Fun Sun and Sizzle

I’m having some fun at the homestead.  I get up there and to my delight the kittens are back.  I open the back gate and they scatter and run under the deck and then peek out at me.  All four are there with Mama.  It’s late so I go inside and turn on the back porch light and see them come back out and scamper and play.  They are so cute.

The next morning it’s time to attack some more weeds.  Hmmm, this is the 5th week.  I really need to get a hand mower so I can do the back yard.  The front and outside the fence are looking great since the neighbor boy mowed two weeks ago.  It’s holding up well.  I was hoping the heat would start killing the weeds in the back.  It has a little but there are some that are determined.

The kittens are playing when I open the door to go outside.  I talk to them and tell them that I won’t bother them and they can keep playing.  They watch me as I walk around the other way and give them plenty of room.  I’m out pulling weeds by the shed and I turn around and all four are lined up on the deck watching me.  They are getting more brave.

I check my gardens and all is well.  The front garden is looking well and there are some perennials I didn’t know that are there and starting to bloom.  The tomato I planted from a little seedling is getting huge and blooming.  I put some Tomato Tone around it and water it in.  I thought maybe the hail would have done some damage but so far so good.

The terrible puncturevine is coming fast and furious.  I go out front and pull as many as I can see.  I walk the property and pull as many as I can find.  Ugg!!  To my surprise someone has mowed the alley.  YAY.  I go talk to my neighbor and she says she’s not sure who mowed but thinks maybe the school district did.  That is nice of them!!  They occasionally roam around town mowing.  Many of the houses in the town are owned by the school district and the teachers and principals live in them and they keep the areas around them mowed.

WOW, it’s hotter than blazes out here.  Time to go shopping.  I go pick up Denise and we head off to a get a few things at the grocery and look for 38 caliber shot bullets.  We ride around in the air conditioning.  It’s like 97 out there or something like that.  We can’t find 38 shot anywhere!!  We try two stores and then we head off to a discount store.  A lady we met has told Denise about a store where they have everything on discount.  It’s run by an organization as a fundraiser or charity or something.  It’s food that is almost out of date or something like that.  I find way too much there but it’s a great store.  I bought a lot but I saved a lot too.  They have fruit and packaged food.  Even cheese and some meat.  I will put this on my list when I go to town and make the rounds.

I take Denise home and we decide to do some target practice.  I go home and it is still hot, hot, hot outside.  Denise calls and asks if I really want to shoot in this weather.  No, I  DON’T.  We decide to wait until after 6:00.  I’m loving this little house.  Inside it stays in the seventies.  I have a window air conditioner that I haven’t turned on yet (I’m afraid black dust will come out of it) but it’s really not bad.  Every room has a light fan or two so when I’m sitting at the dining room table (the only furniture in the house) it’s not bad.

Since it’s hotter than blazes out (102 now) I need an indoor activity.  I’ve had the dining room panels taped for two weeks.  I guess I need to finish them.  It doesn’t take me long and then since it’s too hot to move around outside I decide I can relax for at least a little while.  I dink around on the computer for a while and I have a good book.  I’m feeling guilty because I’m not painting but whatever…..

After 6:00 I head over to Denise’s.  We do some target shooting.  I haven’t done that in years and years.  I guess it’s time for the snake report.  Last count I had seen two dead in the road and Denise had seen a couple live ones and a couple of dead ones in the road.  Now, Denise has seen too many to keep count in the road and I’m shivering to say that they have had two with rattles.  One right next to the corner of their house and deck and one out near their barn.  The first one was discovered by the dogs barking at it.  Luckily the dogs stayed away.  There’s a new kid in town so if snakes know what it good for them they will stay away (HAH, don’t I sound brave).  This is what the shot bullets are for.  I can’t find any anywhere and hopefully I will never need them.  Hopefully the only ones in town are bull snakes.  Hopefully there are none that want to come to my house.  A bull snake will kill a rattlesnake so here’s hoping if there are any, they are bullsnakes.  I’d just rather not see any, thank you very much. Because, I HATE SNAKES!!

Sunday I get up and it’s time for the Briggsdale Block Party.  I’m thinking in this neck of the woods a block party means you own a block of land.  It’s out at Jack and Connie’s in the barn.  I head over to Denise and John’s to follow them over.  They are helping set it up so we get there a little early.  Jack gives me a welcome present.  It’s a really cool knife with a sheath that he made himself.  The handle is made out of walnut and the sheath is leather.  There are jokes made that it’s perfect for cutting off snake rattles.  I DON’T THINK SO!!!  The knife is a very cool keepsake.  It’s numbered and everything.

Jack will be giving away one of his knives as a door prize.  Denise labels the bottom of a plate with a red dot.  I am having a great time meeting people from town and from the neighboring farms and ranches.  I meet a neighbor who raises buffalo.  He brought some and it’s really good.  The food is great and the homemade desserts are excellent.  I really didn’t try them all did I?  It’s time to give away the knife and no one has the red dot on the their plate.  Some go for the trash to see if they can find the dot.  somehow it has disappeared.  He puts beans in a dish and whoever gets the black bean instead of the white bean gets the prize.  His daughter gets the bean.  That won’t work so she puts the bean back in the bowl and he finally gets to give it away.  Whew!!  Jack is a professional horse trainer so he has lots of horses for the kids to ride.  It was a fun time had by all!!

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A fun time and I got a little work done (very little).  Will I ever get moved???  Glad I’m not in a hurry.









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