You just never know


I’m on my way up this weekend.  This is a quick day trip.  The third bedroom is painted so it’s time to drag up the sewing machine.  There is a lot of roadkill on the way up today.  More than usual.  It’s hard to tell what some of it is except – oh, that is a skunk.  No doubt about that one.

I get there and unload the machine.  It’s not too heavy but a little cumbersome.  I have my furniture mover up there so that helps me get it to the bottom of the stairs.  I drag it up the stairs and into the room.  Ok, now I’m ready to make some curtains.  I can’t find any that are the right size or whatever so I’m thinking about making some.  Or at the least I’ll buy some and hem them.

No time to dawdle.  I need to throw some food out for the cats and get back down the road.

I open the cellar door and go down the stairs and there is a dead animal carcass in the middle of the floor.  Really flat so it’s been somewhere a long time.  I think it’s the kitten that disappeared when they were about three weeks old.  The room isn’t that big and I looked everywhere at the time, under the stairs, under the pad I had given them, under some old insulation that was lying on the floor.  That kitten was nowhere to be found.  I always wondered what happened to it.  I thought perhaps the mother had moved it across the alley with some other kittens.  Hmmm, I’m wondering if somehow the Mom got up on the wall and put it under the house after it died.  I’m pretty sure it disappeared before it would have been able to crawl up there.  They were barely walking when it disappeared.  The wall is cement so they would have to jump up there and they were too little for that.  It seemed the healthiest of the bunch so I’m not sure what happened to it.  I know there has been something up on the ledge because some of the rocks are on the floor where they’ve been shoved off of the top of the wall.  Time for another heavy duty zip lock bag, gloves and bleach.  I find a stick and push the carcass into a zip lock and then douse the bag with bleach.  I drive over to Denise and John’s to show them my latest dead bagged item and dispose of it over there.  Oh, I forgot to mention a mask is part of my dispose of dead animals ensemble.

Hmmm, there has been an unusual odor above the cellar in the kitchen the last couple of weeks.  I’ve smelled some dead stuff and if didn’t smell like that but maybe this will explain that too.  I’ll know if the smell goes away.

Poor little kitty.  No pictures this week of the poor kitty in the bag.  Not quite as interesting or as unusual as a bat in a bag. (see last week’s blog)

The highlight of this day is taste testing Denise’s homemade honey vanilla ice cream.  Yummm!! (see last week’s blog about inundation of milk).

I just never know what I’m going to find when I get up there!!


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1 Response to You just never know

  1. Kathy McLaughlin says:

    Poor kitty! I wonder how it showed back up again. Maybe something is cleaning house so it will be all Spock and span for the long winter?

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