I finally got here and There really is a firewood fairy!


Hurray, I get off work early and I’ll get to the homestead earlier than usual.  It was a busy week at work and I was extra busy putting out coffee and tea for book sale volunteers so my boss told me to leave early and enjoy getting off a little early.  I get home and get ready to head out and I’m thinking “yay, I’ll get up there early tonight”.

I then remember I need to get some photo dvd’s over to my friend.  I took photos of her Mom and Dad’s 50th wedding anniversary.  I promised a week turn around so I need to get them to her.  That’s ok.  I’ll drop them off and still be ahead of the game and get up here earlier than usual.  I get to my friend’s and she’s the least computer literate friend I have so I want to make sure she can watch the video and open the jpg files.  That doesn’t take long but then we have to watch “all of them” and make comments and chat and before you know it I’ve been there an hour.  That’s ok, I’ll still get up there a little earlier than usual.

I head off down the road and I need to stop at the cool King Soopers on the way.  I wind my way through Brighton and head up 85 and take county road 60 and run into a detour.  The road is closed.  It is pitch dark and raining.  I follow the detour and then my GPS tells me to turn left.  I’m thinking, ok, the GPS will find the way.  Well, little did I know the GPS was trying to get me to do a U-turn to go the usual way but I didn’t know that area well enough to know that.  Ok, now I’m trapped in a trailer park and I’ve seen just about every trailer there is in here and a few cul-de-sacs.  I finally get back out and follow the detour and it takes me a long way around (not too many through roads up here in the country).  It probably takes me a couple of miles out of my way.  I finally get back to 59th and when I get to the corner to turn left to go to the cool King Soopers there is a terrible accident.  There are about 4 cop cars, a fire engine, and an ambulance.  I can’t turn left so I turn right and go up and turn around.  I work my way back to the intersection and wait in line until the cop directing traffic lets me go.

I get some groceries (ding dong dangit, I forgot toilet paper and as you know it’s 30 miles to anywhere – luckily I have one roll that will just get me by).   I get on the country highway and it’s still  raining steadily.  I have a couple of gas trucks in front of me that are going slower than usual but it’s ok because it’s pitch dark and raining and I don’t like to pass them when it’s bright and sunny so better safe than sorry.  I follow them all the way until I turn into town.  It is now 9:30pm.  So much for getting here early.

I turn on the back porch light to see if I can see any cat activity and it’s still too dark and still raining steadily.  There is something over by the fence and I can’t figure out what it is.  The light isn’t bright enough and with the dark sky I just can’t make out what it is.  Could it be wood?  Not likely.  Where would it have come from?

Sure enough, I get up in the morning and when I’m looking outside I see some firewood stacked against the fence.  Just a nice little pile of about 30 small logs, each about 4 inches around and about a foot long.  Wow, how nice.  A starter kit of firewood.  This is better than the tooth fairy.


I don’t think I posted last week as I did a quick run up here to drop off some kitty food and head on back.  There is new cat activity.  I think I posted that Mamacita moved out of the backyard and into the alley a few weeks ago.  Two weeks ago when I went to put food downstairs there was a little white kitty and a black kitty.  Probably about three weeks old.  I’m thinking here we go again.  I didn’t have time to stay so last Saturday when I came up to drop some food and looked there were two little black kittens.  One white gone replaced by a black one.

Today when I went down to replenish the food there are no kitties.  Three of the originals are still living under the deck so maybe the activity of other cats coming and going isn’t the ideal spot for babies so she didn’t leave them there this time.  They are probably Mamacita’s but I’m not sure. They don’t look like her and there is another female that hangs with her and they look more like her so not sure who they belong to but I don’t know where they are now.  I’m still liking the other ones hanging around.  I haven’t seen any mice (or snakes) at all so yay for the cats.

It’s a beautiful gorgeous day.  It started out really foggy and now it’s burned off and nice and sunny.  The perfect temperature.  About 65 degrees.  It’s perfect for painting so why am I not?

I go to the mailbox to get the mail.  Eeeeewwww.  There’s a HUGE spider and HUGE web in the mailbox.  That spider is pretty smart.  It’s way back in the corner of the mailbox.  I look around and find a stick in the road that is sufficient for me to poke it without getting to close to it.  It takes a few tries but I finally spear it and no more spider.  Man, that sucker was big.  I clean out the web with the stick and decided I probably really need to get some cleaner and clean out the inside.  I wonder if the mail lady noticed that spider in there when she put the mail in?  Maybe that’s how she has fun on her route.  Hah, wait until Patty sees that in her mailbox!!

My friend and I were on the phone yakking (I had to call her and ask if they were the firewood fairies) and it took us an hour to solve the world’s problems and I’m not painting yet so I decide to go down in the cellar and check out the heaters down there.  There is a ceramic heater that they were using to keep the pipes warm in the winter but I found out it costs about $200.00/month to run it.  I think that is ridiculous so I’m figuring out a way to keep the pipes warm that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.  Well, the cats have knocked it off the wall a couple of times and it won’t turn on now (unless it’s too warm) so I guess I’ll look for a new one.  If I get one with a thermostat hopefully I can control it so it doesn’t run 24/7, unless it’s just that cold down there and won’t shut off.

