Painting and Roaming

On Wednesday I meet my Mom and sister and go to an antique store and I find a nice overstuffed chair like I have been envisioning.  It’s perfect so I decide I want it.  Remember the story about the garden cart I was looking for last week and ran around like a chicken with my head cut off and couldn’t find one?  My Mom is in a booth and says look at this.  It’s really cute.  I look at it and immediately say “I want that.”  It’s a square wheel barrow with two wheels in the front instead of one.  It’s an orangey-red with a white handle.  The paint is really worn.  It rolls really well and it will be the perfect garden cart.  I forgot to take a picture of it.  My sister is in another booth and says she found something really good for a footstool.  (My bed is so high I need a step to get into it LOL).  I see a couple of footstools but they are nothing exciting but this thing is cool.  It’s a shoe shine kit and it’s made of really sturdy wood and will make a great foot stool.  It still has polish and brushes in it.  Much cooler than a thrown together wood thing and very sturdy.  I find a couple of other things and the chair and the wheelbarrow take up all the room in my car. I run over to my studio and Meg and I go to lunch.  She checks out my stuff I found and we go upstairs and there is a little chair there.  She says Patricia found it in the alley and brought it down for her to take to a class on painting fabric but she didn’t use it.  She asks me if I want it so I run down and measure and it “will just fit”.  It takes me a few minutes but I’m able to cram it into the back with the overstuffed chair.  It’s a cute little chair.  It will look great in the house.  It looks art deco.  Thanks for finding it in the alley Patricia.

My car is so stuffed now that I won’t have any room for my suitcase, photography bag and computer so I take a run up to the house right then and there to unload the car.  Good thing I got the cart because when I get there I use the wheelbarrow to move the chair.  On the way up I am thinking I hope I didn’t make a mistake because the doors on this house are not the size of modern doors.  The original doors on the house are 25 1/2 inches wide.  The kitchen and side door are 31 inches.  I try to take the chair in the kitchen door and I have to try and angle it because it’s 33″ X 36″.  The cabinet is in the way so I back out and load it back onto the wheelbarrow and take it all the way over to the other side of the house to go in the door by the stairs.  There’s more room there to angle the back around the corner.  It’s a tight fit but I get it in the house.  I wonder if they neighbors are watching any of this LOL?

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I arrive this week and think I really need to get back to painting.  I walk around and the garden looks great.  As of right now while writing this I’m wondering with the snow and cold what it will look like when I get back up there.  I hope the snow and cold don’t spoil the tree fruit blooms. Time will tell.

I see Mama cat first thing when I got there so I know the kitties are still in the cellar.  I try to go down the first thing next morning and every time I go to open the door the cat runs out.  I think I’m  interrupting feeding time or something so I leave them alone until I see her leave the yard.   I go down and they are all roaming around the cellar.  Three of them run back in the corner and one is in the other part of the cellar trying to hide under a piece of board down there.  I pick up the board and it runs back in the corner with the others and I can’t reach them there so they know they are safe.  One of them tries to hiss at me.  So cute.

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I leave the cellar open for a couple of minutes while I go inside and when I came back out one of the kittens is on the second from the top stair.  I can’t figure out how he got there because they are too small to climb the stairs.  He disappears as he jumps (fall) off the stair back into the cellar.  I go down and watch as one of the dark ones jumps up and grabs the wood support for the stairs and tries to climb it.  Little devil!!  He isn’t successful again but it shocks me he (she?) is able to do it once.  I figure if they get too far Mama will bring them back.  I think they are 5 weeks old so I’m figuring I need to start socializing them.  I go to the cool King Soopers/Fred Myers store and they don’t have feeders (really, first thing I haven’t been able to get there).  I go to Wal Mart and pick up a feeder and some food.  What’s with all the food now?  I can’t decide what type of food to buy.  There is senior, kitty, hairball, urinary, active, indoor, outdoor.  Aaacckkkk!!!  What type do I buy?  I finally find one that seems pretty generic and for all cats.  I put it down there for Mama and hopefully she and the kitties will stick around so I can hold them next week and get them ready to adopt out.  I’m hoping the Mama will stick around and live here at the house.  I put a water bowl out for her and she has been using it so I hope she feels like she can live here.

Strange thing at Wal Mart.  I get in one line and every time the lady goes to ring up an item she looks at a piece of paper and makes a comment.  I don’t know what they are doing but I put my things back in the cart and go to another line.  The guy checking things out there is coughing and hacking into his hands and blowing his nose and no hand sanitizer in sight.  Since I don’t have an immune system I decided to see if there is a self check.  I find it and am standing in line when an employee grabs a bottle of water and then asks me if I’m paying cash.  I tell her no, and she says, “then all of those are open”.  The line is so long for the one side that I don’t even notice there is a bank of empty machines to the right.  I look at her strangely like why is everyone waiting for these then.  She says that everyone is waiting for the cash only machines.  When I go to use the machine it says to me “this machine is credit card only, do you want to continue?”  Cash only is a big thing up in that area.  There are machines that are cash only and some that are credit card only.  I guess it’s a really long wait sometimes if you’re not using cash so there are credit/debit card only machines.

In the midst of this I start painting the mud room.  There is one spot I need to fix.  The original door is inside the house now as they built a little room on the front for an entrance.  They added an entry room and closet.  It looks like the original door had a piece of wood that has been ripped off or maybe they just spackled it.  Not sure but I would like to put a piece of wood trim in there because it looks weird.  Maybe I can add one with a little shelf that sticks out or something.  Here is a picture.  Any ideas?  Another weird thing.  All of the windows have been replaced but I think it’s been a few years.  They all still have stickers on them.  Didn’t that drive them crazy to look at that for that long?  I guess they didn’t do windows!!

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I stop painting about 3:00 and get ready to go to Loveland for dinner.  I meet my friend Victoria and her fiancé Nicolas to talk about taking photos for their wedding.  I show them some pictures I’ve taken at a wedding.  I don’t do weddings as a rule but like to do them for friends.  I just don’t have the temperament anymore to put up with the “group” opinion.  I like to talk with the bride and see what she wants and go from there.  It just doesn’t work that way so not worth my time and stress. I’m old LOL.

The next day I’m up and painting again.  I am still painting and in mid stroke I think “it’s time to leave”.  I pack up and get back on the road.  Good thing.  I drive through a couple of car wash type rains and the weather is taking a turn.  I’ll finish up trim and put a second coat on the walls next week.

Weather, please be nice to the plants.  We’ll see!!


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