Cat houses and mud rooms

Well, I make it up there Thursday and the garden made it through the snow and cold.  YAY!!  I’m not sure about the fruit blooms.  Time will tell.  I get there and step out of my car to the glorious smell of lilacs.  I can’t tell where it is coming from but it smells wonderful.  My lilac has two little pitiful blooms so I know it’s not mine.

I check on the kittens and they are not down in the cellar.  Oh no…..she’s moved them and I wonder where.  I look underneath the deck and the mother is there but I’m sure I don’t see any kittens so I’m really worried what has happened.  I decide to follow Mama and she takes off over the fence.  I walk around to the alley and see her go into the yard behind me.  I run down the road around to the front of the house and good golly, here is where the smell is coming from.  The house on the corner has lilac bushes just loaded with blooms from the driveway in front and around the corner up the street.  Beautiful and smell so great.  I don’t see Mama cat but I see five other cats roaming around the yard.  It’s a cat house.  The cats live in the garage at the house. I was told the lady who lives there passed a year or so ago and the kids take care of the house.  It’s a great old house.  It has a windmill attached to a pump in the back, has three other little buildings on the property, has a cool yard and all those lilacs, and an old pump out front.  What a great property.  I think I have to take some pictures so I do.

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I call my Mom Friday morning whining that the kittens are gone.  Where are they?  Are they ok?  Why was the Mom not with them at 8:00 last night?  I hang up the phone and start working on the mud room entrance.  I still have one room to do upstairs but I just need to do something downstairs to make it look better.  I do the ceiling and put one coat on the walls and do the trim (much more taping this time – ugggg).  Darn, the walls will need a second coat so I decide to do something else while it dries.  It seems like it’s taking the paint longer to dry on these walls.  It’s also more difficult because they are very smooth and I think there was just a thin coating of paint over the drywall.  The front entrance was an addition to the original house so the inside walls are cement and they’ve added the frame and drywall on the outside.  I call my friend and tell her I am watching paint dry.

Well, no use watching paint dry and there’s lots to do so I head outside to walk around and see if maybe I can plant those tulip bulbs.  I get my cute little wheelbarrow (cart?) that I got last week at the antique store out of the shed.  I go back in to do something and lo and behold when I look back outside all the kittens and the Mom are playing outside.  They have been under the deck (were they there last night and I just didn’t see them?).  They are so cute.  I’m glad to see they are still hanging around.  The food was eaten down in the cellar so I know the Mama found it.  Now I’m distracted and I don’t get the tulip bulbs planted again this weekend.  Oh well, there’s always next weekend.  I either need to get them planted or cut the greens off and store them to plant in the fall.  I take pictures of the kittens through the dirty kitchen door window.  If they even see me they run for cover.  Besides it is now really windy and cold so time to go back inside.  I’m in no mood to cook so I call Denise to see if they want to go out to eat.  It’s so cold now they decide to stay in so I go over for spaghetti (yumm).

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I’m making a rug so Friday evening I am sitting and listening to music on my computer.   Friday night is dance music night with remixes from a talented DJ friend.  So I’m bopping to the music and crocheting a rug.  Hmmmm, dance music and crocheting – seems like an oxymoron.  I finish one run and start cutting strips for another.  I’ll use this one up in the bedroom. I found a cute little cabinet that would be perfect for a bedside table so the bedroom is almost done.  Still need to find the curtains I want.  I guess I haven’t seen them because I haven’t ordered any yet.  Once I start adding my stuff it will be pretty cute and cozy.

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Saturday morning I get up and put that second coat of paint on the walls.  Then I touch up the trim where the paint leaked under the tape.  Then I retape the trim, then I paint the floor.  While the floor is drying I decide to go out and see if I can sit and  see if the kittens and cat will come near me.  They are nowhere to be found.  They are not under the deck and they are not in the cellar.  Where the heck is she hiding them?  She is a good mother.  A Tom is sneaking into the yard and I chase him out.  A few minutes later he’s back under the deck.  Dang it.  Up until now I don’t think the other cats knew she was here with her kittens.  I hope this doesn’t chase them away.  I decided to take out the old blanket I had put in the cellar and replace it with a clean one.  I hope the smell on the blanket didn’t bring him over.

While walking around outside I see some pretty flowers.  I know they are really weeds but they sure are pretty.  I think they’re primroses or called Prairie Roses.  The Common Mallow is starting to bloom too.  I decided until I can work the soil and have a plan I’ll just let the weeds grow because some of the have really pretty blooms and it also keeps the dust down.

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I go back in and the floor is dry enough to walk on so I screw the curtain rods back in and put the curtains up.  I took them home and washed them last week but I don’t like the color now.  I thought they would look ok but they don’t so I’ll be on the search for curtains.  I’ve ordered porcelain switchplates for the outlets and I should be able to put them on next week.  There’s a really cool web site that does reproductions if you can’t find original stuff.  They have everything.

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That’s all for this week.  I’m tired.  I leave a little earlier than usual.  I fill the cat feeder and it’s still in the cellar, and load up the trash (still haven’t solved that problem).  I hope only the Mama knows the food is there and that Tom stays away.  I hope they are still here next week!!


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2 Responses to Cat houses and mud rooms

  1. Barb says:

    I love reading about your new adventure. Where is you homestead?

  2. Barb says:

    I also think the house is so cute. You are doing a great job.

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