Goats!! Bats!! Frogs!!


It’s critter time at the homestead this week.

I arrive and I see two of the kittens.  One has disappeared.  The Mom has disappeared too and when I go to get the mail I see her in the garage next door.  Hmmmm, she runs when she sees me.  She was getting used to me but is no longer living in the back yard.  Back to her wicked ways I say.

It’s time to paint again. It’s nice and cool so I dig into the room.  I had almost all of the baseboards off so I quickly take the other two pieces off.  They were raised for the carpet so I need to lower them like I did in the first room.  I paint the trim and then start in on the ceiling.  I need to go grocery shopping sometime today so I call Denise to see if she wants to go.  She’s cleaning and I’m painting so when I get the ceiling finished I’ll get cleaned up and head on over.  I’m looking for Burn Out II, an organic weed killer.  It kills weeds as well as round up but doesn’t kill the good stuff, like beneficial bugs and bees.  I am having trouble finding it

Goats!!  Denise and John have four cute little goats.  (Last week they got the piggies.)  They just went to the auction to see what it was like HAHAHAHAHA.  One looks like it belongs in the Swiss Alps.  I yodel-ay-he-hoo’d at it but it ignored me.

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We go to the little discount food store.  Lots of good fruit today. Organic watermelons $1.79 each.

Bats!!  I’m washing the fruit and the paper towel roll is almost down to the last towel so I pick up the roll and rip off a sheet and the bottom of the tube knocks something.  Eee Gads what is it?  It’s furry and has black things sticking out.  Oh dear, I think it’s a bat.  I watch my germs pretty careful so this is not what I want to see lying on the counter.  I quickly push it into a freezer bag and seal it.  I get out the bleach and soak down the counter.  I study the bag and I’m pretty sure it’s a bat.  Was it in the paper towel tube?  It just appeared so it must have been.  Did it come in the house and get in the tube or was it there all along?  Hmmmm?????  What next, lions and tigers and bears??  Oh my.

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I start in on the room again.  Time to do the walls.  I get everything taped and of course I’m minus about two feet of tape.  I call Denise and she has some so I head back over and pick up some tape.  She has made some cheese out of what she thought would be 5 quarts of milk which was really five gallons.  How many things can you make out of milk?  At least two cheeses and some butter.  Really good!!  I get back to the house and I get a couple of nice rains while I’m painting.

Frogs!! I open the side door to get a little air in the house and the door is ajar.  Hmmmm, I’m pretty sure it was closed when I left last week.  I see a little toad hopping into the house.  Out you go little toad, or frog, or bullfrog.  Back to the bush.  Earlier I saved one from the cats.  They were chasing something and then I saw a little toad trying to get away.  I hope I hear them croaking tonight.  I need to brush up on my frog identification.

The next morning I jump up and slap another coat on the walls.  I put the trim back on and all I have left to do is the floor.  I’ll finish that next week.  I clean a little, close up the house and head over to Denise and John’s and drop off the net they let my borrow to try to catch the kitten with the jar on her head.  I call it trouble.  I should call it jar head, but it’s not a marine so I guess I’ll stick to trouble.  Now I’ll be in trouble!!






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