Then I think, hmmmm, you’ve never look into that little room under the stairs (at least not past where the light can filter in from the hallway- and there is not a light in there).  I believe this room was probably a pantry because I can tell the dining room was probably the original kitchen because the original chimney had a stove in the room and this room is right next to the room where the stove was.  I jokingly told my friend that I hadn’t looked in there yet and for all I know there could be holes in the floor but I haven’t seen any animals in the house yet so it’s probably all ok.  There is not a light in there so I get my cool weather radio with the led light and open the curtain.  Nothing jumps out at me so that’s a good start.  Well, guess what?  There are holes in the floor.  Nothing major.  There is really cool old linoleum in there.  The kind that has roses on it.  That must be some of the first linoleum ever made.  And how expensive and cool it must have been to have roses on it.  I’d really like to keep it in there but I really need to fix the holes.  I think I can figure out how to patch the holes and keep the old linoleum.  There’s just a couple right along the wall where the original floor boards have rotted.   Probably from being against the wall where there is a little moisture.  There is a cement wall (remember the house is real stucco with cement walls).  Interesting that it has never been painted or anything.  I can’t see all the way under the stairs.  They’ve built a little wall out of a piece of dry wall and blocked it off.  Hmmmm, wonder what the floor looks like beyond the wall?  Do I dare look?  I’m not too excited about the curtain over the doorway.  I have all those closet doors from upstairs so I think I might put one of them here and get rid of the curtain.  I’ll have to measure and see if one will fit.

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Oh gosh, there are so many weeds in the crack in front of the cellar door.  I stop and clean out all the weeds.  With the rain they come up a little easier.  I’ve tried before with no luck so I can them while the getting is good.

Ok, I’m not getting any painting done.  I’m goofing around writing this blog.  I need to walk down to the neighbors and see if they are the Firewood Fairies.

No one home.  I walk around and come back through the alley and find a long piece of wire.  I need a piece of wire to make a hook for the corral door to hold it shut.  This will work perfect.  I walk through the front yard and take a look at the little apple tree.  I noticed about three weeks ago there were a few apples on it.  They look really ripe now.  There are about twelve apples.  I pick seven good ones and the rest look like something has been eating at them so I leave them for whatever has been picking at them.  Wow, I don’t know what kind they are but they’re really tasty.  They are very small.  They don’t taste like crab apples but they are that size (the big type of crap apple).  I’ll have to do some checking to see if I can figure out what kind they are.

WooHoo - 7 little apples

WooHoo – 7 little apples

I’m out wrapping the wire around the gate and  hear some banging around a little kitty comes streaking out of the chicken coop.  I finish doing the gate and then go to take a look inside the coop and the cat has come back.  I scare it to death and it’s trying to jump through the windows to get away from me.  It’s bouncing all around inside the coop.  Since the windows have glass it’s starting to scare me so I quickly run up by the door so it knows I’m not threatening it.  The last thing I need right now is a bleeding feral cat.  Whew, no broken windows.  I’ve been thinking of turning the chicken coop into a cat house.  I have this stupid autoimmune disease and have to be very careful of bacteria and I hear chickens have a lot of it.  So does gardening, but that hasn’t stopped me.  Chickens or a cat house?   Hmmmm.  I would like to have some chickens.  Maybe I don’t need a whole HUGE chicken coop full.  I have a chicken coop down south that would hold four to five.  I don’t need more than a couple so maybe I’ll move the small one up here and fix up the HUGE one for the cats.  Now I’m thinking do chickens and cats go together?  I would probably have the chickens inside chicken wire so it could work.

Ok, I need a plan.  Lots to do before it starts snowing.  I think it’s time to get out pen and paper and start making a list.  Not that it has worked so far but I’ll give it a go.

It is such a beautiful day.  I decide my painting clothes are pretend today because there will be no painting.  I figure if I walk around town in them everyone will think, “wow, that house is really coming along.”

I sit on the deck and make a list of things to do soon:  Replace the cellar door (with two doors so I can actually open it without pumping weights first) and paint it; Clean out the chicken coop and paint it and make it a cat house; get some pipe wrap for the cellar pipes (the plug in kind); get a heated water feeder; get a thermometer for the cellar so I know what the temp is down there.  That in addition to continue my indoor efforts should keep me busy through October.  There are a few other little things I would like but these are the must do things.

Now I’m just sitting out here and reading and soaking up the sun.  I’ve decided that is what I need to do today.

It’s tomorrow and I still don’t feel like painting.  It’s so nice outside!!  I walk over to see if my neighbors are the firewood fairies but no luck there again.  If I don’t see them today I’ll call and see if it was them.  I walk past the church to see if Denise and John’s car is there.  I don’t see it but maybe it’s on the other side of the church.  I wave to someone driving by and some people sitting in their front yard.  I like the waving thing.  Very small townish.

Denise and John stop by after church.  We chat for a while and they take off.  They had a long day yesterday and they’re off for a nice Sunday afternoon nap.  I’m just sitting here blogging and may sit in the sun again for a spell and then head on home.  Nice weekend.  Not very productive but sometimes you just need to stop and soak in the sun.









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2 Responses to I finally got here and There really is a firewood fairy!

  1. oh my gosh, Patty. I’m exhausted after reading your blog. Hope you get it all done before the snow.

  2. Betsy Hawkins says:

    AWESOME about the firewood!

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