Around the homestead this week

Another gorgeous drive up to the homestead.  I’m driving and the sky is a light lavender and the clouds have a pinkish hue.  It’s so beautiful.  I’m taking a back country road (instead of the heavier traveled back country road) so I’m able to stop to get a picture.  Ding dong dangit my camera battery is dead again.  I think this is not the same battery as before so I need to do some research to figure out whether the camera is draining the battery or what. Maybe the battery saver is not working or something.  I have a habit of not turning it off all the time but is should turn itself off to save the battery.  Of course my other camera is in the camera bag in the back of the car so I can’t grab it.

It’s getting dark earlier now so I can’t do much tonight.  In the morning I clear off the floor of the third bedroom and vacuum and clean the floor and get it painted.  Instead of watching the paint dry I decide to get outside.

It hasn’t rained for a few days and the trees are looking a little sad.  I drag the hose around and water all the trees and plants.  One little apple tree has 7 apples.  I’m surprised because earlier in the year the hard freeze in May pretty much killed all the blooms and fruits that were starting to develop.  I’m weeding the little garden out front and everything is still blooming.  I’m surprised I still have some Columbine.  The Cannas are in bloom and some big yellow flowers are in bloom that I don’t believe I planted.  I threw some perennial seeds in the bed in the Spring but I don’t know what was there before but they are really pretty.  The basil I planted in the Spring is still looking really good.  I pinch off the blooms so it will get bushier.  My friend Karen brought me a Black Knight Spirea and I planted it in the corner for the fence by the driveway.  I notice it is in full bloom.  Pretty blue flowers.  I have some Cannas that I planted from Rob Proctor’s garden that have some funny looking pods on them.  These Cannas can not be purchased anymore so I think they’re very special.  I can plant the seeds in April in pots indoors and make more of them.  YAY!!

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Out back I had four cow parsnips getting pretty big.  Today when I look there are little leaves starting up from the ground.  Something has eaten it all up.  Hmmm, maybe the fact I can’t take a step without 20 grasshoppers trying to attack me could be why.  I have lots of tomatoes on my plant but the leaves are disappearing.  Hopefully the tomatoes can keep ripening without the leaves.

Last week I talked about Burnout II, an organic weed killer.  I can’t find it anywhere.  If anyone knows where to buy it in Denver or northern Colorado please let me know.

My friends Dan and Nancy are around this weekend so I drive to meet them at Nordy’s BBQ.  It’s close, it only took me 40 minutes to get there (well, it would have been 40 if I didn’t have to wait for the train to block the intersection, uncouple some cars, back up and stop and then go forward again).  It was really good bbq.  It’s in Loveland if you’re looking for some good bbq.  I like one of their slogans, “Vegetarian:  A Native American word for bad hunter”.

I jump up in the morning and put the door back on the third bedroom (already painted several weeks ago).  Yay!!  All the bedrooms are now painted.  I still need to clean the windows (still have some of those new “old” stickers on the windows).  Really, I wonder how long those stickers have been on the windows.  They’re all yellow and faded.  I’m thinking they’ve been on there what, maybe five years or more.  My friend came up to visit and she said, oh great, you have new windows.  I’m laughing thinking, well, maybe not 50 years old but how new are they really?  Actually I wouldn’t have minded the original windows.  I love those old windows that have the rope mechanism that still work.

The third bedroom will serve as my art studio and all around put it in there room until I can have a garage/studio built.  My garage fund is dwindling.  Hopefully I’ll be able to put some back that I’ve had to use. I really need to start getting some curtains.  I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find exactly what I want so I think I’ll drag the sewing machine up and put it in the room and start making some curtains.

I’ve found out some of the history of the town and house.  On the corner on the opposite end of my block there is a house that used to belong to the town doctor.  It is brick underneath and has had siding added.  It used to have to front doors.  One led to the doctor’s office and the other to his home.  My house was built as I see it now but someone put siding on it and then someone took it off.  I’m glad it doesn’t have siding.  It is such a cute stucco house.  I still want to get inside that historic society building so I can see a picture of the house when it was first built.

Today they are retiring Todd Helton’s jersey at the Rockies game and I can’t stand to miss it so I get going out of there early.  I fill the cat dishes with water and food and head on down the road.




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