One Whoop does not a siren make


The creek's a risin'

The creek’s a risin’

The creek is still rising.  I cross the Poudre going up north and it’s really getting close to the bottom of the bridge.  Either it’s raining and adding to it or it’s hot and the snow is melting and adding to it.  It’s kind of creepy crossing the bridge when the water is almost up to the bottom of the bridge.  This picture is not the Poudre and was taken Memorial Day.  It’s risen even more since this picture.

The kitties are playing when I get there.  They are getting braver and don’t run when they see me watching them now.  One of them is really brave.  The others run for cover when I open the door but one sits and watches me.

Friday morning was really  nice.  I sit out on the deck and have a cup of coffee and the birds are chirping all around.

However, I’m also looking at all the tall weeds. The front looks really good but the back is out of control.  Some of the weeds are up to my waist.  Aaaccckkkk!!  Too tall.

I had thrown in my weed whacker to try to tame the back yard so it’s time to get at it.  I go get it and press the handle and it won’t turn.  It’s stuck.  Arrrgggghh.  It worked the last time I turned it off.

I call Denise and ask her to ask John how a gas weed whacker works, and that I need to run down to the hardware store (30 minutes from anywhere) and buy one.  How many weeds can a weed whacker whack if a weed whacker could whack weeds?  Do I have to mix oil and gas or does the weed whacker mix it for you?  He starts explaining how there are different ones and how they work and all of a sudden says “We brought our old electric one, you can come over and have it if you want it”.  YAY.  Problem solved.

I have some plants for Denise so I load up a tray of iris I’ve dug up, some tulips and hyacinth, and a few hens and chicks.  I jump in the car and head on over.  I check out her veggie garden.  It’s looking good.  Lots of weeds though.  She almost has all the weeds out of the rows.  It’s a full time job.  I walk around and look at some of her other plants.  I grab the weed whacker and head back home.

I plug it in and it works great!!  It’s bigger than the one I had and I’m sure it will be better and quicker than mine.  I clear a path to the water pump so I can find the hose.  Every time I go up the hose has disappeared under the weeds.  Time to get that hose winder I’ve been trying to buy for the last five weeks.  I clear a path to the side gate and then I go along the back of the house.  I don’t like those tall weeds up against the house. GONE!!  I go out front and clean up what the mower and riding mower couldn’t get too close to fence.  It starts to rain a little so I just continue working.  Then all of a sudden, BOOM!  Ok, OK, I’ll go inside.  On the front side of the house I have the cord plugged inside (with the door closed over it – how much air does that let in if I can close it over the cord) so I quickly run and drag it all into the hallway.  It rains pretty hard with some soft small hail for about 15 minutes.  I’m sitting and waiting for the rain to stop when I remember the bedroom windows are open.  I run upstairs and the rain has come in and is dripping down the walls.  Very weird, I can see the water streaks in the new paint.  I’ve never seen streaks like this on a wall before from water and I’m hoping it will dry.  As I’m looking at it I think how strange.  Hmmm, maybe the walls have stigmata and I can take pictures and sell them on e-bay.  Oh darn, it takes about 5 minutes to dry and the streaks disappear.

OK, time to go back out and electrocute myself with the electric lawn equipment.

I’m digging out more iris that never bloomed this year because they are so packed in the garden and rip out something that is taking over the garden that looks like it’s in the mint family but doesn’t smell nice like mint.  While I’m working I hear a loud WHOOP.  I look up and see nothing and there is silence.  Hmmm, maybe a tornado siren was going to go off but changed its mind.  I ignore it and continue working.  I hadn’t thought of this little town having a tornado siren but the school is here and it’s the post office for this area so I guess maybe they night have one.  I decide to replant some Spring bulbs and ready the garden for some perennials so I plant some tulips, and hyacinths.  Last week I put in some Cannas and I leave space for some other perennials I’d like to add.  I continue to weed whack.  I go back to the back yard and start clearing out around the deck and back to the shed.  I run out of line and luckily it’s the same size of my old one so I replace the line and continue to whack away.  I clear quite an area but it still looks like I’ve hardly done anything.  Where is that used riding mower my friend is supposed to find for me????  Oh well, I am getting the satisfaction of seeing the space open up and the satisfaction of a hard day’s work and the electric weed whacker is easy for me to manage.

I admire my little shade garden that is doing quite well thanks to my friend Karen who brought me most of the plants.  It has survived a couple of storms and some hail and I’m happy to say it’s still there and looking very nice.

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I discover the Common Mallow is out of control.  The stems are too big for the whacker.  It’s too big to dig out now.  The tap roots go to China.  I can’t whack it so I whack around it and now I have some bushes in my back yard.  I still have a long way to goooo.  Next week I’ll whack some more.  Once I get it done they will start to die out because of the heat.  Hopefully I’m not wasting my time.  I think not as when I look at the weeds I imagine what a great snake home it would be.  And, to get anywhere in the yard it’s like I’m on safari through the jungle.  I took this picture before I whacked the weeds back to the shed.


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I fix some dinner and turn on my computer and everyone is asking me about the weather.  They said that a tornado warning was issued in my area and that the dispatcher turned on the siren in my town.  I respond by saying that I heard a WHOOP but one whoop does not a siren make.  I did hear one whoop but the sky wasn’t dark so I ignored it.  If they want me to pay attention I need more than one whoop.  I talk to my friend Denise about it and the next day she goes to church and asks about the warning and that I heard a whoop and why didn’t the siren go off more than that and they all start laughing and saying the town doesn’t have a siren.  I know I heard a WHOOP.  I don’t know where it came from or who did it but I know I heard it! There actually was a tornado about four miles east.  Not close enough for me to notice it (my view is blocked by the tall trees planted along the side of the park) and there wasn’t any strong wind so….

The next day I get up and think I will maybe whack some more weeds but it’s drizzly out.  I’m really really worn out from the weed whacking and I stayed up too late the night before so I lay around and finish reading a book, feed and water the kitties and then head for home.  Weed whacking is tiring work!!  And also very messy!

Maybe soon I can get back to painting.







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