of it.  At least an inch deep.  There are crates screwed into the wall on both side of the coop that were used for laying and I decided I can’t clean well enough unless I take them out.  I go get the screwdriver and it doesn’t take long to get them out.  I scoop out all the poop and decide I should vacuum it.  Has anyone else ever vacuumed a chicken coop?  I get the shop vac and give it a good suck out.  Oh what’s this?  I sucked out a wasp nest.  Thank goodness it appears it was an old one.  There’s only one wasp hanging around.  The nest was between me and getting outside of the coop so it wouldn’t have been pretty.  I have two 5 gallon buckets of chicken manure.  I dump it and decide not is not a bad time to start a compost pile.  It should be nice and ready by Spring since it was in the chicken coop all winter and will have time to sit for another Winter.

I hose off the crates and wow, chicken crap really stains and is hard to get off.  I clean them best I can and decide if there are stains they are clean stains.  I don’t put them all back up.  I just put them on one side.  The rest of the crates I put on the floor.  I’m figuring they might make nice cat holders.  I put two small dishes of feed inside the coop.  I’m going to see if the cats have found it by next weekend.  If they do then I will move the food out of the cellar and into the coop.  I take a bungee cord and I bungee the door so that the cats can slip in and out of the door with it being barely open.  Oh darn, I notice that one of the windows is only a screen.  I’ll have to look around for a window replacement so the wind can’t blow in.

I may be the first person in town to have a cat house. Patty’s Cat House – what do you think?





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