Worry, worry, worry, trouble, trouble, trouble

I get going on up to the homestead and I see another beautiful sunset.  This is what I see most times I’m on my way up.


I’m here and one of the little kitties is sitting on the fence to greet me.  What a cutie.

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Hmmm, what’s that around its neck?  It looks like a piece of plastic of one of those things jars are sealed with.  I wonder where it picked that up?

I go in and it’s late so I watch the kittens playing and then I click on the computer and yak and listen to music for a while.

I get up in the morning and I’m ready to pull some weeds!  Those pesky buggers are still growing and not giving me any relief.  I’m going out back and I look at the kitten again.  What the heck is around its neck?  Oh good grief.  I think it’s the neck of a canning jar.  Oh, it is.  It’s glass.  How the heck did this happen?  Poor baby.

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Oh dear, what to do, what to do?  I really need to get that off.  It looks loose enough that it’s not choking but it has to be awfully heavy and hot with the sun beating on it.  It looks like it has 3 jagged edges.  I try to set a trap to catch the cat.  I think if I can get my hands on that ring around its neck I can pull it off.  I put some food on the ground and when the cat comes to get it I get my hands on the ring but it pulls back too hard and I lose my grip on it.  All the cats take off through the corral over to “the other side of the alley” (where all the bad cats hang out).   I get busy and pull a bunch of weeds.  It has rained and they are really easy to pull.  I do three big piles and then realize it must be almost 100 outside.  Inside I go to hide from the heat.  I have missed painting a little panel that is on the other side of the room so I get out the tape and paint and it takes me about 10 minutes to paint that.

The I sit and worry, worry, worry about the trouble, trouble, trouble.  I call my Mom and worry.  I think if I get a net I can throw the net over the cat and catch it long enough to get that thing off.  I call Denise and tell her I’m thinking of going to get a garden net to see if I can catch the cat.  She says to hang on and John has an old net he doesn’t care if it gets torn up.  I’m glad they drug all this stuff with them from their old house or I’d be going to the store every other time I’m up here.  First the weed whacker and now the net.  Denise brings the net over so I can form my plan.

When it gets cool I go back out and the cat is sitting by the fence.  I take the net and try to throw it on her but it’s too fast and escapes back under the deck.  I give it another go and same result.  Arrrgggghhhhh.  I go inside and search for how to catch a cat with a net.  I try again.  No luck.  I had called Sandy earlier and I hear from her and in the morning she’ll bring me a can of food and we’ll give it another go with the net.

It’s late so I go to bed.  Worry, worry, worry, trouble, trouble, trouble  It’s hot and I can’t sleep and all I think about is that cat and that awful dangerous thing around its neck.

It’s a nice morning.  It’s about 6:00 and I go out and wait with the net but the cat is wary now.  It won’t let me come close to it anymore.  Sandy arrives about 9:00 and she has a can of cat food.  We open it up and put it outside on the cement.  The cat comes out but is still wary.  So, every time we even get close she runs under the deck.  We put the can right outside the entrance and she peeks out but when she sees us she ducks back under.  We get tired and it’s awfully hot so Sandy decides to go see if her brother has a net with a long pole on it.  I take two chairs and put the net over the chairs so most of it is sitting on the deck.  I put the can of food on the net hoping that the cat will come up and I can throw the net over her while she is sitting on it.  No deal!!  The other cat who doesn’t have a problem is just having a ball with all the cat food.  I could have caught that cat five times by now.  Sandy comes back by with a rescue dog she picked up yesterday.  What a cutie.  I tell her no luck with the net.  She says she will go get her carriers and maybe we can put tuna in them.  She comes back with a can of tuna.  I don’t have a can opener but I think I can beat the can open.  Sandy has a better idea.  She goes home and gets her can opener.  I use it and put the tuna in the fridge so it will be ready to go later.  It is so dang hot now.  It’s 101 or some crazy temperature so I hide inside.  I take a nap from the no sleep the night before and read a little.  Hot, hot, hot.  The cats are hiding in the cool somewhere.

There is a feral cat rescue up north here that will trap, fix and return cats.  I e-mail them because if I don’t catch this cat and get that thing off I don’t know what will happen to it.  I will just worry, worry, worry tomorrow at work if I can’t fix this trouble, trouble, trouble.  I tell them the dilemma.  I have been meaning to contact them to see if they will help with these cats. They are getting out of control.  Two litters and one more on the way and before we know it these will be having batches.  If I can’t catch the kitten then I will have a plan B started.

I haven’t really eaten anything today.  Too much cat chasing and too hot.  Just as I decide to think I maybe should cook something I get a call and Denise asks me if the power went out.  I had just turned off the bedroom fan so it was working a few seconds ago.  I try the lights and there is no power.  We decide to go to Eaton and try out a pizza place. It’s really good pizza.

Back home now and I see the kitten that has been chowing down on the capture food all day.   All of a sudden I see the little one with the thing around her neck.  The three carriers are at the ready.  I have put them right by the back door so if they go in I can pop out without them seeing me and close the door.  I take three small dishes and put some tuna on them.  Wow, it doesn’t take long before the gnosh kitty finds the tuna.  Oh, here comes the trouble one.  It goes into the cage.  Bam, I jump out and close the door.  Hurray!!  Kitten caught!!

Ok, I get on the horn immediately and tell Sandy I have the cat in the bag.  She just put her jammies on but says she’ll change and be right over.  Sandy and Jerry come over and we open the cage.  The kitty is scared of course.  Up until now she has been calm eating the tuna in the cage and she knows me so she doesn’t seem too afraid.  These new people though.  Who are they and why are they grabbing at me?  I have an old mattress pad (the same one I burned – see week 1 blog).  I have that spread on the floor and Sandy and Jerry get the cat down on the pad.  I grab the ring around its neck and it comes off in about 2 seconds.  Hurray!!!  They sure are racking up points for the best neighbors ever.


This was around the crazy cats neck.

Whew!!  What a weekend.  It’s time to go to bed.  It rained a while ago so it should be cool and good sleeping tonight.



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Master Gardener; Nat'l Award Winning Photographer; Garden Writer; Artist - art books, print maker, hot glass, wire jewelry designer; sometime quilter; new homesteader; bee keeper; very crafty; Baseball fan, enthusiast, and researcher; all things vintage
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3 Responses to Worry, worry, worry, trouble, trouble, trouble

  1. Larry Ehemann says:

    What a wild weekend Patty. I thought it was supposed to be quite out in the country

  2. Kathy McLaughlin says:

    Yay! I’m so glad you got that horrible thing off the kitty. You saved his life, for sure.

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