Then there were four and Plants, Plants, Plants

I get up north in time to go to go to Verizon to check out a hot spot for internet and they are so busy I have to wait until 8:00 to talk to them.  They close at 8:00 but don’t kick me out.  I decide what I want and they don’t have it in stock.  Ugggg, do I really HAVE to drive back here tomorrow 30 miles from anywhere?  Oh well, they promise me they will have it at 10:00 the next morning when they open.  They MUST have it by 10:00 because if I come to town and have to be back home by 11:00 because Karen is bringing me up some plants.  I’m excited she gets to see the house.

I decide I need to go to the grocery tonight because I won’t have time to do everything in the morning and get back by 11:00 so I hit the cool Fred Myers/King Soopers, fill up the gas tank and head on up.  I get there late so I don’t check on the kittens.

In the morning Denise comes over and we run to town.  We go to Ace Hardware and I pick up some caulking for the next room I am going to paint.  There is a crack between the molding and the wall that paint won’t fill so I grab some of that.  I check out garden carts there and they don’t have one.  We go to Lowe’s so I can pick up one like I saw at the Lowe’s down south here.  When I get there they don’t have the one they had at the Lowe’s down south and the only one they have is made in China.   I know it’s probably crazy but I don’t buy it because the other one I looked at was not made in China.  We get to Verizon at exactly 10:00 and they actually have the hot spot there.  I quickly grab it and off we go back home.  We have time to make it by 11:00.

I try to go back home without using the GPS and make a wrong turn 10 minutes out of our way.  I call Karen and she missed a turn and is back tracking so I’m hoping I can get back before she does.  Those crazy county roads!!

Karen gets there before I do and my phone is ringing but I don’t dare answer it while driving on those county roads.  Those big old gas and semis are screaming down the road.  I was going 70 one day and a semi passed me.  Ye gads!!  Have to be on your toes while on those roads.  I get back and Karen is waiting.

Karen is bringing me a couple of plants that I want and a couple of bags of compost.  I’m thinking after she leaves I can quickly plant them and the five plants I have from Rob Proctor’s back yard.

Denise and I pop down into the cellar to see if the kittens are still there and they are but there are only four now.  The white one I wanted to keep is missing.  I probably won’t ever know what happened but last week when I saw five they all looked very healthy.  Who knows.  The mother must have taken her out because they are way too little to climb the stairs.  I think if she was going to move one she would have moved them all. Hmmmm????

Karen and I have a nice lunch and I give her a tour of the house and yard.  We unload her truck and my goodness, there are twelve plants.  WOW!!!  This will be a ready made garden.  Some are plants I asked her to pick me up at the garden center and some are from her back yard that she dug up.  This will take me longer than I think.  I think I’ll start but it gets windy and cold and there is so much to plant I decide to wait until morning.

The next morning I get up and decide I really need a garden cart so I take a trip 30 minutes to anywhere and go to Big R.  I had looked at their website and it showed they carried some garden carts like I want.  Actually I really want a red wagon but unless I find one in an alley or a one set out for the trash I just can’t see paying $130 just because they are popular right now.  I get to Big R and they do not have one but they do have the little red wagon for $130.  I’m crazy enough to drive to Home Depot and they don’t have one either.  I decide I’m really tired of looking for a wagon and go on home.

I grab the caulk and caulk the crack between the molding and the wall.  Then I decide I could use it for patching some other things.  I looked at wood filler and it’s very caustic.  Some of it says the vapors may ignite and don’t breathe it etc. so I decide I’ll try using the caulk to fill in some cracks and a couple holes in the wood.  It’s the kind you can paint so I’m thinking it is a good substitute for the toxic stuff.  It seems to work ok so I’m hoping when I paint it will look ok.

I dig into the garden (pun intended).  Last week I worked for two hours cleaning out all the grass from the garden.  There were some plants there that I wasn’t sure if they were weeds or plants.  Karen tells me they are weeds so I get busy and clean them out and clean out even more grass.  I plant the 8 plants and then there are a couple of places that are really hard clay so it takes me quite awhile longer to dig more holes.  The soil up there is really nice as most of it is sandy loam and very easy to dig.  I finally get all the plants Karen brought me into the garden.  It’s mostly in the shade so now I have a nice little shade garden.  Shade plants I put in there are 7 Columbine, 1 Bleeding Heart, one Coral Bells, and a Meadow Sage (salvia), and a Pasque Flower.  I’m calling this the Friend Garden because all the plants came from my friend.

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I still have five plants from Rob Proctor’s back yard and I don’t really know where I want them so I decide to put them out in the back against the corral posts.   I have three Cow Parsnips and they get really tall and I think they’ll be good there.  I don’t really know what I’m going to do back there and it looks weird but I have to start somewhere.  I have some Veronica and I put it back by the glass house that will become the greenhouse.  I have some really tall sunflowers and I put them by the gate post.

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I give all the plants a really good soaking and cover them with compost to help keep the moisture in.  Hopefully it will really rain like they say it will this week so I don’t worry about them getting too dry.

Oh yeah, I forgot there was also a Black Knight Spirea.  I think it will be nice out front so I put it in the corner by the fence.


Whew!!  It’s after 4:00 and I decide I’m finished.  Time to clean up and relax.  It was beautiful outside today but definitely warm.

I didn’t get any painting done this weekend but I really enjoyed being outside in the beautiful weather.

I decide to stay and go home Sunday morning and I turn on the Rockies on the radio and I’m making some rag rugs so I sit and do that while I’m listening to the game.

A very nice day.  It’s good to get out and dig in the dirt.


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