Not much was happening up at the homestead this week.

I run up Saturday morning after a long Friday night of helping a friend with wedding flowers.  Not finishing until midnight it was too late to leave.

Saturday morning I get there and check the kitty food.  There is some left and I am wondering why.  It should be almost gone but there is quite a bit left over.  Hmmmm.

The first thing I do when I get there is throw some mosquito dunks in the trough where I catch water and the big puddle at the end of the alley.  The I start pulling weeds.  Lots of puncturevine that is starting to get goatheads.  Dang, the green ones are even pokey.  And dang it again.  I knew there was a different thorn that I had found but I couldn’t describe it and everyone kept telling me it was a goathead.  I found a bunch of those so I thought, well, maybe they’re right.  I am pulling some grass and there is already a bunch of obnoxious thorns.  They are on a low spreading grass.  They are really nasty.  They are the ones that stick to everything and you can’t get them off of anything.  I look it up and it’s a type of bur.  I look around and hopefully get all of them out front.  Hopefully there was just that one patch I had found when I first cleaned out around the front of the house.  I planted Cannas and they are blooming.  YAY!

I don’t see the kitties.  Hmmm, where are they?  Sandy walks by checking the water meters and we have a chat about the cats.  She said at the north end of town (two blocks away – remember there are only 5 streets) they have been thinned out.  She says that a raccoon has been around and she found one kitty gone.  Her mother had way too many.  They adopted out some of them.

Well, I have pressing things to do.  I must go see my friends John and Denise’s new piggies.  They had three this morning and I just talked to her and they have added two more.  I check my refrigerator for out of date food.  I have some eggs I can take for them.  I get over there and they are super cute.  We’re checking out the pigs and Jack and Connie come over to take a peek at the two new ones.  Denise has made a spray to try and keep the flies off of them so we talk about essential oils and which are good for what.



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I get back home and still no kitties.  I go out and pull some more weeds and check the mail.  Hey, I mailed my water bill to myself.  Actually I forgot to put a stamp on it and I mailed it from Denver but the return address was up north so they returned it all the way to where it should have gone.  Couldn’t they cut me a break and just put it in the PO Box right next to them instead of taking it and putting it in my mailbox?  Hmmm, wonder what would happen if I always put the return address as where it’s going without a stamp so it would get returned to where it’s going?  I look out later and there is one kitty.  Then there are two.  Trouble and Brownie.  The gray one and the brown one.  I’m really worried the rest are gone.  I look out way later and finally I see a third.  Sandy mentioned she saw three on the fence during the week.  Hmmm, where is the fourth and the Mom and the other Mom that hangs around with them?  I never see them.  I hope they are still around somewhere.  They disappeared before but they all left together and came back together so this is something new.

I was going to pull some more weeds in the back but oh gosh, I see a mosquito.  I have no immune system and there are three people in or around town that have West Nile Virus.  Nothing to fool with so I go hide inside and download the piggy pictures.

Sunday morning I get up and have to get going.  My friend’s wedding is in Lyons so I get started about 9:00 am.  It will take me a couple of hours to get there and the wedding is at noon so I’m on my way.

Not enough time to do much this weekend!!  Sure was fun seeing the pigs.




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