Weed Mania

Allright!!  I’m headed up to the homestead and it’s beautiful weather.  The Poudre is still high but the threat of flooding (more) is over.

I’m going to get the rest of those weeds this week.  It MUST be done.

I unload and it’s evening so I fix some dinner and sit out on the deck enjoying the nice weather but those weeds.  Yikes.  I go to bed early so I don’t have to look at them.

In the morning I make a shopping list and call Denise to see if she needs to go into town.  I need the hardware store and groceries.  She needs the hardware store, Bed Bath and Beyond and groceries.   Sprouts is next to Bed Bath and Beyond so I can go there while she shops in the bath store.  I drive over to Denise’s and we jump in her car and head off 30 miles to anywhere.  On the way down the county road there is something dead that we pass over.  Hmmm, was that a snake?  We’re keeping a dead and alive snake count so it’s important to know!!

We stop at the hardware store and get what we need there, then we head off to Bed Bath and Beyond.  While we’re getting there I decide it’s time to get a shower curtain so I can use the shower.  We go into the store and they have PYREX and Anchor Hocking glass bowls!!  I love this stuff and it’s getting harder and harder to find.  There is only one store left in Colorado down at the outlet stores in Castle Rock.  $100 later I finally get out of the store.  And I didn’t even think I needed anything in there.  That’s ok though because I really needed a rug for the newly painted mud room.  I’m starting to track stuff into the house and I don’t want to mess up my newly painted floor; and with all the weed whacking I really really want to use the shower.


We head into Sprouts and grab a few things and off we head back home.  Got some great basil plants.  Two big gallon size basil plants (Hardy Boy) for $3.99 each!!  We stop at the Safeway for Denise to go to the pharmacy and the store is closing.  Almost everything is gone off of the shelves.  Wow, that happened in one week.  We ask the girl at the checkout if it was a surprise and she said “yes, they told us two weeks ago we weren’t going to close.”

On the way home we’re getting close to Denise’s house and we need to slow down to see if it was a dead snake that we saw.  We’re trying to remember exactly where it was and I say “well, we just passed the dead rabbit and there were two so we should be coming to it”.  We do find it and sure enough it is a dead snake.  Snake count, 4 dead and one live.  Thank God the live one was at her house.  No rattlesnakes so YAY for that.

I decide that my new road markers will be dead animals in the road.  After you pass the second dead rabbit, turn left at the corner.

Wow, it’s pretty hot outside now so not sure I want to weed whack in this weather.  I think I’ll wait until evening.  It’s two hours later and Wow, it’s really cold out here.  A wind blew in and I run around shutting the windows and doors so the heat won’t come on.  Full Moon, Friday the 13th.


Ok, next morning and I really must whack weeds.  It’s beautiful out today and only supposed to be in the 70’s so this will be perfect.  I have my electric weed whacker from Denise and John and I get it going.  I whack the weeds inside the fence in the back yard; I finish whacking the weeds back by the little shed, I whack back to the back fence, and all around the back yard.  It’s great I’m getting it done but I think I’m reloading the reel wrong or something.  It won’t feed the line and the button to release the reel and pull out the line isn’t working either.  Grrrrr.  Every five minutes (sometimes two) I have to stop and take the bottom off, pull out the reel, refeed the line and start again.  I get to the middle of the yard and those Common Mallow are huge there.  I already figured out last week that I can’t pull them or whack them.  I going at them from the top down.  All of a sudden I see some wood.  Oh for Pete’s sake, I forgot about that cross that my sister and I tore out of the ground.

When I first bought the house there was a wooden cross right in the middle of the back yard.  Not a marker size cross like the pet is buried there but a big ass cross that you could use to crucify someone.  Now, I am a Christian but I sometimes think God hates religion and I have never been too fond of religious symbols.  I have no idea why the cross is there.  I’m not sure but this cross may be Ku Klux Klan size.  When my sister and Mom came to look at the house we went out in the back yard and all of a sudden I see my sister racing across the lawn.  I’m wondering what in the world?  She is grabbing that cross and ripping it out of the ground.  I’m like, “hey, don’t do that without me”.  It takes us about 30 seconds to rip it out of the ground.  We have a discussion about why  it was out in the middle of the back yard all by itself.  I have no idea but it’s not there no more.  In the back of my mind I’m thinking “hmmm, wonder what trouble we’ll get into for ripping that so callously out of the ground?”  Well, now I know.  That Common Mallow that I can’t get rid of is right over that cross.  I guess those weeds are going to be the cross I bear.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am missing the kitties.  Mama has decided to move them into an old garage catty corner across the street.  I see her over there and I think I saw one of the kittens in front of the garage disappear inside.  I hope they are ok.  I put new food out and I can tell overnight that she is still eating the food.  I keep the food bowl full in hopes that she will bring them back.  There is a new black cat sniffing around the yard and where the kittens were so I’m wondering if she moved them because of this cat.  Time will tell.  I miss watching them playing.  I see Mama twice and she sits and listens while I talk to her.  I tell her she needs to bring the babies back.  I am enjoying that there are no mice around.

I’m lucky it was such a beautiful cool day but six hours of weed whacking is enough so I head inside for dinner.  I am so glad to get that done so now I can concentrate on more painting!!  oooo, first I hang up my shower liner (can’t decide what curtain I want just yet) and the shower works great.  Weed whacking is dirty business.  Little bits of weeds on my pants, on my shirt, on my face and arms, covering my glasses and all in my hair.  Nice sunset


It’s Sunday morning and another beautiful day.  When it got cold last night I decided to tape the trim around the panels in the dining room.  I decide I’ll paint the panels and it doesn’t take me long.  I paint half the panels in the room.  Next week, I’ll finish the other side.  I still have the two basil plants to plant so I take them out to the front garden and get that done.  We got a little bit of rain but not enough to really “water” so I drag the hose around and water all the trees.  I’m glad to say everything I have planted is doing great and the Russian Mammoth sunflowers I’ve planted are starting to pop up.

Well, time to hit the road and head back down.  Thank God the weeds are under control and I can think about something else now.








Cats are gone.  Living in a garage where Mama used to live.  Will feed may come back.  Want mouse catchers.

Sunday – painted panels, planted basil.  watered, put out food so the cats will come back










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